Episode 9 – Confusion and Backwards Aging

Our dearest is a little confused, Dear Hearts. Yes indeed; our dearest is confused as to what to do next. This is right, Dear Ones. Our dearest Carolyn is unsure as to her role from this point forward. Shall we explain, Dear Hearts, our desires for our dearest? Yes, we believe that an end to her confusion is what the doctor ordered, so to speak.

Dearest, we ask that you continue to do as you have been doing the past number of decades. Yes? Yes, dearest, this is our desire and your agreement.

We have much need of your abilities as our mouthpiece; yes sir’ee.

We have much need of the unity we have created. The unity of which we speak is the ability you have to hear our words. This is right, dearest. We have need of you.

Do you understand, dearest?

Yes, I understand. Yes.

And what is your understanding, dearest?

I appreciate that I agreed to do precisely as I am doing being the medium by which we can deliver the truths. Or to put it another way. I agreed to be the mouthpiece in order to dispel the myths that we have agreed upon for the Earth experience, until now.

Until now, dearest?

Yes. As I understand it, we created the Earth experience, or fantasy, in order that we not forget our earliest beginnings of angst and fear, isolation and separation.  The Earth experience is one where we have been able to experience those experiences of angst and fear, isolation and separation. The desired end of these experiences is that we learn how to circumnavigate our innate negativity. That is:

Negative experiences are the catalyst for such learning. The majority of those within the Earth fantasy, or experience have, over many millennia, achieved this state of command. However, there are still those consciousnesses that have yet to achieve command over their innate core of negativity.

Indeed so, dearest, a good summation indeed. And do go on.

I believe it will take a further three centuries for those consciousnesses who have still to achieve command over their innate core of negativity to do so. In this time frame those who have already achieved this state of being, as consciousness, will be raising the vibrations of the Earth experience by perfecting themselves as humans. Perfection being the mental state of freedom from fear.

An accurate summary, dearest; yes indeed. And then, dearest?

Then the Earth experience will be an even greater fantasy in which to experience the perfection of love that guides those of us, as consciousness, who currently have overcome our core of negativity. I can’t say that I appreciate how this will happen. I do believe, though, that the Earth experience will be a wonderful fantasy in which to engage.

Yes indeed, dearest, this it will. And, as you have said, the Earth experience will be one in which we shall share the beauteous qualities that you and I and the majority currently within the Earth fantasy enjoy as consciousness. Those are the qualities of comradery, joy and love.

This seems like fiction to me. There is still so much debauchery and strife within the fantasy; and yet I know that this will come to pass.

And what makes this truth for you, dearest?

My own experience has been one of many extremes. As a youngster I knew that I would not grow old. I thought this meant I would die at a young age. And here I am seventy one, as of this writing during 2021, and I am physically and mentally so much younger and more capable than years past.

You speak of backwards aging, dearest.

Yes, I do. I know that I do not look this age nor do I feel this age. Prior to the beginning of backwards aging I was feeling the tide of age upon my body and mind.

In what way, dearest?

I was beginning to lose flexibility; I could feel my body aging; I wasn’t able to perform physically as I had earlier.

And now, dearest?

Now I am so full of life. I have energy to spare, so to speak. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by it, and Keith, my life partner having a knee injury, we cannot dance as we have in the past. However, the little things in life show me how much younger my body has become.

The little things, dearest?

Yes, the little things. Such as being able to squat down to the lowest shelf in the supermarket, as I did this day, and having the physical ability to rise as freely as I did as a much younger person. To walk around the neighbourhood and feel as fresh when I return as I do when I set off. These small things were becoming chores and had been, for some years, reminding me of my body’s aging. The pain and inflexibility of my joints was becoming obvious to me. Lying in bed, for instance, was becoming more and more difficult as the movement, or my body’s lack of ease, showed me how aging was taking its toll, even when supposedly relaxed. I hadn’t been able, for some time, to lie with my legs in various positions as I once enjoyed; I needed to remain in only one position to find comfort. As for my skin, especially my lower legs, during the colder months, would become very dry and itchy; moisturising them only partially helped.

And when, dearest, did you begin to backwards age?

I believe it was during 2016. I was unsure of it for the first couple of years. However, it started to become so apparent that to deny it was folly.

Did others notice, dearest?

Yes, they did. Keith and I had been attending one particular dance on a weekly basis. It was there that the compliments began.

Compliments, dearest?

Yes, compliments. I knew that what others were saying was true because I was experiencing the changes for myself.

Changes, dearest?

Yes, changes. I loved to dance and the greater energy and ability to dance became quite overwhelming for me at first. I began to have the energy of one so much younger. My whole appearance was becoming younger and this was noticed by many and remarked upon. Many observed the changes of my facial skin becoming more youthful. One friend kept asking me what my secret was. I also began to dress as a younger person. I started to dislike being dressed in the clothing an aging woman wears and began to enjoy shopping for clothing that suited the physical and mental changes occurring.

Indeed, dearest, we know that this was true for you. And now?

I have tried a number of activities. Pole dancing was the latest.

Did you enjoy Pole dancing, dearest?

Yes, I did enjoy it, and the instructress was quite openly surprised by my strength and suppleness. However, after the years of ballroom dancing and the comradery I enjoyed, the Pole dancing, for me, seemed a little lacking in this regard. To be sure the individuals were much younger than I, eager to compete and had their own social and age culture.

You enjoy comradery, dearest?

Yes, it is something I miss at present. Being with others of like mind, those who enjoy the ballroom and the wonderful music is certainly something I miss.

Will you return to the ballroom when the lockdown and social restrictions are over, dearest?

I am unsure about that. Keith suffered a knee injury some time past and surgery hasn’t been as successful as we’d hoped. It is possible that further surgery may be needed, which means more recovery time. I don’t know if dancing will be possible for us.

Do you have a desire for other activities, dearest?

You, The Collective Consciousness, did mention to me that those things we did as we aged would be, in most cases, superseded by other activities as we backward aged. I am finding this to be the case. I no longer have the pressing desire for dance as once I did. I have, indeed, been having some rather strange thoughts and ideas about future activities I may like to experience. Pole dancing was one such one.

Can you inform us of them, dearest?

You have also advised that it is best to keep one’s own counsel until one’s thoughts and ideas are forming into realities. You have taught me well.

Indeed, dearest, we have. Do you remember the animal reflection that speaks of this?

Yes, indeed I do. It is the Cow Reflection; one of my favourites, and one I have read and listened to many times over.

We shall leave this communiqué here for now, dearest. Perhaps our listeners may come along to our website, ABC of Spirit Talk, and enter a search request for the Cow Reflection. Yes?

Yes, that would be a delightful thing to do.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. I can say, Dorothy, from my experience this is certainly true!
      We are coming out of lockdown in a couple of weeks when we will be able to leave our local government areas. This means I will be able to travel the half hour to the beach. Yay! I am so looking forward to walking along the shore, and maybe even going for a swim.
      I say this because I continue to want to do those things that take ‘energy’. And this desire continues to grow. The ‘mental’ limitations continue to fall away.
      In short: There is so much to look forward to.
      This was not my mind-set a decade past. It has definitely turned 180 degrees.

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