Spirit Talk with Carolyn Page (Freedom From Fear)

Our dearest needs your help, Dear Hearts; yes indeed she does.

And what is the help that you can offer our dearest?

The help that you can offer, Dear Ones, is offering the questions that you would ask of her were you able. That is right, Dear Ones:

What question would you ask of our dearest were you to be in her company, or participating in a Zoom Meeting?

Your question will be most enlightening for her, and will not be ‘on show’, Dear Heart. No, we will not, unless you specifically ask, show your question. It will remain between you and us.

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk

PS: A few bloggers were having problems with the original form. Because of this I have changed the form to the standard Contact Form. Please do try again if you have a question. I absolutely want to know what’s on your mind. 🙂



  1. Oh nooooo. I wrote up two questions but when I submitted it said the link had expired. I’ve no idea whether they went through or not but you might want to check if the form is working properly. Did you get them? xx

    1. Oh Caz, that is awful. 😦
      Two questions have come through, but, not yours!
      So… I changed the form to one I’ve used before. I tested it and it worked from K’s computer. Hopefully, all will be well now.
      So sorry. And, Thank You for letting me know. You are adorable!

  2. Nooooo I just typed two out and the same thing has happened again. I’ll just write them here. I forgot yet again to copy what I wrote in case it didn’t submit properly, oops! I can’t remember my original questions as my memory is awful so I’ve made something random up:

    1. If you hadn’t begun your journey with backwards ageing, where would your life be now? How would it look different?

    2. Do you ever experience guilt for not being productive? Many people experience guilt if they’re looking after themselves, doing something enjoyable, resting etc. It’s like a plague of the 21st century focus on work and productivity. It’s something I personally struggle with quite a bit. If you do feel guilt, how do you deal with it and overcome it?

    Caz xx

    1. Oh, that is just awful, Caz! But, I’m so pleased you persevered. Says a lot about your character…….
      I will answer your first question now, the second as I’m inspired..

      1. If you hadn’t begun your journey with backwards ageing, where would your life be now? How would it look different?
      Caz, the difference would be chalk and cheese; for instance:

      Last night we went dancing for only the third time in a year – restricted by K’s injured knee, and covid-19. Most of the dancers are younger, or much younger than us, and yet we danced up a storm, so to speak. This morning I feel fabulous and know that I won’t have any physical problems like soreness or sluggishness – as once I would have!

      The C.C. advised that my body is now approx. 30 years of age. Holy cow; that is incredible and yet I know it is true. So the difference would be: I would be acting as the majority of seventy year olds.

      I found these ‘important’ points for septuagenarians to live by –

      • Live With Purpose.
      • Maintain Healthy Sleep Habits….
      • Avoid Falls.
      • Engage Your Brain.
      • Exercise to Feel Great and Live Long.
      • Embrace Aging.
      • Eat Fruits and Vegetables.
      • Understand Your Health.

      All excellent ideas and would be beneficial for all ages. However, Caz, number six does not apply to me.

      It did. When I turned sixty, or thereabouts, I was experiencing creaky joints and the inability to be as flexible as once I was. Thankfully, this began to change and now I feel ecstatic as my little body (and mind) become more and more flexible and able. And this I hope for all Light Workers.

      The C.C. advised that all who embrace ridding themselves of fear will see rewards for their work.

      As you know, I have been ill many times in my life. To see the results of this work upon my body has been quite astounding. And yet this is their guarantee: All whose purpose is to be free of fear will take within enormous benefits. No matter from what starting point we begin, there will be rewards.

      1. Wow, just wow. You really are so inspiring in sharing your journey. I’ll show this to my mother as you’ve written it so brilliantly. She’s 72 years young and she’ll find this intriguing (although she won’t like the part about fruit & veg, I think I’m the only one in the family that loves the stuff! xx

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