Thank You…! xoxoxo

JavaGirlJava Girl   has tagged me…!  🙂

I haven’t been around much of late; I am sooooo busy with lots of things in my life; I hardly have time to scratch myself.

I also have lots of  ‘awards’ I’ve yet to respond to, so here is my opportunity to say a big    THANK YOU    to all those great people who have given me their friendship and love.

And, if you haven’t already, I suggest you get on over to Java Girl’s blog; it’s full of fun and interesting posts about life from all angles.


1. Post these rules.

Carolyn at BallaratAren't the horses simply gorgeous...!
Carolyn at Ballarat
Aren’t the horses simply gorgeous…!

2. Post a photo of yourself and eleven random facts about you.

3. Answer the questions given to you in the tagger’s post.

4. Create eleven new questions and tag new people to answer them.

5. Go to their blog/twitter and let them know they have been tagged.

11 Random facts about me:

1. It was my birthday yesterday and my gorgeous partner gave me a ‘Josh Groban’ CD and tickets to go to a concert to see him in April…  Wow, I’m so excited…!  I adore his music (and him).

2. I am one of the luckiest women in the world; ’cause I have the best partner in the world…  😉

3. We (my partner K and I) are gearing up for this year’s comps (ballroom).  This means extra work for us, but boy oh boy we are loving it…!

4. My favourite thing to do is ‘kick back’ and relax (when that scarce moment arrives).

5. Life is becoming more and more busy the older I get. I used to think that as I aged I would become more sedentary.  What a shock to the system it is to find the opposite is happening..!  😉

6. I’m glad that I love life; it would be so sad not to.

1 Sweetie March 2010 Ears Down7. I can’t write 11 things about myself without including my gorgeous dog 2 Sweetie March 2010 Ears Back ‘Sweetie’

She is such a sweetie. 3 Sweetie March 2010 Ears One Back One DownShe brings great joy into my life with her cute little face, and her cute little ways.

8. I love to go for early morning walks. I generally take Sweetie with me. This morning we had one of our longer walks, which takes about an hour. The air was cool at 6am when we set off on this fine Autumn day. The evening had seen rain, and there was a slight mist as we set sail. By the time we returned the sun was peeking above the horizon, and Sweetie and I felt fine…!  😉

9. Yesterday saw me reaching for the stars. Tomorrow I will touch them…!  🙂

10. If ever there was something wonderful about life, it is right here in my own backyard. I have planted a number of shrubs and a tree recently. I have had such fun watching them grow. They are my new babies…!

11. Life gets better and better. Mind you; I do put in a lot of effort…!  😉  😉

Java Girl’s questions:

1. What is the best blogging advice you ever got?  Enjoy yourself…

2. If surrounded by vicious animals in the jungle, what super power would you use to defend yourself?  The cloak of invisibility…

3. If you won 100 million dollars, what charity would you donate to?  The arts…

4. Who was your mentor growing up and why?   I didn’t have one…  Awwwww…

5. What other country would you have wanted to be born in?  I honestly can’t answer this one…  I love Australia, and am so happy to be an Aussie…

BlackCaviar6. What news story really impacted you from last year?  There is an Australian racehorse named ‘Black Caviar’  who is undefeated in 23 races as of February 2013—a success record not equaled for over 100 years. I am not a race goer, nor do I bet on anything however, this horse’s fantastic feats have brought joy into the lives of many as we listen to the ‘news of the world’.

7. Say you are a super hero of your choice, what favorite villain would you like to go up against? (Me: Godzilla!)  The Hulk…!?!

8. Name a random act of kindness you did for someone the past month.  I said sorry after I stood on K’s toes whilst dancing…  ummmmmm.!

9. Name an invention you wished you invented.  Electric cake mixers….!  😉

10. If you were forced to live in any movie, which one would it be and why?  Fantasia, ’cause I love the music and the never ending variety…!

11. