Thank You

Thank YouMy dear Friends,

Thank You all so much for the past 18 months; I have had such a wonderful time meeting you and sharing my life with you.

My guidance informs me that I am to do ‘other things’. At this point in time I know not what those ‘other things’ are; only that my time will be ‘taken up’ doing them.

And so, please know that I will be forever thankful to you for sharing this time with me.

Be well, and we shall speak anon…

Carolyn Page


  1. Endings are always so bittersweet, because it’s hard to say goodbye, but also because new and exciting things are happening. I’ll miss you, and wish you the very, very best on your next adventure.

    1. Indeed, Smak… Thank You so much; I’ve enjoyed your ‘humour’, albeit a little strange to my Aussie ear..! 😉
      Yes, it is ‘bittersweet’. I’m feeling a little teary; it is hard to say goodbye (as you wrote). Though, I was inspired to write “we shall speak anon”….. Just like them to leave the story ‘open’…. 😉

    1. Padmini, you have grown before my eyes..! Your confidence and your presence are solidifying; that which you write is evidence of your wonderful nature.
      I cannot say what will happen. I have made a commitment to my guidance ‘The Collective Consciousness’ to be their earthly voice, and will continue to be true and do as I am inspired. As I mentioned to Smak (above) they asked me to write the words “we shall speak anon”..
      I sit with a warm smile on my face and a tear in my eye.. Padmini, Thank You once again for being such a wonderful person. 🙂

    1. And I you, Rebecca…. It is so astounding how close we can become; I feel you could live next door and I wouldn’t know you any better… Have fun, sweet girl… xoxoxo 🙂

  2. Oh no… I certainly can not click ‘like’ for this post. 😥 I have very much enjoyed getting to know you. I wish you well on your new adventures, and I hope you’ll stop back to say hi now and then. In the meantime, you know where to find me …. 🙂 ( and remember I can always be reached through the “contact me” on my blog, as well. You are always welcome.)

    1. Thank You so much, Kathy… I have enjoyed you and your posts so much. And yes, I shall ‘take you up on that’… I know how to contact you…! 🙂 (And now I know how to do lots of other ‘digital things’ too…) 😉
      Thank You, Kathy, you have been wonderful… 🙂

    1. Thank You, Audra, you are one soulful girl… I am missing so many personalities already…
      And you, dear Audra, are one personality with so many strings to her bow; you haven’t even used one quarter of your potential yet..! (The mind boggles…) 😉
      Again; Thank You… 🙂

      1. I’ve saved this comment. Thank you ever so much for these words! I’m taken aback… Seriously.

  3. Dear Carolyn,

    I’ve enjoyed the trip. And like Becca, i will miss you. It’s been fun. I wish you much success in whatever you do – as I know from what I’ve read here how successful you are and have been. I will miss your comments.

    Much love, Randy

    1. Randy, your humour and your charm are second to none… I love your wit, your inexhaustible gift of descriptive verse and prose; your desire for ‘truth’, and your presence in so many comment sections… In short, Randy; I shall miss you….
      Much love to you… xoxoxo

    1. So do I, Michelle; indeed I do….! 🙂
      Much love to you and your little ones. Much success to you and your hubby; may life be without care. Take care, and may we speak again soon… 🙂

  4. You are one of those amazing on-line finds that I will remember forever. Your soul is here to do great things. Not many understand but those who do, they know that it is all about living in the truth and finding that one path or many in this case that you have to walk.

    I am sad to see you go but I understand. Good luck , my friend. I hope our paths will cross again some time somewhere..

    1. Dace, you are truly magnificent. I know you will understand when I remind you how precious you are. Strength is your greatest ally; use it wisely, as I know you do and will.

      I find it difficult to believe that our paths will not cross again, my friend. If not, I would certainly be the one ‘missing out’… I have truly enjoyed our coming together…!

