V’s Birthday Weekend Fun!

For her 48th birthday weekend daughter Veronica wanted to try Cable Wakeboarding ~

Vron’s first Cable Wakeboarding experience!
Michael does the same!

Then it was off to iFly – Indoor Skydiving ~

Go Vron
Michael takes to the sky!

Of course, Roller Skating is always on the agenda ~

V’s Birthday Weekend with Husband Michael
How low can Michael go?

Did they have fun? Hahah… I do believe so… 💕

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    1. She is, Dorothy; always has been!

      As a young teenager I thought she was catching the bus to the roller skating rink. Nope. She has since told me that she skated all the way; a few miles. This was in the days long before this became a fashion… hahah..

      There are more tales of adventure she has since confessed. She is what she is – a true lover of a challenge!

    1. Hahah… It seems like yesterday I was proudly holding her in my arms, Michael.

      Time flies when you’re having fun, as they say! And life with V has been, most of the time, fabulous fun.

    1. Hahah… We are two of a kind, my sweet man. 💕

      However, V is the ‘outdoor loving type’. And I love dancing indoors out of the weather.. But yes, we both love physical movement. 👩‍❤️‍👩

      It gets those endorphins singing! 🏃‍♀️🏊‍♀️🎼

  1. Lulu: “Hmm, if you have to jump out of an airplane, indoors seems like the safer place to do it. I see the skydivers up in the sky here all the time and they are always screaming.”
    Chaplin: “Are they maybe just shouting in excitement?”
    Lulu: “You interpret it your way, I’ll interpret it mine.”
    Charlee: “Happy birthday to Veronica!”

    1. Lulu, I’m sure that Veronica was squealing with delight… ha hah hah 😂
      Chaplin, maybe there was also lots of excitement too! 😂
      Charlee, V had a very happy birthday. How is she going to top this one? 😂
      I don’t know how, but, one thing I do know – she will… ha ha ha ha hah

    1. Hahah… Yes, Veronica has been exceedingly busy having fun with her birthday surprises (mixed with her work duties) plus many Christmas activities as well. She will be posting about these very soon!
      I also know that V will be more than pleased to receive your Pawkissses.
      And here are a few to you from me!
      So lovely to see you

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