Dance – And So It Begins

Well, well, well, Dear Ones; our dearest and our Dear Heart Keith have begun rolling the proverbial ball. Yes, Dear Hearts, our dearest ones have signed up for their first private lesson on the journey to the competition floor. And was our dance teacher extraordinaire excited at the prospect. Indeed yes he was. In fact, Dear Ones, he has already begun formulating the needed ideas in advance of the lesson. We can tell you that he has many surprises in store for our dearest ones.

We shall leave it with our dearest to summarise.


Yes, this is the case. This evening we visited with a past teacher and have arranged for a weekly lesson beginning next Thursday week. He, and his gorgeous wife (also a teacher who will, hopefully, help with lessons) was absolutely overjoyed with this news. Both of them are very dear and have been very special friends over the years. They were one of the many genuine dancing friends who encouraged us all those years ago when we were competing. They were also a couple who kept us close to their hearts when I was ill for those 2 1/2 years; an illness which had brought an end to our dancing. Indeed, Keith found great solace having a caring friend in whom he could confide when he needed a shoulder to help him cope with the caregiver role in which he found himself.

And so it begins. We have a lot to relearn; routines to remember; practise sessions and stamina to rebuild. I know it will be great fun as well as a lot of hard work. However, the love we both have for dancing will see us through.

I do hope you will join with us as I post videos and images as we move forward.

As The C.C. have mentioned:  It is only because of backwards aging that this is happening. I categorically know that without this I would not have the physical, mental or emotional strength to do as I know we will.

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Resa of Graffiti Lux Art & More requested (in the comment section below) that I post Keith and I dancing a Tango. As I explained to Resa we haven’t a Tango routine as yet so I am posting the following little video which K and I did in 2011. We were the floor show at one of the wonderful balls we attend throughout the year. It showcases our Australian New Vogue dances. The first is a Viennese rhythm, the second a Slowfox and lastly a Tango.
You will need to be a little forgiving of the video quality. Though, as I said to Resa – “It does at least cover a smidgen of her request.”

Video © 2019 Carolyn Page


    1. Thank You so much, Michael; we are really looking forward to it all. In fact, I am really surprising myself with the enthusiasm I have.

      Many Blessings to You

  1. Your enthusiasm makes us enthusiast too and we’re so happy for you, dear Carolyn and Keith. We’re sitting in first row to watch you step by step and maybe this backwards aging heals Granny’s feet too again and brings her back on the dancefloor, the feet have to move, right 😉 Extra Pawkisses for this wonderful renewed start of the journey🐾😽💞

    1. Thank You my dear Binky and Granny; it will certainly be a joy to have you along with us on the dance floor.

      I do hope that backwards aging helps Granny’s feet too. I do know that it has helped me to feel so much younger. Even to consider getting back to competition dancing at 69 is quite mind blowing. But, there it is; it is coming true.

      Many Blessings to you both. Sending love, blessings and paw kisses to you both
      xoxoxo 🐾 🐾 🐾

    1. Moushmi, your wishes make my little heart sing – and will, hopefully, help to make my little feet dance!

      It will be such a pleasure to have you along with us.

      Much Love to You, Dear Moushmi
      Many Blessings

  2. Hey Carolyn, I don’t just LIKE this, I LOVE it. Aren’t you lucky to be able to bask in the excitement of competitive dancing again! I know you’ll enjoy the journey, too.
    Break a leg…Barbara

    1. Hahah Barbara; yes, it sure is exciting – in a down to earth kinda way. Though, I am surprising myself now. After the initial shock subsided, the excitement set in. And now the reality of the hard work ahead is both thrilling and quite sobering. Thankfully, both Keith and I absolutely enjoy being on the floor; especially when we feel we are learning and growing!

      I must tell you now that we didn’t continue with the wonderful teacher in Sydney last year. After two trips in the peak hour traffic, which took three hours to get there and another two hours to return home we realised the logistics just didn’t work for us. However, I realise that it was the beginning of stimulating us both to want more. And we both certainly want more….