      On a ‘lighter note’ – your new avatar is simply stunning…! 🙂

  5. Hi Carolyn, I will be missing your posts. I would like to thank you for sharing your writings with me. I look forward to the day you will have time to be back with more of your lovely and informative posts. Jo

    1. Thank You so much, Jo; your comment means so very much to me. At this point in time I don’t know what the future holds in this regard, however knowing that you enjoy the posts gives me great joy and comfort…
      (I’m so sorry for the delayed response; I’ve just rescued your comment from my naughty spam folder…)
      Once again, Jo; Thank You, and Thank You for your wonderful, colourful and incredibly interesting posts… xoxoxo

  6. Good luck. Have enjoyed your work much. I hope you’ll keep your blog up and perhaps post something periodically. Meanwhile, best of luck as you move on to new adventures.

    Warmest regards,
    Jamie Dedes

    1. And to you, Jamie, warmest thoughts.

      You are one woman with whom I’d love to ‘share a cuppa’ – though, not your ‘cuppa’ – ‘twould be a bit too strong.. 😉
      Accept my love, and my admiration… I’ve so enjoyed meeting you…!

  7. Dear Carolyn ~ I have been on a bit of a blogging sabbatical, but am so glad I looked at my reader quickly this evening so I was able to see your post. I understand when it is time to move on, and I want you to know how much I have enjoyed your blog and getting to know you, even though it has only been for a short time. You are one of the most gracious people I have met here at WordPress, and I will miss you and your lovely readings and beautifully written words. I hope your “other things” are wonderfully rewarding. My best to you. xoxoxo

    1. Thank You, Maddie,

      As one chapter closes, another opens. How true this is, especially for those, such as yourself who love to write. Though Maddie, don’t be surprised if you feel the desire to write a different chapter in your life; perhaps this is already happening. Like me, you will need to accept the new with grace, and allow the chapter to flow.

      Thank You so much for your well wishes; I’m sure the next chapter will be just as pleasurable as this one has been. xoxoxo

  8. I don’t know what to say, Carolyn 😦 I hope you will have a wonderful time on your new adventure, whatever it is. We’re very happy that we have met you and thank you for all your lovely comments on our blog and your writings on WP. We won’t say goodbye, but untill we meet again. Big hug and lots of Pawkisses. All the best my friend 🙂

    1. And I have so enjoyed you and your Pawkisses. Your posts are delightful; and so full of love…! 🙂 Thank You so much for your visits, and I too won’t say good-bye..
      Until we meet again; much love to you…. xoxoxo 🙂

    1. Sharmishtha, my blog will remain; I can at least say that..!

      Thank You for your friendship over this time; my heart holds a very special place for you…
      Be well, my friend, and keep putting those ‘truths’ out there. One tiny step at a time; you’ll see… xoxoxo 🙂

  9. Carol? You’re leaving? Not blogging anymore? Why would you do this?
    Suppose it’s you’re choice entirely, but I’m sure going to miss you!!
    Go well…

    1. And I’m going to miss you, Ghia… You are one great girl; I’ve so enjoyed connecting with you; you are like a sister..! 😉
      All the best to you… You are one strong woman; and you know what they say – “You can’t hold a strong woman down”…. I have truly enjoyed our union, Ghia….
      Go well…
      Long days and pleasant nights… xoxoxo

  10. it’s been so good chatting with you Carolyn. Will miss your posts and your comments. Sad, but I know, the new always beckons and we must follow. Been an absolute joy sharing with you. All the best.

    1. I’ve enjoyed my times with you, Don; you are a thorough gentleman and a dear soul. I am so pleased to have had the chance to meet you; you are one in a million… I say this with absolute sincerity…. xoxoxo

    1. Yes, Joe….
      I am at a loss as to know what to say to you… you see, I think that you are such a sweetheart; I want you to know that. I also want you to know that life has a good deal to reveal to you; when you are ready…. There’s lots of work for you to do, Joe, in arenas that will test you and strengthen you in a spiritual sense. One day you will understand how precious you are… xoxoxo

  11. Carolyn, We will miss you. We all know that this blogging thing can consume a lot of time. It is fun meeting others but there comes a time when other interests demand our time. Take care. Wally

    1. Indeed, Wally; yes indeed…!
      All the very best to you; you are a remarkable man. Here’s hoping our paths cross again; you are far too interesting and wonderful to be lost to me…! Take good care of yourself.. xoxoxo

  12. goodbye Carolyn, I hope those ‘other things’ work out well – and thanks for all your encouraging comments! It’s been lovely knowing you (virtually speaking).

