Episode 5 – Remain Calm Lest We Forget

We are putting pen to paper again, Dear Ones, to impress upon you the need for calm. It is ‘calm’ that will see you through. And what will it see you through?

Calm will see you through all things, Dear Hearts. Our Carolyn knows this is true. Do you not, dearest?

Yes, this is true.

And why is this, dearest?

It is true because, from my experience within the Earth experience, I have had to manufacture calm in order to ‘get through’.

Get through, dearest?

Yes, get through. You see life for me was rather difficult. I know now that my life is and was a copy of the plan I agreed to. However, that doesn’t nullify the devastation that I felt as I was experiencing various aspects of my experience.

You had many devastating events, dearest?

Devastating for me, yes. To another my life may seem like an easy road to have travelled. However, this is all subjective. And because I have only lived my life I can only feel subjective about it.

And this is precisely the point we make, dearest. To you your life, or experience, has been devastating, at times; so too for each and every soul experiencing upon the Earth experience.

As we have said, dearest:

The Earth Fantasy, or experience, is one that we created in order to remember. And what did we want to remember?

We wanted to remember our earliest beginnings. And what were our earliest beginnings?

Our earliest beginnings were of angst and fear, isolation and separation.

Are we making ourselves clear, Dear Hearts? Are you beginning to appreciate the premise for the Earth Fantasy? Are you aware that each and every soul experiencing along side you is experiencing their own set of values? Values that may be devastating to them; however, not so devastating to you.

The Earth experience is a subjective experience. Not unlike the virtual realities now available through the many forms of technological advancements upon your computer screens, etc.

Yes, Dear Hearts; the Earth experience is not for the feint hearted. It takes a brave heart to allow this fantasy into your soul’s journey. However, to do so brings great rewards. Rewards such as cannot be obtained within the multitude of fantasies we have created for our enjoyment. Only this experience, the Earth experience is one where you are put to the test, so to speak. And what are the tests we speak of?

Tests such as violence, debauchery, malice, greed, etc.; you get the point, Dear One.

Yes, it is here that you experience those events and happenings that challenge you to bring out all the guns, so to speak, at your command.

Guns such as:

The ability to utilise the very commands you have already acquired as a soul in the earliest beginnings.

Yes, Dear Heart, it is those abilities you use to overcome the hazardous events and happenings you agreed to encounter during your fantasy here in the Earth experience.

You need not be concerned, Dear One. Your soul is projecting the thoughts, along with the multitude, to ensure that you experience those happenings agreed to.

Also know, Dear Heart, that your soul remains unscathed. It cannot be altered, Dear One, by your actions. The only possible manner in which your soul can be harmed –

and this, Dear Heart, is death by isolation.

Indeed, many still today, as consciousness, choose willingly to isolate:  As above, so below.

Yes, Dear One, isolation is death to a consciousness whether as a soul or as a human. Once again: As above, so below.

Remember that you are here to experience our earliest beginnings of angst and fear, isolation and separation. This will almost guarantee success. We say ‘almost’, Dear Heart, because there are many such as you and I and Carolyn who, by poor choices, naivety and lack of bravery die due to these few reasons.

We are here within the Fantasy to remember. With this in mind, Dear Heart, you will keep your goal in mind.

And what is your goal?

Another easy question with a simple answer.

Lest we forget!

Many Blessings, Dear Heart. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. Oh Dorothy, you and me alike!
      For years I practiced ‘fake it ’til you make it’; and finally it worked. haha…
      Just having the mind frame that I wanted to be calm was a great adventure for me. Calm was something that, on and off throughout my life, certainly alluded me.
      Intention and desire are the two best motivators we have.
      Oh yes – and if you can, ask for assistance. Your soul is as close as your breath!

  1. Charlee: “Staying calm is our specialty.”
    Chaplin: “Because, again … We’re cats.”
    Lulu: “You don’t look so calm when you’re running around the house and swarming up your cat tree like a couple of little lunatics.”
    Charlee: “But even when we’re doing that, we still have INNER calm.”
    Chaplin: “Because we’re cats.”

    1. Lulu, you and I are just going to have to accept this condition! Cats are superior. What else can be said?
      However, that being said; puppy-dogs are adorable. My ‘two’ agree. They just said so!

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