Exercise – UG! or YAY!

Exercise – UG! or YAY!  (Listen while you read)

exercisewoman-36446_960_720Since beginning my recovery from the debilitating illness I suffered I have slowly reincorporated exercise into my life.

Previous to the illness, which began in August/September of 2013 my gorgeous man and I participated in competition Ballroom Dancing. Overall I would say we practised and danced about 8 hours of every week.

Apart from this wonderful exercise I would do a little yoga, definitely squats and lunges (to keep my legs strong) and walked quite a few kilometres each week walking the dogs. All in all I enjoyed my physical strength greatly and was exceedingly dismayed when the illness prevented me from doing any physical activity for the first year, and very little for the second.

To say my body suffered extremely throughout this time would not be to overstate the truth. My muscles atrophied leaving me very weak and unable to enjoy walking, dancing, or any of the activities I once enjoyed.

Beginning March this year, 2016, I felt strong enough to go to our Sunday Dance Social; a wonderful mix of fun, social engagement and stepping the light fantastic. However, I didn’t, for a number of weeks, have the strength to last the distance, so to speak. Though, I did enjoy the comradery, the music, the people I’d missed so much, and just being able to regain some physical activity.

Some nine months later, I’m a bird of a different nature. Some days I feel as though I have wings, and quite capable of flying, which I do often (every Sunday) around the dance floor now. It’s so wonderful to have lungs that can take in bucket loads of oxygen that make me feel lighter than air. I’m getting my physical back in shape, and loving it.

And this brings me to the purpose of this post: Exercise!

Oh yes, I know it’s a dirty word for some; an extreme annoyance at times; a duty and a bore. However, I also know my body needs it like it needs to breathe. Without it I’m stuck in gobbly stuff that glues my cells together in such a way it seems I’m melting, as gravity takes my skin and bones lower and lower; with the added insult of wrinkly skin adding to the unsightly scene.   UG!

I’ve always loved movement; any kind of movement, and now I’m back to doing a few sets of squats, a set or two of lunges, some planks, a few tummy exercises, arm exercises (without weights) and am loving it.

What do you think? Do you exercise? Can you exercise? Do you love / hate / are you ambivalent regarding it? Have you any suggestions we may use? I’m always up for learning something new. So go on; have your say. I’m waiting to hear from you!

© Carolyn Page 2016


  1. Yay! Nowadays my furry friend takes me out for three fast and long walks every day, and sometimes we run too. I feel so much better than in the beginning of the year, but now I am ready to add some other movement to the mix. And maybe some strength training too 🙂

    1. Yay, Helen, Yay!
      That little Dylan sure is a great workout partner; as well as a sofa loving philosopher… 😉 😉
      I have to agree with you; exercise, if we are able to do it, sure gets the cobwebs out. And it seems that exercise begets exercise begets exercise!
      Have you considered strength training with resistance bands? They are portable, extremely lightweight, and I’ve found them a little easier on the joints.

  2. Sport is a very good way to improve health, relations, and have many pleasures
    thank you so much for sharing this post
    Yes, we can do it 🙂
    kisses back to you

    1. Yes we can, Anita; that’s for sure! 😉
      A wonderful suggestion… No matter what the sport is, as long as we’re enjoying ourselves we don’t realise we are actually exercising…
      So that’s a Yay! 🙂

    1. Thank You, Jo; I am keeping well and getting stronger!

      Hahaaaa… A great exerciser…. A treadmill doesn’t allow for excuses, Jo; like,
      “It’s raining ~ oh what a shame, I can’t go for a walk.” Oh yes, I’ve used this one many times… 😉 🙂
      And stairs, Jo, would have to be one of the most beneficial exercise machines of all.

        1. Hahaaaa, Jo; where have I been? I haven’t heard that before: “Did I Eat That.” 🙂
          Yes, you’ve made such a valid point. Exercise, plus a Healthy Moderate Diet equals a great outcome! Well done, Jo… 🙂

    1. Indeed, Shiva 🙂
      Even if that’s all we can do ~ due to illness or handicap ~ stretching is extremely important; and especially after and before any other form of exercise.
      I do remember, though, when I was very ill I couldn’t even do that; although I would have loved to be able.

