Carolyn’s Tipz ~ To Your Health!


Carolyn’s Tipz ~ Your Health  (Listen while you read)

‘Your health’ is a euphemism for a more deliberate attempt to cover a huge area of concern. The health of the organism, any organism, is vital to its ability to enjoy its life. Is it not? Without, so-called, health, the organism can be considered restricted, unable to function at its best. And this is what we see when we look about us.

Illness is as much a part of human life as is breathing. Yes, dear friends; do not admonish yourself for the illness you may be enduring; it may be simply an agreement entered into before entering the Earth Fantasy.

Our dearest, Carolyn, suffered illness in the form of exhaustion some short while past. Today she has recovered to the degree whereby life, once again, is enjoyable. Yes, Dear Hearts, this is the case for our Dear Heart. However, there are always surprises.

Our dearest wonders what is to come. Do you not, dearest?

Yes, I’m somewhat bemused by what may be to come.

Do not fear, dearest; we do not wish to cause alarm. However, and there is always an however; we are here to foretell a future episode that may cause you to be somewhat concerned for others.

Yes, dearest; we proclaim illness will be at the forefront for many within your sphere. And what will be the cause of said illness? We shall tell you:

Sadness; yes, dearest; sadness is an illness. When we allow sadness to infiltrate our beings we are opening ourselves to illness.

You think not, Dear Hearts? You think that sadness will not create illness? We can assure you, Dear Ones; sadness will cut you down just as quickly as any illness. It will rob you of vitality; it will destroy cells; it will guarantee you age prematurely. This is certainly will, Dear Ones. And what can we do to prevent sadness?

We can be aware of the damaging results to be experienced were we to allow sadness to go unchecked.

A timely warning for those of you who are currently allowing personal and worldly events to cause alarm, Dear Hearts.

Sadness; a debilitating condition of limitation.

Carolyn and The Collective Consciousness

©2017 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Hi Carolyn
    thank you so much for sharing good tips for health, I noted
    I enjoy the new theme of your blog, so cute
    Have a very nice end of week

    1. Thank You, Anita… my pleasure. 🙂
      You are the first to notice the new theme! So pleased you find it ‘cute’; I do too 🙂
      And to you, too, Anita; enjoy the end of week and have a lovely weekend.. 🙂

    1. Whatever we focus on, multiplies….
      Yes, Kim, great advice. Of course, we need to address the sadness, or whatever negative is currently causing us harm, but with the view to allowing the energy to be released; coming to a place of understanding, as it were. Without that intention the energy will covertly remain to do its nasty work upon our minds and bodies.

      It is so lovely to see your face again! I feel the need to say ‘Welcome Back’… 🙂

    1. You are such a treat for me, Jo; your positivity is charming and so refreshing.
      Have an enjoyable weekend.
      Your new avatar, by the way, is very handsome, indeed. 🙂

      1. Thank you. …😊 The avatar may appear variant – but the heart and prayers remain unchanged. Thanks for the compliment. Carolyn, One kind word can change one’s entire day. Have a lovely weekend.

  2. Someone once told me “sadness is anger turned inward”
    This is one thought, of many, that I have benefited from.
    Example: I will single out my mother’s death.
    I was so very sad. There were many why’s: … why didn’t I do more, why didn’t she take better care of herself… etc.
    There were what ifs: … what if life had treated her better, what if my father had been good to her… and more.
    I was beating myself up inside.
    What a load of negativity to lug around & wallow in.
    I took all of that load, and pointed it outward. Now I was angry for all of the same reasons I had been sad.
    At that point I realized that whether it be anger or sadness, neither answered, ultimately, the questions.
    At that point I took a more calm, intellectual aim at the questions.
    I came up with answers for myself.
    I felt better.
    I was able to see happiness & joy, in the same places I had seen only sorrow and anger the day before.
    When you see joy, you can get joy.
    The happier I am, the happier I become.
    It feeds itself.
    All energy feeds itself, whether it is a positive or negative energy.
    Happiness may not answer all of the questions, either, but it is a positive, healthy state to dwell within while searching.
    I’ll be quiet, now!

    PS> Nice Theme!

    1. Smiling, Resa…. 🙂
      What I’m hearing is that you confronted the sadness; you chose to ‘have a better view’, as it were. This attitude will always be your friend, Resa; as will I… 🙂

      Wonderful to know you. 🙂

  3. Splendous advice. Indeed it is an important issue to talk about and you have so beautifully brought light to the same. I am really enjoying these short and wonderful articles ❤

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