    1. Thank You, Rose… One never knows where the journey will lead; it’s been an absolute pleasure coming to know you. Don’t be too hard on yourself; you are not superwoman, you know – or are you…!?! Perhaps you are… xoxoxo

  13. Like so many others here, I can’t happily click “like” on this post. What a shock! Just when I’ve found you, you are leaving! I’m glad your blog will remain on the internet. That will be some comfort. Please stop by here sometimes. I love your reflections and really enjoy listening to them. They are so helpful and meaningful. If you can, will you let us know what you are doing? Cathy

    1. Thank You, Cathy… I am more than a little saddened at this moment; I’ve enjoyed my time here so very much..! Thank You for enjoying the reflections; I enjoy doing them and, as I’ve mentioned to you, I learn from them too…!
      At this moment I don’t know what the future holds for me in regards posting; I’ll certainly post if I’m inspired..
      You are wonderful, Cathy; I shall miss chatting with you…. xoxoxo

    1. So sweet of you, Thank You so much; indeed I will if I’m inspired.
      Your blog (btw) is a treasure trove of sweetness; we can’t help but reflect ourselves in print..! xoxoxo

  14. Oh Carolyn…I won’t like this post because I don’t 😦 . I will miss you very much but I do understand your reasons because I’m thinking of taking a break too. The demands of keeping up with blogging is a lot.

    I hope to hear from you once in a while and pray you do the things you need to do and that life is good to you.

    Much love and many hugs ♥
    Kim 🙂

    1. I shall surely miss you, Kim; I have come to know you as a dear companion and friend. Look after yourself, and be true to whatever is good and right for you…!

      Much love and many hugs to you… xoxoxo 🙂

  15. My dear friend, you are now stepping into the unknown, something that you are embracing with great expectation. We live in a finite time space, but our thoughts move toward the infinite, giving us perspective beyond the moment. Safe travels on the pathway ahead…you will be in my thoughts. Your adventure is just beginning….

    1. I shall miss you, your late night (for me) posts, and especially your ‘one liners’, David..
      However, I shall remember you with a smile on my face, always…
      Thank You….. xoxoxo 🙂

  16. I can honestly say that I read your post and felt a warm heart, your path is taking you forward. By the time I read all the comments and your replies my heart was racing and now I can barely breathe! (And that’s on tablets that supress emotion!)


    Carolyn, I barely know you, as I am new to blogging, you joined in my journey early on, I hope you still manage to catch glimpses of us in the future. I am double glad I nominated your blog/ you for an award now. I shall miss you and your writing and that hopeful getting to know you that just snapped prematurely.

    However, I understand. I will still be able to come back to ABC and read all I missed in the months before I existed. You’re not deleting the blog from what I can gather. Just flying offline or South of Blogland at least.

    I wish you the best of luck, I have a feeling that you won’t be needing it – but I’m throwing shamrocks your way anyway!


    Right now, there just aren’t enough.

    Thanks for splashing in the waters of the fountain and all the lovely comments you left.
    And you know, whenever I leave a story with an open ending… I will think of you.

    Be blessed

    1. The ‘yellow brick road’ is winding, indeed…! 😉
      The fountain is clear and strong…! 😉

      I too am a little saddened that we didn’t have more time; though the time we did have has been sweet… You are a wonderful heart; full of sincerity and love. There is no doubt; you had joined the ranks of my favourite blogs… 😉

      Enjoy your blogging; leave lots of stories open, and know that I shall remember you too, with lots more ‘open endings’…

      With Love… xoxoxo

      1. Bless you, thanks for such a sweet message and for ranking my blog in your favs, I know that you will remember this chapter of your life, be sure to look us up if you ever venture this path again. x

  17. Carolyn, I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you over the last few months as I’ve read your posts. Thank you for being a faithful reader of my stuff and I hope to see you around sometimes. In any case, I hope you are blessed with whatever the “other thing” happens to be. 🙂

    1. Thank You, David… I wish you well with your writing; you know I think you have great talent..! It has been such a pleasure to meet you, and to come to know you; you have such diversity of spirit.

