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Friday Fictioneers:   Every Wednesday, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields hosts a photo prompt. The rules include maintaining (as near as possible) a 100 word fictional piece pertaining to the image. For more information, and to share your writings, please use this link.


Photo Credit: Beth Carter
Photo Credit: Beth Carter

It had been his home for some years; it had been his love.

He’d neglected all else. His wife, his children; they’d all gone by the wayside.

They said he didn’t remember his own name toward the end.

It was a bit of an ugly mess. He’d given up washing. He’d given up worrying. He’d given up thinking.

He was a waste of a man, and yet!  Here it was; his favourite photograph hanging on the funeral parlour wall.

The sign below it spoke with great profundity.

‘Here lies John who, after 45 years of living, had but one love.’

Carolyn Page


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    1. Issues – Indeed, I guess he did at that…!
      I’ve been hearing a lot of stories of families and individuals living in their cars recently. The image reminded of that. I do hope though, unlike John, they find a way out of their dilemma…!
      BTW – That was a great, if not a sad ‘pun’: “drove him to death…!”
      Thank You for your comment… 🙂

  1. I’ve seen his car many times… parked at places like the library where you could catch some respite from life. A nice post.

    Hey… thank you for putting my post on your wall of likes>>>>>>

    1. You too, ehh… 😉

      I can’t take all the credit. I have a widget that places those blogs whose posts I ‘like’ immediately upon my wall…. Your ‘post’ will slowly (but sadly and surely) be removed as I continue to ‘like’ other posts. It’s a nice (though short) accolade… 😉

  2. a sad story.. he’d neglected all else… i knew someone like him. but with a motorcycle.. and thankfully he realized that his wife & kid’s more important before too late. great story

  3. Cute story Carol 😉
    Sometimes a car can actually become a great love – it does not disappoint. If it does you can fix it with a replacement spare. It takes you places, and while driving, you can forget about the world around you.
    I could do with a love like that!!

  4. Brilliantly written piece of fiction. Yet, there is a harsh reality within. Too, many people, even families end up living in their car. You have a knack for writing awareness pieces. Thanks, Carolyn! xoxo

    1. Thank You, Resa… xoxoxo
      “Yet, there is a harsh reality within.” Indeed..!
      So many do live in their cars. A very sad situation; one that is growing, unfortunately. Makes me feel very privileged…

  5. I’ll never understand guys and cars, hahaha. It seems so sad, though. Neglecting people who probably loved him for a car… makes me think. xx

  6. One thing about loving a car, they never get jealous when you look at other cars. You can even walk over and caress their fender if you–no anger, no cold shoulder. Still, there’s no excuse for poor hygiene.

    1. The way I see it LuAnn, we get all gooey over fashion or babies, cooking, hairstyles, make-up and more; so perhaps a man and his car is just an opposite that makes us attract… 😉

    1. Indeed, Pirate…! I enjoy stories that allow the reader to take their own journey within the journey, so to speak.
      As you said: “It’s hard to know how people are, inside, sometimes…”

  7. Dear Carolyn,
    I’m so happy you’ve decided to join in. I enjoyed this piece on more than one level. There must’ve been a reason for his obsession. The last line is telling. One love and I’m guessing it wasn’t his wife. Well done.

    1. Obsessions generally do that – create neglect of other areas of life. Something I certainly have to be wary of since starting blogging. It’s so easy for that washing up to go unnoticed… and the fairies don’t visit this end of town, so there they can sit for hours… 😉

    1. “A man and his car are sometimes a solid pair.” So I’ve learned over the years, Joe. Though any obsession can prove unwelcome; John’s obsession is perhaps more extreme than is common. Thank goodness.. 😉

    1. Hello Beth,
      I feel I know you; I’ve seen many of your responses as I’ve visited other blogs.
      Well done to you. The image is incredible; and to think it’s an ‘actual’ car just blows my mind. 😉

      Thank You for caring; poor John needs all the love he can get..! 😉

    1. Indeed, Amy. It’s like some men and their ‘shed’… You know: “I’ll just be in my shed if you need me..!” Never to be seen again..! 😉
      Thank You for feeling sad.. 🙂

    1. Thank You, Ron.
      The terms ‘quirky and innovative’ sound good to me; I’ll certainly run with that.. 😉
      As to an ‘epitaph to a life spent the way he wanted to’: I hadn’t considered it in that light. And yet, the more I ponder it, the more I see your point. He did as he wanted; regardless of whether that was a positive or a negative…..