  3. I just realized that I spend too many hours sitting in front of the computer lately and my body would need more movement. When I read your post, I felt like you were talking to me and that I should exercise more – it’s easier in the summer than in the winter, yet this is just an excuse. So, yes, I decided to do something about it. Thank you, Carolyn, for your wonderful blog post! It’s always a great pleasure to listen to you!

    1. You make my little heart sing, Mihaela…. Lovely to see you, and read your wonderful comment.. 🙂
      I am certainly guilty of sitting a little too much, too; in front of the computer, the TV, or just relaxing. So lately I’ve been doing a little exercise whilst at the computer, or during a TV show. I’ll hop up and do a few squats or lunges; or I’ll watch this marvelous girl I’ve recently found on YouTube. She does quite a lot of 6 minute exercise routines targeting various body zones. I find them, and her, quite joyful and stimulating. (I’ll add a link to one of her weightless arm exercises; an area I’m currently targeting to get ‘summer’ ready… I’m a little late, Mihaela; it’s summer in Oz already…haha.)

        1. Anita, you are very welcome…. I love this girl’s energy and have a few of her videos in my ‘favourites’… I love to start the day lately with this arm workout.. xoxoxo

    1. Yay, Resa; I’m with you. ❤
      I love to walk, and before we started to dance in 2007 I would walk, like you, for hours. There's something so mentally freeing about walking, enjoying one's own company and living at one's own pace, so to speak. Though, yes, I agree; we need to 'mix it up'. Here's to finding the right exercises for you!

      I love pilates, and Cassie Ho (in the video above) has some wonderful 6 minute workouts I'm loving. And ~ 6 minutes is doable!!! 😉 😉

  4. One thing is for sure, our body’s need movement. A lot of walking does wonders. And as more you walk, as more you want to move around. The moment you sit down and chose not to move, it is extremely hard to make yourself.

    I go up and down, depending on where my work takes me. I do, however, love pace workouts. They were invented by doctors to rehabilitate people after heart attacks. Most people die because their hearts can’t handle the random heartbeat and speed. This workout doesn’t just exercise your heart, it also builds endurance and muscle of the entire body.

    1. Hi Dace, great to see you… 🙂
      ‘Tis true. It seems the more I exercise, the more I want to exercise (now that I can, that is). 😉 😉
      I took a look at ‘Pace’ and will place it here for those who’d like a closer look. Certainly seems as though the heartbeat monitoring would be good for many; especially those who haven’t done a lot of aerobic type exercising. As you’ve said, ” Most people die because their hearts can’t handle the random heartbeat and speed.” Certainly a sobering thought! We really need to ‘take it easy’ if we haven’t been very active!
      So, looks like you’re with the Yays…. YAY! 🙂


  5. Glad to know that you are doing well. Yes, I do exercise, some sets of squats. And aerobics are the best way to do. I loved it. And dance the word itself is amazing. A great read it is! 💓💓💋💋

    1. Another Yay! YAY, for you, Purva… ❤
      I wouldn't expect anything else from a dancer such as you. Movement seems essential for those of us who love to move in dance; it just seems 'second nature' to love all types of movement… I know that is true for me.
      I used to go to the gym (before I started dancing many hours each week) and I loved the aerobics class and the weight lifting body building type classes (not to build muscles, but just for body strengthening). I also have the type of body that doesn't build up muscle very easily:

      •Ectomorph ~ Lean and long, ectomorphs have difficulty building muscle.
      •Endomorph ~ Big with high body fat, often pear-shaped, endomorphs have a high tendency to store body fat.
      •Mesomorph~ Muscular and well-built, mesomorphs have a high metabolism and responsive muscle cells.

