Crane (General) Reflection

Our Dear Heart Keith has asked our dearest Carolyn for a reflection of the Crane; a bird of high distinction.

We say ‘high distinction’ Dear Ones, because in the family of birds the Crane holds a special place. And why does it hold a special place?

It holds a special place because of its lineage. And what is meant by this?

What is meant is that, in its lineage is marked excellence.

Just as there are members of the human race who excel in moral stature; so too in all kingdoms.

We could look toward the feline lineage and find those whose nature exceeds the norm. And why is this?

This is as we’ve planned it to be. A simple plan in order for order to prevail, you appreciate.

As the saying goes: Too many chefs and not enough cooks, etc., etc.

Without obvious reasons, but, because of lineage the Crane holds a special place within the Bird Family.

Our dearest remarks: (From Alfred Lord Tennyson’s Charge of the Light Brigade.)

Ours is not to reason why.’

Some things just need our acceptance!

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Pixabay


  1. Charlee: “Birds.”
    Chaplin: “Yep. Birds.”
    Charlee: “Birdy bird birds.”
    Lulu: “You two realize those birds could probably pick you up, carry you away, and drop you somewhere, right?”
    Charlee: “Wellll, we cats always land on your feet …”

    1. So beautiful, Anjali. 💕
      When I mentioned to Veronica that Keith asked for this reflection I was reminded of a most beautiful crane decorative ornament I bought for her some years past. As it is currently in storage she is going to give it to me to enjoy for a while. I suspect it will travel back and forth between us… hahah.. I will take a pic of it and add it to the post next week after I see V again.
      Lots of hugs and kisses

  2. Sure Carolyn, do send pictures. Few years back I also bought two crane decorative ornaments for my house from Goa. They look really beautiful, but at present Kyaraa keep hanging her jewellery around their neck. Thank you. Lot’s of love and happiness 🤗❣️.

        1. Veronica and I met today for coffee and a chat – we were accompanied by Keith too! We do have fun! It’s lovely to catch up with her every week.
          This is the little crane ornament I mentioned. It is so sweet. It stands about 5inches or 13cm tall.

            1. V is happy and enjoying life, as usual.. 😀
              Keith is coming to terms with the prospect of the future surgery. We, V, K and I were able to have a lovely conversation where he was able to talk of being a little nervous. This is so good for him. He has a habit of bottling those things inside, which is not good for him or anyone!
              Yes, Anjali, the little crane is very cute… 🙂 💕

              1. I am sending Good vibes and love for you and Keith, I am sure this time surgery will go well that in some time Keith will start dancing again. Lot’s of love and happiness. I am happy that you had good time with V and K. Have a great day 🙏💐💖.

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