Episode 4 – Put Us To The Test

We have spoken regarding those here to overcome their innate core of negativity. They, Dear Hearts, are gallant souls who, for the purpose of their progress toward perfection, continue to do as their soul desires.

Perfection for us, Dear Ones, as consciousness is a great effort that the majority engage in. It takes millennia, as you understand it, to finally achieve success.

Can you appreciate, therefore, the numbers of, so called, life experiences within the Earth experience that are necessary in order for perfection to be gained? That’s right, Dear Heart; it takes many thousand experiences for this grand effort to achieve the desired effect.

And this, Dear One, brings us to you. Yes, you, Dear Heart.

You, listening and or reading our words have been within the Earth experience many thousands of times. And you, Dear One, are one who has achieved perfection as a consciousness.

That is:  You have acquired, through many thousands of life experiences within the Earth Fantasy to finally achieve that all encompassing ability to nullify our innate core of negativity.

We say ‘nullify’, Dear Heart, because we can never fully obliterate our innate core of negativity. However, what we do achieve is the ability to calm our innate core by circumnavigating those primal instincts of fear.

This we do, Dear Ones, by continually placing ourselves into positions that guarantee our continued success. And how do we achieve this state?

We achieve this state of being by continually remaining in a positive mind frame. And how do we achieve this positive mind frame?

Another easy question with a simple answer.

We achieve this state of being by remaining with like minded souls who know that by being united with others whose goal is to remain alive (so called) and well (we put this simply, Dear Ones) there is the need to pursue our goal with gusto. And what does ‘gusto’ look like?

Look about you, Dear Heart. Look about you at those with whom you are experiencing; yes, that’s right. It is a simple equation we have followed for millennia; an equation that, if followed, guarantees success.

We keep doing what we have been doing.

That’s right, Dear One. When you know what works and you stick to it, success is guaranteed.

Can you now appreciate our simple words of truth? Can you appreciate that you have been successful in your quest? Can you fully appreciate that to remain successful you must continue doing as you have been doing for millennia?

No, Dear Heart, we do not expect you to answer each question in the affirmative. Truth is truth is truth. And yet, Dear One, it will take much pondering before you can answer.

Put us to the test.

Ask that we, your soul, Carolyn and I assist in the process of realising who you are. That’s right. Put us to the test.

Ask us, your soul, Carolyn and I (the representative of the Collective Consciousness) to assist you in realising the full extent of your purpose. That’s right.

Ask; and if your desire is truly to appreciate who you are and why you are here within the fantasy, then it shall be yours, Dear One.

We look forward to hearing your inner words. That’s right, Dear Heart. You need only speak these words within your mind. We shall hear you, and we shall act upon them.

Many Blessings, Dear Heart. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Charlee: “We cats are fortunate not to have to progress to perfection.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, we’re already sitting there waiting for everyone else to catch up.”
    Charlee: “Which they never will, because they’re not cats.”

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