      I'm more an Ectomorph. It takes a lot of working out to produce muscle!!! 😉
      My man, K, is more a mixture of Endomorph and Mesomorph with big leg muscles that get bigger the more we dance 😉 😉

      1. You have made me learn about this very well as well as so beautifully. I simply adore you everytime more and more. Just kind of an unknown but loving bond. Wish you luck. Lots of love from my side 💓💓💋💋💋

  6. Good to hear that you’re better and dancing is a great exercise. I do a lot of hiking but I don’t have any regular exercise program. I should probably dance more. 🙂

    1. That would be wonderful, Maverick, dancing, that is! 🙂
      Hiking is a great pastime; out in nature, especially, is such a healthy thing to do. Nothing like breathing in fresh air and feeling at one with the natural world… I’m feeling contented just thinking about it! 🙂

  7. How wonderful that you are dancing as exercise and feeling more like you can do so 🙂 I’m also a huge dancing fan. I took salsa lessons recently and also a sexy dance class. This weekend I’ll be on the dance floor at a nightclub. We are dancing sisters 🙂

    1. Yes indeed, Christy; dancing is wonderful exercise, for sure!
      I haven’t taken salsa lessons though I know it’s great exercise, fun, and gets the blood pumping fabulously!
      This Saturday night we are off to a Christmas dance where the three styles; Latin, Ballroom and our Australian New Vogue will see us stepping out with others, enjoying everything there is to enjoy about dancing ~ including the comradery, which is an integral part of dance and one of the many reasons I love it.
      Have a great night out, dancing sister…. I can see you ‘sexy’ dancing from here…. 😉 😉

      1. Haha, Carolyn 🙂 How wonderful that you will attend a Christmas dance this weekend and I hope you twirl with a big smile on your face ~ I’ll be thinking of you, dancing sister ❤

    1. Thank You, Dolly; great to see you! 🙂
      Last night we attended a Christmas dance with a studio of friends; some of whom we hadn’t seen since before my illness. To say we had a fabulous time would not be overstating the evening. Dance, and enjoying dance with others who also love it is so exhilarating….
      Today, though, is a rest day, with a few household chores thrown in… with wonderful memories flashing me back to friends and laughter…haha…
      Wonderful, wonderful exercise!

    1. Yes indeed, sweet Anita… My Sunday was a marvelous one! Not too much exercising; just a few squats and lunges and a ‘plank’ up against the back of a settee, hahaaaa…
      And to you, Anita; a wonderful happy holiday! ❤

  8. dearest Carolyn, your positive mindset is exemplary! I so love the way you are relishing the joy after pain, we have a tendency to mope over past pain and ruin our present doing that! You are pure bliss to us.

    Keep dancing 🙂

    1. You are so right, Dear Trisha. We can spoil the present by dwelling upon a past that we can’t change, indeed… ❤
      You make my little heart sing…
      And my little legs want to dance… 😉 😉

    1. You humble me, Dear Trisha.
      Thank You so much for your sincerity, your friendship, and your valued support.
      I am truly and deeply grateful for our connection in spirit, and in the world.

  9. Good to hear that you are feeling better, I’m sorry that you went through such a trying time.
    I love to dance, as well, and exercise, it’s my middle name! Dancer is very demanding about going outside for walks, runs, bycicle rides, swmiing, hiking, kayaking, etc.! 🙂
    Merry Christmas to you and your lovely family, Carolyn.

