A Dictate That Ensures the Best For All

We, Keith and I, are transitioning into a new way of life.

As I’ve mentioned lately, K’s mother suffered a fall during December resulting in a fractured pelvis. Along with this her mental state, which has been deteriorating over the past few years, has taken a rather drastic decline into dementia. She is currently residing in an aged care facility with little hope of leaving full time care.

We returned yesterday, Tuesday, from our third visit north to visit with her and take care of her home, which, because of her failing health has been somewhat neglected.

The reason for this post is possibly a surprising one.

We, K and I, have led a relatively quiet life over the past two years due mainly to the pandemic and the restrictions it has imposed upon normal living. Added to this K’s knee op last June and the resulting lack of mobility before and after, has meant attending only a handful of dances. We have, however, been occupied with our individual work, loves and hobbies; he being semi retired, an avid mineral collector and reader extraordinaire; me with my work and joy producing podcasts, etc., for  ABC of Spirit Talk, keeping in touch with the WP community, and staying close with our immediate loved ones.

And so comes the point:

Keith’s mother’s condition has placed a different slant upon life. In a nutshell it has cemented us in a joint effort; not unlike our love of dance and the work of gaining enjoyment, progress in ability and the deliberate and concentrated effort needed to create something of ultra commitment. In short:  We are acting as one, and enjoying, as it were, every moment.

Obviously, K has moments of sad reflection, of which we speak. The difference between what would have been in years past, and today, is bolstered by the teachings we have been so privileged to be a part.

It is becoming not only a continued responsibility toward our union, but also a united stance to ensure the best outcome for us all. Knowing that all is planned; all is agreed to before embarking upon the Fantasy of Earth allows an acceptance of our new lifestyle to the point of an objectivity that rides above all else. It dictates that we ensure the best for all concerned.

And this commitment of ensuring that we all have a positive outcome, in this transitioning process, includes our puppy-dogs too! Yes, their comfort, health and enjoyment of life are just as important in the scheme of life.

We stay overnight on our trips north. Our little ones, Beau and Pebble do not travel with us. However, they too need food and comfort whilst we are away.

To this end the daughter, Veronica, is happy to assist.  Following is a video she took when visiting with them on Monday.

Thank You so much, Vron.

Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. She is a wonderful daughter, Anjali, and a great friend. We look after each other always.
      I will pass on your message to Keith. I know he will be grateful for your well wishes. He is handling things so well; I am truly so proud of him.
      Thank you so much for being a friend. I love the connection we have. 💕

      1. Daughter’s are blessing dear Carolyn…I learn so much from you… I am glad I share such connection with you. And I am happy that you share so good Bonding with your family. So much to learn… thank you to you too for your support. Take care 💞. Sending you Love and hugs with lot’s of positive vibes 🤗💫.

  1. It’s amazing how the Universe takes care of everything, Carolyn💗 We sure wish you all the best and hope to hear how everything develop further. Extra Pawkisses for you all and it was so nice to see your doggies. They sure are in best hands🐾😽💞

    1. Yes indeed, it does, Granny. When we can flow with events, and not be fearful, awesome things happen.
      I have been a little jaded lately because of a lack of purpose. Not being able to live life normally, for me, as well as most of us who have had covid restrictions has been somewhat limiting. As much as we don’t want to see anyone suffering; whatever is planned will happen. To be able to invest in an uplifting way to ensure that the best prevails in what could be an otherwise negative condition has given me great purpose. It is ironic that such a situation can be an enriching one, given a positive mindset and a lack of fear!
      Hahah – The puppies love Veronica. And, as we know, pussy-cats and puppy-dogs know who to give their love to!
      Lots ‘o Love 💕

  2. These are indeed difficult transitions, and my heart is with you both. We went through a similar experience with my husband’s mother a few years ago, and time seemed to stall. I’m so glad you have a wonderful daughter to pitch in where needed, it is such a blessing and I’m sure she is happy to give back to you! Look for the gifts, they are always there. 💕❤️

    1. Dorothy, I absolutely understand your statement ‘time seemed to stall’. When something of such heartfelt endearment is happening time really is affected. It is such a privilege to be helping my man at this time. It seems as though it is the most important issue and needs to be honoured as such.
      And yes, there are so many gifts. From her neighbours and friends, to the café she frequented often, the stationer, the chemist; the gifts of friendship and heartfelt compassion are almost tangible. Wonderful gifts, especially for Keith. 💕💞

  3. You have a marvelous way of communicating, Carolyn. Your words are spoken with compassion and understanding. Isn’t it interesting that when we are in a “waiting” time that we are preparing for what is to come, even though we may not know the exact event or transition that awaits us. LOVE your video – Beau and Pebble are delightful. And many thanks for the introduction to your daughter, Veronica! Sending many hugs!

    1. “Isn’t it interesting that when we are in a “waiting” time that we are preparing for what is to come”
      So well said, Rebecca. I believe that is why ‘time’ seems to be altered at such times. In a very strange way there is almost a sense of being honoured by time! Perhaps this is to allow us the space to accept and absorb the conditions surrounding.
      Beau and Pebble are so lucky to have Veronica; as are we. A closer bond could, I’m sure, not be found. We, V and I, have a union that cannot be framed with words. We are so very fortunate.
      Hugs received… Sending many in return

    1. Hahah… Yes, Lulu; Beau enjoys a pat and a cuddle. Pebble enjoys running about with ‘frog’, her favourite toy! And Veronica just enjoys ‘life’, which includes looking after sweet Beau and Pebble.
      Lucky little pooches!

    1. We’ve always made a great partnership, Michael; challenges have been the natural way for us it seems. And, although I enjoy a challenge, this one is somewhat different from the norm for us. However, I know we’ll make a success of it. In a very odd way it has brought a lot of love into our lives, in so many ways.

  4. Coucou Carolyn,
    Je suis de tout cœur ❤️ avec vous tous.
    Je souhaite un bon rétablissement à la mère de K, qu’elle puisse retrouver très vite sa maison.
    Merci pour ce super partage et très bonne semaine à vous tous.

    1. Lovely of you, Anita. K’s mum is very slowly recovering from her fractured pelvis. The doctors, though. believe she will probably stay within the nursing home indefinitely. There she is being given all the care she needs, plus having company!
      It is sad that many older people find themselves in this position. And yet, it truly is the most positive outcome for her. Her well being is top priority.
      Thank You for your well wishes. I also send those wishes to you and your wonderful little family. Your little boy is adorable.
      Many Blessings

  5. Hi Carolyn,
    I was sad to read about K’s mother injury. I wish her to get well. I admire your strength and your caring and I liked the way you are talking about unity when it comes to you and Keith.
    Even thought it’s almost the end of January, I still wanted to wish you a wonderful time in 2022, full of dancing, trips and wonderful moments with your loved ones.
    Have a beautiful and blessed day!

    1. Thank You so much, Dear Mihaela, it is lovely to see your face!

      K’s mum is recovering slowly, however, the doctors don’t hold out much hope for her ever returning to her home. She is very frail of body and mind.

      It is causing K a lot of stress; he feels quite hopeless not being able to do more for her. But, his mum couldn’t be receiving more help than she is. They are a very caring nursing home – thank goodness!

      And I wish for you the same, Dear Mihaela. May your 2022 be a wonderful year with many blessings to you and your loved ones.

      I am so pleased for you that your creativity has been re-sparked. I’m looking forward to seeing your 2022 designs. I know they will be wonderful.

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