      Much Love and Blessings to You

  3. How very thrilling for me! Lol, I know you and Kieth are doing the dancing, but I am as happy as can be.
    I look forward to the upcoming events.
    Personally, I would adore to see Carolyn and Kieth dance a Tango!

    1. Dancing by osmosis – sounds good to me!

      Hahah Resa, it will be quite a while before I post K and I dancing a ballroom tango – we haven’t a routine as yet. But, I’ll definitely video us doing a standard ballroom tango just as soon as I’m inspired.

      In the meantime, maybe a little vid of us way back in 2011 when we were the floor show at one of the fabulous balls we attend. It was Christmas and we performed three of our Australian New Vogue dances. The first is danced to a Viennese rhythm, the second is a slowfox tempo, and last but not least is set to a Tango beat.

      You’ll have to forgive the poor quality of the vid, but, it does at least cover a smidgen of your request..

      Bless You Always

      P.S. WP didn’t like me placing the video here. I’ll try putting it separately…
      Fingers Crossed 🤞
      Nope – didn’t work 🤔 so I’ll put it into the actual post!

  4. WOW! Your face, and Kieth’s are … I have no words to describe your exhilaration!
    I LOVE this!!!
    The costumes, your moves, the music…everything! Herein lies love and perfection.
    Thank you so very much for showing this. I am impressed, but more, I am in love!!!

    1. You spotted it, Resa, we absolutely love, love, love dancing. So much so that I know we are in for such a great time learning new routines and, of course for me, looking into getting new ballgowns… Oh, poor little me.. hahaaa…
      Such fun ahead; for sure…

      Many Blessings
      Bye for now

        1. And I loved/love it… That was such a beautiful moment in my blogging life! You are one very special creative fashionista – to name just one of your many talents..

    1. Hey Charlie, Thank You for the well wishes. It’s going to be such fun.

      I’d like to tell you something about how eager Keith is. He has spent the past few days with his mum up north. It’s an eight hour drive. He will be leaving to come home in the morning – Monday.

      Now, last Monday evening we joined a group class to learn a new vogue sequence Waltz that we Aussies love to do at our socials. (Similar to the old English dances you guys really love – and we do too.) We both thought we’d miss the second lesson (tomorrow night) because he would obviously be too tired to go to the lesson.

      Well, I’ve just heard from him. He said he will meet me there! It’s on his way home and he’s eager to finish the learning.

      That’s my guy. So keen to learn. 😀

      1. Brilliant, he’s definitely eager 😀 It must be great to know all the basics and then start varying them. I’m struggling with the basics haha. Well done to Keith 10/10 for tenacity 💪👍

        1. The New Vogue sequence dances we’ve learned over the years, Charlie, have been a great boon for our overall learning. This is the current sequence waltz we are learning. It has some beautiful figures. For the beginner, intermediate or advanced dancer who also enjoys social dancing this will be a wonderful addition to our/their repertoire. 🙂

    1. Hi Helen, great to see you.

      Yes, it was a fantastic surprise; one that flew me into a non compus mentis position for a couple of days. However, now I am so looking forward to getting back to the comp floor. We had such a wonderful lifestyle back then, travelling and practising; being in the company of other dancers. Yes, I’m looking forward to all of it.

      In fact, Helen, today will be our first private lesson with a wonderful teacher. I am really overjoyed with everything that is happening in my little world.

      Many Blessings to you, dear Helen

  5. How wonderful for you Carolyn! You hope you and your husband have a wonderful time. It is very comforting to know that after 2 1/2 years of illness this is possible for you. You are blessed. Enjoy!

    1. Thank you so much, Joan. Yes, it is quite fantastic to be in this situation. Back then I honestly didn’t know if I would ever be able to dance again.

      Still, there’s lots of work ahead for us both. Thankfully though, Joan, we just basically love to dance.

      Many Blessings to you, Joan. And hoping that all is well with you.

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