    1. Well done to Dancer; what a clever little soul he is! And to take you with him is very special indeed… 😉 😉
      Lovely to see you here, Genie. I, too, will take this opportunity to wish for you, and yours, a very Merry Christmas with all the joy it can bring.
      Much Love to you… ❤

  10. Hi Carolyn – I love yoga and recumbent bike for my exercise – wish I could take ten Mile walks outside –
    But no sidewalks in our area – or very little !
    And your dancing days sound fun – oh and I went to the post linked – sorry about your illness – did they ever figure out what you had?
    Was it bacteria and parasite related ?
    Well either way – glad you are regaining strength – xxoo

    1. Love it; been doing yoga off and on all my life ~ that and pilates are wonderful.
      Ooh, I had a look at the recumbent bike ~ so civilised! The upright bike I’ve never found a comfortable exercise to do, and have rarely opted for it.. I do know some who absolutely swear by it; though, huffing and puffing just isn’t my scene… haha.. 😉
      Yes, it’s wonderful to be back to doing socials again. Dancing is my kind of exercise with lots of fun and laughter with friends. New Years eve will be spent this way ~ I feel I’m so fortunate to be able to do this again.
      The illness really remains a mystery. The neurologist suggested it wasn’t all that uncommon, with many experiencing similarly, with no definitive diagnosis. He did suggest that many didn’t recover totally; which didn’t build confidence! I crossed my fingers and did all the physio, plus all that was asked of me. I’m just very happy to be getting back to a normal, active life! Thank You for asking… 🙂
      So that’s another Yay for exercise! Love it! 🙂

  11. I had no idea Carolyn, you had been sick. Oh it is good to hear that you have now mostly recovered. your exercise will help in full recovery and more.
    Thank you for reassuring. I already knew, (who doesn’t) that exercise is good for health. I do not do much these days, but do go for a walk half an hour every day with a friend or two, Apart from body, the little walking with all the things discussed (people included :)) the mind also gets a worry free stint. that is good for the being as a whole. Before I was a regular tennis player but now at 70, get tired easily. Oh yes there are a dozen and a half stairs that we scale scores of time each day, from and to the bed room.and some gardening.

    1. Happy New Year, Shakil… 🙂
      I do love to walk, too. I’ve just started to walk around the neighbourhood again on a more frequent basis (with and without my little dogs); something I’ve always loved to do.
      Yes, I can only agree with you regarding company! I feel this when I’m dancing and enjoying the company of others; it is so good, as you’ve said, for the mind.
      A dozen and a half stairs scaled scores of times each day; now that’s definitely great exercise..
      So, my dear Shakil; so lovely to have you on board; exercising and conversing with others of like mind is such a healthy thing to do! 🙂
      Lots of love to you and your loved ones…

    1. Thank You, Sarah, and welcome!
      Yes, I agree; sport is an amazing way we can ‘stay in shape’ ~ a more natural way to be healthy without even knowing, at times, that we are exercising!
      For those who can get to the gym, workouts and cardio can be great fun, too…
      I’ve found some great workouts on YouTube… like the one above by Cassey Ho. She, and others, have some fabulous workouts! We are very lucky to have so many choices at the press of a finger… 🙂

  12. I feel like I did not fully appreciate exercise and my body until being 9 months pregnant (limited in types of exercise and endurance) it was also during this time that I really appreciated my body and my choice to exercise throughout my pregnancy (the result being a short delivery-20 mins). I now have made the choice to exercise or at least stretch everyday because I am addicted to feeling good (and want to look good).


    1. Hi Carlee,
      Yes, feeling good about ourselves sure is a great motivator! And, of course, the endorphins released when we exercise have that wonderful euphoric effect upon us, too… I believe this is one of the many reasons I love dancing. The hormones released make the experience even more wonderful!

      Weren’t you lucky to have such a short labour; many would indeed be envious; I’m sure.

      You make such a great point regarding ‘choice’. It is a choice we all have; though, for me, vanity plays a large part. I’ve always enjoyed looking as good as I possibly can. To do that, exercise and food intake play major roles. I don’t go overboard on either; I try to be moderate in everything I do.

      I think, if we are too passionate, we can lose our groundedness and become obsessive, or we can quickly lose interest and give up… 😉

    1. Yes, Thank You, Jo; I’m keeping very well indeed.
      I’ve been quite busy finishing the third book in our series. It is now finished and I’m almost ready to send it to the publishers.
      Hoping you, too, are well…
      I’ll drop over later to see what you’ve been up to… ❤

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