      Thank You for your well wishes, I know the next chapter will be grand; just as this one has been… Enjoy your passion… xoxoxo 🙂

  18. That’s a sad news to us. 😦 I will be missing your posts, and hope you someday will be back here to share your thoughts with us. Wish you all the best for the new adventure.
    That’s what life is all about. Once we did something, we have to move on to do other thing, etc etc etc…Sometimes, I just miss the things that I had been doing long time ago, life has put me to do other thing, and after that, I never have time and heart to do the things left before…Sometimes, it is quite sad…but…sadness can’t help much to move on. I realize that I have to love everything I am doing right now, cause I don’t know when I have to say goodbye to the things I enjoy to do at the present and move on to do other things. Thank you, Carolyn. Each of your post has inspired me, and now, I just have some idea about what’s going on with me recently. I feel better now after writing this comment. I come to realize that I should be happy for the things happening to me right now. 😀 I love you, Carolyn!!!!

    1. What a wonderful realisation, Cristina; I’m so pleased for you…. 🙂
      Do know that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here on WP, and it has been because of the connections with people such as you, who have made my time here so very enjoyable…
      Take good care of yourself, Cristina… I shall remember you with great love in my heart..
      xoxoxo 🙂

  19. A sad farewell indeed but all good things must come to an end, eh? Thank you so much for this brief time together. I do believe that people cross our paths in life for a reason, even if we know not what that is at the time. I am sure that whatever you choose to do Carolyn, you will be amazing. Have a great life! 🙂

    1. Indeed, LuAnn; always a reason..! 🙂
      Thank You for being ‘in my life’ for this time; I’ve thoroughly enjoyed you, your posts, your visits and your comments. I wish you, and your man all the very best with whatever comes to you… xoxoxo

  20. I completely understand Carolyn. It’s very sad at this immediate level but I am happy that you are committed to your guidance. Good things will come out of it. Thanks for everything & warm wishes from my heart. Tiny

    1. Thank You, Tiny, and Thank You for understanding my commitment; it is a natural part of me, one I accept and love. And you are absolutely right; “good things will come out of it.”
      Enjoy your posting; they are always a wonderful experience, full of love and learning….

  21. Hey!! Where d’ya think you’re going?? Get back here at once!! Don’t you realize your spritely and courageous voice is the only thing that’s been keeping the world on its axis??

    Sigh… Don’t know where you’re bound, but I know it will be a better place for your presence. Thanks for making my world a brighter place. Godspeed and I hope we shall meet again one day… my dear Ms. Page, Radiant Queen of Oz… : )

    1. Thank You, Mark… You know (or should know) I think the world of you, and always will. It is so hard to know what to say to you, Mark… I admire you, I hold you in such high esteem, I love your life values, your sense of fun, propriety, compassion; the list goes on forever… I shall miss your wonderful posts, as I shall miss you.

      Thank You for making me laugh, and Thank You for all the smiles along the way.
      xoxoxo : )

    1. Thank You so much, Sriram… I will most certainly do that, if I am inspired.
      Your soul touches mine with your beautiful imagery and wonderful words. Be well, Sriram

  22. As far as “other things”. I will meet you at the train station under the clock at 11am. I will be wearing a bowler hat and pink fluffy bunny slippers. Don’t be late !! How will I recognise you Carolyn? Ralph xox 😀

    1. Shhhhhh, Ralph; don’t let that little cat out of that bag, their talkin’ about us already…!!! 🙂
      Oh, joy; oh, joy… I shan’t be late, for I have a date…!!!
      I shall wear my favourite dress; you know, the one with the big LOVE hearts….. 😉
      xoxoxo 😀

  23. Whoaaa! I just created a cartoon for you Carol for my Toothsome More Tooth Of The Day Comic Series and it will be posted sometime around the 20th of June of this year! . Anyways please do give us a peek once in a while here in WP.
    Oh, I miss you already… 😦
    You are one of a million. You are an inspiration to all of us.

    i am so curious to really know where are you going. I wish you would let me in to know all about it one day 🙂

    I love you my dear friend Carolyn. You’re such a wonderful and sweet woman. We’ll be keeping in touch. You know where to reach me 🙂 More kisses and big hug for you! xoxo
    mmwahhh mmwahhh mmmmwahhhh 🙂

