Q1. Why are People Mean and Nasty?

Why are people mean and nasty?  (Listen while you read)

ControlElsie of Ramblings of a Writer posed this question in our previous post ~ Emu Bush Reflection:

What makes a person mean and nasty?

We thought it a good idea to jot down a few insights below:

There are many answers to this question:

Firstly; it is man’s intent to remain in control. Yes, control is a factor in man’s nastiness. And what is meant by this?

Man feels inadequate for most of his moments. This is a truth that is justified by the fact that this is how we (spirit or consciousness) have created him. This being so, is it therefore not wise to see man through this lens? Yes?

Some say yes, and some do not agree.

Man creates meanness to satisfy his hunger for control. Indeed, when man’s hunger for control goes unsatisfied he/she will become mean. And this brings us to yet another question.

What constitutes control?

Ah, dear friends; now we come to the heart of the matter.

Control comes in many forms. It can be as insignificant as control over one’s belongings, one’s place in the pecking order, or an assumed sense of station.

Then, Dear Ones, it can be the overwhelming and debilitating sense of expectation. The expectation to receive the best; the expectation to believe in one’s abilities; the expectation that education places upon the sense of superiority. We could go on, Dear Hearts; however, any sense of expectation will bring an abundance of failure to achieve. When failure of achievement, whether true or false occurs, man’s sense of control flies out the window, so to speak, leaving him/her bereft of control; which, Dear Hearts, can manifest in a sense of lack of control, which can lead him/her to being mean and nasty.

Oh yes, Dear Ones; control, or lack of a sense of control can, and does lead many, indeed the majority to behave in a manner of nastiness and meanness.

How can this be circumnavigated?

This is an easy question with a simple answer.

Awareness. Yes, Dear Hearts; awareness of the preponderance of man to be mean and nasty will assist in the overcoming of this debilitating state.

For those subject to another’s meanness; this awareness of man’s futile efforts to gain control by this manner will assist the individual concerned to manoeuvre themselves out of the firing line, so to speak.

Control: A devastating aspect of man’s personality, which can and is overcome by awareness.

©2017 Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness

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  1. I loved this!.. awareness is so important. Do you think by being aware it deflects the energy of meaness?.. also I love how you’ve got audio versions on your blog. Great idea. Do you have to have a premium account to do that? I’ve been thinking of doing audio verisons myself. 🙂

    1. Yes, Dear Heart, awareness deflects many of man’s idiosyncrasies, including meanness. When aware, we automatically obtain a more ‘objective’ attitude, which, in itself, guarantees our safety, so to speak, from the debilitating effects of harmful energies. Do you not think so, Dear One?
      The premium account allows for both audio and video uploading. Wouldn’t you have some fun doing audios!? 😉 😉
      I know I do, and I believe it adds to the enjoyment for those who choose to listen… 🙂

  2. You have summed it up well. I see meanness as a disease which is multifactorial, prone to remissions and relapses, difficult to treat but curable.

    1. That is wonderful to hear, Lavanya; Thank You; you are so sweet… 🙂
      I have started an ‘Ask a Question’ page.
      It’s for questions like this one asked by Elsie. It can be an open question or anonymous.
      This should be a lot of fun; and hopefully, a lot of help for us struggling humans… Hahaaaa… 🙂

      1. 😀 Thanks Carolyn!! Am sure ‘Ask a question’ page will help many of us. Its interesting to learn the insights of life.. Your doing an awesome job dear Carolyn!! Much love xoxo 😘

  3. Thanks for answering that question Carolyn, awareness very true I learned that many many years ago in my 57 years of being married.
    I’m too old to change now, but if I don’t do what he says all the time, he always manages to make me feel guilty, so I alway do what I’m told, in my younger years my husband would go a week or more not talking to me for something I did or didn’t do.
    Have a nice day.

    1. Uggg, Elsie; this is human nature at its worst….. but also an expected behaviour, too. After all, your hubby is a human with all the associated frailties; including the need to control… Uggg…
      I’d love for you not to feel guilty. I’d love for you to be free of that sticky awful energy. I’d love for your precious hubby to wonder what the dickens is happening when you don’t feel guilty and your behaviour changes. Oh, how wonderful it would be to see him confused and bewildered… Hahahaaaaa… It may even benefit him. He may even feel some satisfaction in not being so controlling…! 😉 😉

      Loved doing this post, Elsie; it was a real treat for me, and, hopefully for others too. I’ve started a ‘Ask a Question’ page. Should you like to ask another I’d love to answer… We just never know how many could be struggling with similar situations. 🙂

      1. Thanks, Carolyn, I’m finding it a little difficult to answer this at the moment.
        I will continue, thanks for the ask a question page.
        Happy days smiling.

  4. It’s about control, indeed. It also can stem from the person being abused earlier in life, and now lashing out to hurt others… Hugs, Carolyn ❤

    1. So true, Christy. There must be 101 causes for man’s harmful behaviours. I believe, though, as mentioned in the post, they can all come under that awful umbrella called ‘control’.
      I believe, if we all look deep within, there will be remnants of controlling energies lurking about…!
      Oh, what a horrible, yet true for me, thought… Uggggggg…
      ❤ xoxoxo

  5. Control…Alternate…. Delete
    A pretty perfect image for this topic.
    When there is an awful mean control freak around, I can find an alternate situation to be in. If I find it within me, I can delete it. Both are ways of getting out of the line of fire.
    I am my controller, as you have said.

    1. I can see you wending your way carefully to safe ground. You would spot them quickly too, I’m sure. 😉 😉
      Superb analogy! “Control…Alternate…. Delete”
      I can feel your inner and outer ‘steeliness’ as I write! 🙂

  6. So many good points and you are right when you say: “it is man’s intent to remain in control”… and how this “need” might entail nastiness. You reminded you of Nietzsche who accurately say that what moves us is the “will of power”. He criticized Hegel, who said that the dynamo of Mankind was the force of an absolute spirit (Not God: a rational abstract entity instead)…. which tended to a better, more evolved state. Nietzsche disagreed. He didn´t have too much Faith in Man.
    I do think he made some good points, but believe that we are still learning how to cope with our primary instincts, so to speak, in order to trascend them… But… there is still a path ahead, sigh… Hugs dear Carolyn… I saw you have posted many articles.. Will like most of them (if not all) and read in depth & comment in a few ones, ok?… Love your blog! ❤ xx

    1. Yes, Dear Aquileana; there is a ‘long way to go’, as you’ve surmised. However, it will be done provided those of us who have agreed, put our ‘backs to the wheel’. A choice, as always; though one that will bring its rewards for all.
      Yes, of course, read (or not); it’s a pleasure to have you here…
      And I love your in-depth essays of fascinating subjects to be found upon your blog! ❤

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