An Epiphany of Sorts For Our Dear One Veronica

Our dearest, and her daughter, Our Dear One Veronica, had their weekly meet to discuss their lives, etcetera. We say, etcetera, Dear Hearts, because the content of our weekly gatherings cover many a topic, indeed.

Our Dear Hearts have, indeed, been meeting in this way for some years. During this time of closeness and discussion we convey to them the possible happenings, future happenings, plus any needs that arise. There are always many needs, you appreciate.

One of the topics of discussion was in regard our Dear One Veronica’s highly geared structure toward competition.

We each agree to certain negative structures and positive structures, or values, within each individual character. Competition was highlighted by our Dear One Veronica for this particular life experience.

As such, the competitive aspect has been paramount in regard any activity our Dear One Veronica became involved within. This, at the expense of fun and enjoyment; you appreciate.

Indeed, this negative structure has ruled the activities in which our Dear One has been participating. And this attitude was laid bare this day in order that she take this information within and navigate throughout. We are delighted to report that our Dear One has indeed had an epiphany of sorts.

We hesitate to write in depth upon the subject of competition. Suffice to say:

Competition is a valued element providing it does not control. Like all attitudes there is a middle ground.

Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 

Image Credit: Pixabay


  1. I knew Veronica was competitive, but of course I don’t know how much that drives her. I think we can see competition being good, typically in society at least, but of course everything requires balance and at some point that need for competition can become controlling and limiting. xx

    1. Yes Caz, I agree, competition can be good, in moderation. But in my case, my actions of sport and recreation mainly (as I appreciate now) came from a place of competition. Wanting to be the best that I could be at any cost. Pain, injury, time, cost the list goes on. Except fun didn’t always play as much a part of the activity as I thought 💭

      1. I’ve just seen your latest post and left a comment, V. This is one fantastic realisation to come to because it could make a positive change in your life, even just a little bit here and there. You deserve to ease off on yourself and find joy in what you do. xx

        1. Yes indeed, Rebecca, I thought the same!

          We, The C.C., myself and V discussed this during the morning hours. By mid afternoon V’s awareness was so high she was able to create a post about her ‘changed attitude’.

          From my own experience I know that when the right time arrives the ‘switch’ is flicked and we see clearly where once we did not. And this is precisely what occurred for V.

    1. Yes, indeed, Anjali. As I’ve been trying different activities, being with varying personalities, etc., I’ve come to understand the need to remain ‘in the middle’, so to speak. We can lose our sense of calm, otherwise, and become someone else’s vision and not our own!

      Yes, I’d have to say that, over the years, the middle ground is where I am most comfortable!
      Lovely to see you as always…

      1. I understand Carolyn what you are saying. Sometimes I also become victim of someone else vision. But now I have learnt or I can say learning to stay calm and try to find a path in which I am comfortable.

  2. Charlee: “We cats are not very competitive.”
    Chaplin: “Yes, we all know we’re the best, so, no competition is required.”
    Lulu: “How can you ALL be the best?”
    Charlee: “Easy. Because we’re cats.”
    Chaplin: “We don’t expect you to understand, since you’re just a dog.”

    1. I agree! Cats do not need to be competitive. Being naturally the best you, Charlee and Chaplin, can rest assured of your superiority. Lying tranquil and relaxed is probably the best position you hold, and clearly highlights this value!

      Lulu, you and I will just have to accept our position… 🤗🤗❤️

  3. A great conversation, Carolyn. Competition has layers of complexity and knowing how we relate to competitive forces is essential. I appreciated Veronica’s comments about “wanting to be the best that I could be at any cost…” because is shows a profound awareness of balance.

    1. And isn’t that what we are striving to attain – balance in all things.

      It is certainly a long and winding road. Isn’t it? We don’t know why we do certain things, behave in particular ways, at times. However, not judging ourselves and allowing our path to drive us where we need to go, I’ve found, leads to the inevitable progress for which so many of us strive.

      Patience truly is a virtue.

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