    1. One must wonder why? Obsessions are (as a rule) a cover for something missing in one’s life: Love, health, acceptance, etc. Your comment is very true; and would we remove the obsession without addressing the cause? I would hope not, and yet I also would hope that the cause could be found before, as in John’s case, he withdrew from those around him.. Sad..

  8. A long time ago, I wrecked my husband’s truck. It was his first love and I feared our relationship was finished. He married me anyway. He forgave, but never forgot. I understand this story. 🙂

    1. My goodness..! Your comment “He married me anyway” brought a ‘gulp’ from within. This must have been such a love for him that you were concerned for your future together.
      I’m so pleased he was able to ‘move forward’ and, hopefully without resentment…. 😉

  9. very touching. well done.

    here – He’d given up washing. He’d given up worrying. He’d given up thinking. you can save words and combine to something lie “He’d given up washing, worrying, thinking.” repetition used up 6 extra words. then you can add more about his life.

  10. The photo prompt with a hundred word limit to accompany the photo is a wonderful idea. You’ve captured this fellow very succinctly and poignantly. Perhaps this car was not only his life but a way to avoid love.

    1. Yes, Catherine; this is my first foray into the 100 word photo prompt, and I’ve enjoyed it tremendously. I can’t see myself participating every week; life is so very busy at the moment. However, I do enjoy this type of ‘fast fiction’ so I’ll definitely be doing more. Perhaps you too may feel inspired to join in..!
      Indeed, I hear you. Poor John certainly had deeper problems. Love (or lack of it) is generally a good reason for ‘separating behaviours’ to take hold..
      Thank you so much for your comment… 🙂

  11. sometimes it is hard to understand the actions a person decides to take up for the rest of their life…is it mental illness, fear or what? and for family and love ones, it is difficult also because how do you help someone when they do not want help. great story to ponder upon.

    1. You’ve opened so many avenues by which John may have meandered. Yes, it’s a difficult situation when someone chooses this behaviour. Most men seem to understand this as a ‘black and white’ issue of a simple matter of love for an inanimate object. We women (or most) look for the deeper reasons; and I hesitate to say, I believe there is always a deeper reason. Though I will refute this should a male challenge me…! 🙂 (Without a leg to stand on, as it is written here plainly in black and white..) 😉
      Thank You for your comment, and welcome; it’s been a while… 🙂

  12. I had to go back to the title and read fictitious several times before it really registered. What a great tale! I was ready to cry real tears for him. We saw one like him on our walk along a local bike path yesterday. He was camped out for the night under the trees with all his worldly goods around him. 😦 Great post Carolyn 🙂 Marsha

    1. That would have to be the greatest critique ever. Thank You Marsha; though I’m sorry for the ‘near’ tears.!!!
      Yes, it really is a sad tale for many. At least my ‘John’ had a car in which to live. So many suffer alone and without real shelter.
      Thank You again…. 🙂

  13. Wow, he must have been very lonely and sad and so messed up… hmmmm
    and it’s a relief though that he will no longer continue more suffering…
    Well wriiten Carol, you’re so brilliant! xoxo

  14. Hi Carolyn,a sensational article a lost man and his car.I used to think society has to do some thing for people like him ending with such a sad fate.He rejected life ,and life rejected him.Thank you for liking my post (Knowledge..Time ..Money) Sincerely jalal

  15. I am 47 and have ‘but one love’ – my son. This is true. And considering where I’ve come from, it’s fine with me.

    Love this, Carolyn 🙂

    1. I can appreciate that completely, Noeleen… And boy, what a love….! 🙂

      Doesn’t mean to say there won’t be another, one day…! Surprises are the spice of life; and life is meant for loving… 😉

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