    1. Ditto, ditto, ditto…. my dear Dolly; I love and miss you too..! xoxoxo

      I will most certainly ‘peek in once in a while’ when I’m inspired. In the meantime do know how much you are ‘in my heart’; you are a one in a million girl, and I’m so pleased to know you. xoxoxo 🙂

    1. Thank You so much; I’m very touched by your words…!
      It is quite amazing how we come into each other’s lives, sometimes for such a small time and yet we feel ‘touched’ and in tune. I too have felt inspired by you and your wonderful recipes (which I wholeheartedly recommend). 😉 😉

    1. Oh, you sure know how to make a girl feel good….. and sad, too…!!!
      Thank You, Marcia…. Don’t know what’s coming up; time will tell… 😉
      Ain’t that just the darnedest thing..!?!… was just getting used to early mornings and late evenings, too… 😉
      It is now 4:30am here in Oz, and (once again) I’m up with the sparrows…! We have a ‘new addition’ to our little family; of the 4 legged variety. He didn’t ‘take a bathroom break’ before retiring, and I was inspired to ‘get up’ and offer him the backyard. 🙂

      1. Hi Carolyn, I am sad that you are not going to blog. But, I have a feeling you won’t give up communicating with your friends. We all need a break from time to time.

        My sleeping habits are for the birds! I’m either up with the sparrows, or down in the middle of the day because I’ve been up all night. I can’t get regulated. But that is normal for me. I just don’t have to try to work on top of that craziness! Keep in touch. You have my email, so if you feel the urge to write to me you can. I always answer back! 🙂

  24. Wow. What unexpected news.This is the tough thing about becoming blog friends with someone on the other side of the world. I can’t come to visit you when you are missed.

    Thank you for your many, many kind, encouraging comments, Carolyn. I will not soon forget who taught me how to make WP smiley faces. All the very best to you on your life journey. ~Lori

    1. Couldn’t have said it better myself, Lori…! Though, I’ll always reply to a comment, and very happily so…! 😀 😀 😀

      And, I too have enjoyed finding your comments upon my posts, Lori; you are a wonderful personality; such a treat for those who know you… Take care, though I know you will; such a deep appreciation for all things can’t help but to find a happy dwelling place within… 😉

    1. Thank You, and the same to you – lots of love and success…
      As I mentioned on your post; love your questions… I love to bathe..! 😀
      Dolly sounds like she was so loved. My daughter had a ‘special’ doll too. She (the doll) had lots of hair to begin with, then one of her friends took the scissors to her…. What a mess; and what a very unhappy little daughter until we bought the most delightful hat…! 😀

  25. Dearest Carolyn… and so as I return from my journey to Europe, open my Through Harold’s Lens, and learn about your departure to seek changes and growth. I have a bit of a tear in my eye about not being able to communicate with you (… I am not comfortable learning tango with a stranger. CAROLYN PAGE) but I do understand and wish you a further expansion of your mind as you discover your life forward. Please keep in touch with all of us when you can neat lady. Best. Harold

    1. Thank You so much, Harold; I’m so touched by your wonderful sincerity of nature. I have a little bit of a tear in my eye reading your beautiful comment…
      To be sure; I would not expect you to be comfortable learning Tango with another, though hope you will have that opportunity somewhere, sometime… 😉 😉
      I shall certainly follow my guidance and be ‘in touch’ when inspired (here’s hoping I’m inspired….).!
      Once again, Thank You for being you, Harold; I have so enjoyed your wonderful photography and eloquent writings from your heart… They reflect a beautiful you…!

  26. …”there is a field…far, far away…..far from the righteous or the wrongful….far from the angels or the demons….far away from everything….there….i will meet you…some day”

    1. And I, you Yaz… though I’m sure I’ll be inspired to get on back to blogging at some time; it’s definitely not now…!!! 😉
      Here’s hoping all is well with you… Be good; if not well… 😉

  27. I am the one who should: thank you. You really pay attention to your friend, you are a person who is sincere in making friends. I am glad to know you, and I am sure, that you, your family and your ancestry, educated in high manners ….. Thank you ….. 🙂

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