Episode 17 – Drink First – V’s Birthday, and Activities That Suit

“Drink First”

This is the advice we have just given our dearest. Yes indeed, Dear Ones, it is not always hunger you feel. No sir’ee, it is more often thirst. Our dearest believes this to be true. Do you not?

Yes I do. And I have been following this advice over the past few days, and I have indeed been quite surprised.

Surprised, dearest?

Yes, surprised. I have discovered precisely as you’ve said:  “It is not always hunger you feel.”

With this in mind, each time I feel a hunger pang coming on I’ve been pouring myself some water, or just now, I turned on the kettle to make myself a decaf.

Why decaf, dearest?

I adore the aroma of coffee. However, I don’t like to limit myself to just one coffee throughout the day, as is my habit; so I sometimes start with a decaf.

And this sustains you, dearest?

Well, it sustains my desire for the aroma and taste, at least. And I do believe, some time past, you advised that one coffee each day was acceptable to the body. Is this correct?

Indeed dearest, this advice remains acceptable, indeed so. And shall we now proceed onto the main thrust of this communiqué?

Yes, please do.

Right, dearest; on we go:  Today we would like to make mention of our Dear Heart Veronica. Yes?

Yes, do go ahead.

It is her birthday this week. Yes?

Yes, she will be forty eight on Saturday, December 4.

And, pray tell dearest; what are you planning?

This evening, Thursday, we shall be going out to dinner. This we would normally do on the evening of her birthday. However, she and her husband, Michael, will be travelling down to Sydney tomorrow, Friday, to participate in a number of birthday events.

Events, dearest?

They have booked tickets for a water sport ‘Wakeboarding’ on Saturday; and  Sunday will see them enjoying themselves weightless as they blast up in the air with Indoor Skydiving, or iFly, as it’s called.

This they do for fun. Yes?

Oh yes; they are both very sporty outdoor types whose fun consists of physical activities.

And you, dearest?

Over the past number of weeks I had been contemplating a number of outdoor activities. However, after a few Tuesdays walking with Veronica for two hours during mid morning, and in the blazing sun, was enough for me to accept that I’m an indoor girl.

We, because of the lockdown, found ourselves at a bit of a loss. We usually spend our Tuesday catch up drinking a coffee and enjoying a meal. We tried Pole dancing, which was fun, and indoors. We agreed, though, that it was not for us.

We then thought we may go tree top ziplining. However, the more time I spent walking in the blazing sun the more I was satisfied that outdoor activities are not for me. Whenever I go walking, by myself, it is usually in the early morn or evening when the sun is either just rising or has lost its bite.

And what is for you, dearest?

I keep coming back to dancing. I have, over the past few months, been learning the Latin discipline, which I believe suits me.

You were meandering, dearest, between wanting to be with your daughter enjoying the outdoors, and feeling content in the understanding that the indoor activities; namely dance, is what you truly love. Yes?

Yes, that is true. I love the music, and my body enjoys moving to a rhythm. It doesn’t really matter what type of rhythm it is. Providing it has a good beat and is of good quality I will enjoy myself.

And this is our point, dearest:

It is necessary, for one to enjoy one’s life; to find those things that suit.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I will let her know this morning of your well wishes as we meet for our usual Tuesday catch up!

      I know there’ll be lots of fun and laughter as she chats about her fabulous birthday weekend.. hahah

  1. Some people can spend a lifetime finding something that suits, that makes their souls sing. Others can spend a lifetime in pursuits they think they “should” be doing without feeling the true joy for any of it themselves. To find something you love like you do with dance is wonderful. How’s the Latin dancing going?

    And to V…
    Happy (belated) Birthday, Veronica!!! 🥳

    Caz xx

    1. Well said, Caz, and so true!

      The Latin has reached a place where I need some personal instruction. It’s been great having the on-line experience, but, it is limited. I’m now looking for a teacher, and believe I’ll have to accept the fact that Sydney will be calling my name… Ouch! That means a two hour drive. Oh well, whatever is needed I’ll do. I do love to dance!!!

      I’m about to enjoy my Tuesday catch up with V this morning. There’ll be lots of joy as she relates all the news of her Birthday weekend.. 🙂 🥳 🎁

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