Merry Light Workers Worldwide

Our Dearest One Carolyn is realising that all we have advised her over the past number of years is true, and will come to pass. Yes, indeed, Dear Ones. Our Dearest now believes the words written through her; indeed she does. This may sound strange to many reading.

However, we have advised our Dearest that she will lead the Light Workers of the World, through her words, to not only greater enlightenment; no Dear Ones, greater than this. Our Dearest will lead, through example, the rewards of the work of ridding one’s self of fear to an all encompassing glory of the self.

Yes, indeed, Dear Brave Hearts. For those of you who have agreed to form the Brigade of Light Workers working for a braver more compassionate world will come rewards that none, except our Dearest and The Daughter have witnessed to date.

And now, Dear Ones, our Dearest and The Daughter are beginning to appreciate the truth of which we have written.

They shall indeed herald a band of Merry Light Workers Worldwide.

Many Blessings Await All

© 2020 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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