Water – the Elixir of Life & Death

My whole body is soooo dry!

And this, dearest, is what we want to speak with you about this day:

Water – or the elixir of life and death.

Too many proponents of ‘water drinking’ are killing many. Yes dearest, water, the elixir of life and death, is purported to be that which the masses need for optimum health. We, dearest, would like to set the record straight:

Yes; water is needed for the body to remain hydrated; this is true. However, dearest, too much water can kill.

Our dearest is surprised by our words. However, dearest, this is true. Too many reach for the water bottle constantly. Some drink coloured water; water mixed with juice, or water infiltrated with sugar. Not only do many drink too much water; some sweeten the water into a toxic solution of death.

We speak openly, dearest; too many believe the erroneous articles propagated by others.

Our dearest asks:  “How much water is necessary for health?”

This has a simple answer, dearest:  The amount of water needed to satisfy one’s thirst; and no more.


Are my two cups of decaf in the evenings too much water?

You need to wake in the early morn to evacuate your bladder, dearest. Yes?

Yes, this is correct.

Would this not be a telling sign of too much water, dearest?

Yes it would. Sometimes, though, I am thirsty late in the evening and reach for water or a decaf.

Is it possible to change this habit, dearest?

It would be possible to drink more during the daytime; then I probably wouldn’t be thirsty before retiring.

Indeed, dearest; the time of day to drink is during the daylight hours. Yes?

Yes, that makes sense. I will endeavour to drink when thirsty throughout the day and not automatically have a decaf (or two) after the evening meal.

A change of ‘pattern’ is required, dearest. Yes?


© 2018 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness
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    1. Thank You, Megala, I really appreciate your comment; as always.
      I was rather surprised by the simplicity of the advice. I’ve taken it ‘on board’, and look forward to the results.
      Lovely to see you.. 🙂

  1. I have wondered about this in the past, I was once told that if you are thirsty you are already dehydrated, but surely as you say this is your body saying give a drink? I have also known people that never seem to drink, maybe 3 coffees or teas a day, whereas I am drinking about 3-4 litres of water. So maybe it’s individualistic, if I don’t drink enough I get a headache, but then they say you can wash all the nutrients out of your body. Very thought provoking Carolyn 😀😀

  2. Knowing your exercise regime, Charlie, I’d say you need to drink more than the average person; me included. Sodium and fluid loss through sweat would certainly be a concern for you. Perhaps a good mineral/electrolyte based drink would be good for those times.
    We don’t ‘lose minerals’ (apart from salt) as such, but our blood minerals do become diluted due to the extra volume of fluid created by the excessive drinking; our kidneys can’t keep up, so to speak, and an imbalance of blood minerals occurs.
    I think it’s a balancing situation we all need to be aware of. Each of us must find that balance depending upon our body makeup and our exercise demands. It sure is a tricky slope!
    Over the past while I’ve introduced a ‘green’ smoothie or two into my diet – 50 grams kale, a few silverbeet leaves and some baby spinach. I add a couple of spirulina tablets, 1 or 2 tablespoons lemon juice into 250 ml of a good mineral water and blend the heck out of it.. I’ve also included a glassful of homemade chicken bone broth – great minerals there too.
    I am being inspired to deliberately nourish myself. That doesn’t mean not having the occasional Lamington and cream 😉 😉 but I’m definitely thinking more about keeping my body nourished.
    I remember when I was dancing a lot I would get a headache when I drank lots of water to compensate for the sweat loss. I’m realising now that the cause of the headache was probably due to too much water taken in a short time; my kidneys couldn’t keep up and my blood mineral balance was, therefore, out of whack. That can really affect the brain!
    I’d love to end by saying, at the moment I am learning about my body’s needs and how best to address this for the best possible outcome; it’s a process. It really is taking up much of my time these days… and I’m loving it… 🙂

  3. A great post, Carolyn (which I had missed!) I may have been doing just that…drinking too much fluids (coffee, tea and water), now will need to think about that.

    1. Since receiving this understanding, Helen, I’ve brought drinking water forward… That is; I’ve begun drinking water upon waking (approx. 250 ml). Within the hour I’ve also taken approx. 250 ml of warmed chicken and/or beef bone broth (scrumptious). I’ve been making bone broth for a few weeks now and absolutely love it. The C.C. recommended consuming ‘nutrient dense’ foods, and these two certainly fit that bill.
      I’m then consciously ensuring I drink water. At this moment I can’t say I’m drinking when thirsty; I’m drinking because I realise I don’t always appreciate my body’s needs. By dinner time I know I am no longer thirsty and am finding I don’t need the after dinner decaf coffees, which has surprised me; they were an everyday habit.
      Add a green smoothie to this daily intake – kale, spinach, lemon juice – and the amount of liquid taken is probably similar to that which I was having; only so much more healthy. I do, very occasionally, have a decaf at home (during daylight hours) and definitely enjoy a coffee out…
      To say I’m on a steep learning curve these past months would be true. It definitely feels good.. 🙂

    1. Yes, I do certainly agree, Tom.
      This requires a whole new conversation regarding the importance of being in-sync with our body’s needs; something which is an ongoing condition for me!
      Thank You for your great comment.. 🙂

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