Renewed Interest in Dance!

Our dearest Carolyn cringes; yes she does. And why does she cringe, Dear Ones? She cringes because we have requested she offer an amusing video of her dancing days with her life partner Keith.

During 2011 our Dear Hearts were climbing the ladder of success; yes they were, Dear Ones. They were climbing the ladder of success within the world of dance; yes indeed.

Our dearest pictures their success with amusement; for, Dear Hearts, her enjoyment was to be found because of a love of movement; the comradery of her fellow competitors, and the continued ability to learn and improve.

This attitude continues today. We are inspiring our dearest to learn the Latin discipline of dance; a discipline only touched upon lightly by our Dear Hearts. The reason being, Dear Ones:  When our dearest and her Dear Heart, Keith began dancing in 2006 they both thought themselves too old for the Latin rhythms.

We are here to advise our dearest of a future marked with the punctuations of youth. By this we mean, Dear Ones:

Our dearest Carolyn and our Dear Heart, Keith, will find great activity not only within the disciplines currently danced, but, also within the Latin discipline. Age shall not restrict their love of dance. They will find, as their bodies continue to Backwards Age, a renewed interest in the dance.

And this we say to those of you who have forgone activities of the past. As you Backwards Age you too shall renew your interest, and some will begin again those activities long forgotten.

Many Blessings await those whose goal is to Backwards Age; yes indeed.

© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
ABC of Spirit Talk 


  1. Wow, wow, wowsa, brilliant post, but the dancing oh my goodness! Kieth certainly has great awareness of what’s going on around him lol. You both look so great together girl! What was the first dance? Couldn’t make my mind up Waltz or Rhumba I got the second as a Foxtrot and the third as a Quickstep (lessons not totally wasted lol) Well done Carolyn 💐💐💐🙏

    1. Hahaaaa…. Yes, Charlie, your first guess was right – it was a Waltz! 🙂
      Lots of people comment on Keith’s awareness on the floor; and he’s the greatest showman ever! He loves to dance – well – we love to dance. 🙂
      At 68 it’s great to be starting Latin; something I didn’t think I’d ever be interested in because of our age. But, there it is; we both have found ourselves inspired to begin… Yeah.. 🙂

    2. “At 68 it’s great to be starting Latin”
      Charlie, just thought I’d make mention that my man is actually 17 months younger than me – yes, I know, I’m a cradle snatcher! Thought I’d set that record straight. From my comment above it sounds as though I’m suggesting we are the same age! Nope: He’s my ‘toy boy’… Well, maybe not – but he is younger! 🙂 🙂

    1. Now then, Scott, don’t be so quick to put that ‘out there’… 😉 😉 We never know what’s around the corner until we take a look…
      Great to see you, by the way. It’s been too long… 😊 😊
      We’re not saying this has been an easy road; there’s been lots of ups and downs and inbetweens. But, never say die! The right amount of desire coupled with a good deal of work 💦 (sweat drops) and Backwards Aging can be yours too…
      I’d love to see that.. Hahaaaaa… Where’s your sense of adventure? 🏆 🏅 🎯

    1. Thank You, Jo; it’s something we both enjoy so very much!
      Dance brought us together back in 2003. We both attended a six week ‘Ceroc’ dance class (like Rock and Roll) and fell for each other instantly. We’ve been together ever since. We didn’t do any more dancing until 2006 when we found a social ballroom dancing venue. We then realised we needed lessons. What wonderful memories we have… ❤

      1. Carolyn, that video spoke volumes about the passion and tenderness you both share for each other and dancing. It is revealed in many tiny moments. Life is one big moment made up of many tiny moments. Those tiny moments truly do matter most. Have a lovely Sunday. Jo xoxo

        1. We have just returned from an afternoon/eve of dancing, Jo, and you are absolutely right. Those many tiny moments that matter, we have shared now for almost sixteen years. Trust, loyalty, honour and love go together to create those moments. Words don’t really suffice.
          Thank You, Jo, for appreciating our joy. This would not be possible had you not known such joy. We are indeed blessed.

    1. So, so pleased you found it enjoyable, Caz; we absolutely love our time dancing; and are generally looking forward to the ‘next’ time… Hahaaaa..
      That was one lovely part of competition dance for both of us. We luv, luv, luv to dress up! Keith looks adorable in his ‘tails’; and I felt like a princess in my dress… Sweet, sweet memories!
      Lovely, as always, to see you… ❤

  2. Thank You so much, Jalal; and the same to both you and Hilda; always..
    I can imagine you dancing with your beautiful wife, Jalal. Sweet togetherness, I’m sure, is yours! 🙂

    1. Hahaaaa…. Thank You so much! 🙂
      Part of the thrill of dance for us is the music. We love the strict rhythms of ballroom dance. We always go home with smiles on our little faces… 🙂

  3. hello carolyn page its dennis the vizsla dog hay my dada sez that is sum nice futwurk and a verry gud fraym!!! and he also sez they hav ben trying to git him to do cuban moshun for yeerz but his hips dont moov that way!!! i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt but if he wants to komplayn abowt his hips he better not do it to me if yoo no wot i meen!!! ok bye

    1. Hahahahaaaa… 🙂
      Dennis, yours is always a comment that has me ‘laughing out loud’… And yes, I do know what you mean about those hips! Sadly… 😦
      Talking about those cuban motions; this week we have started to practise swiveling our hips too. You know this is a funny sight; right?!
      And yesterday we did a little Samba at our social dance. I think we did more laughing than dancing. Great fun! 🙂
      Sending Love… ❤

  4. holy bananas, you owned the floor. I tried to keep an eye on other dancers but it was like “meh”. They were great but not as capturing as you two.

    1. I believe, Richa, I’ll be inspired to post more videos of our dancing as we progress further into Backwards Aging! We both love to dance; and what a wonderful way to ‘mark the changes to come’…
      It’s really quite exciting… 😍

  5. Great to read about your renewed interest in dance and the concept of Backward Ageing! Although not retaking something up from the past, I think my dad is undergoing a similar process as he decided to recently start a new martial art at the ripe young age of 50! I don’t have much experience of getting older yet but feel activity and doing things you enjoy will be key to a long, happy and healthy life 🙂

  6. Hi Dan, great to see you! 🙂
    Wonderful to read about your father; and you need not experience the aging process as he, and I, have. The concept that we, those of us who follow this work, are to Backwards Age to our twenty seventh year. Or, for those who have not reached this age milestone will, with this work, remain at this age; is quite mind blowing! Yet, experiencing this phenomenon myself, I can hardly discredit it.
    I am, though, looking forward to seeing those of a younger vintage remaining youthful; i.e., not aging beyond this agreed age! It is very curiosity arousing; but I’ll need to be patient; as always! 🙂
    Here’s to a happy and healthy life.. 🙂

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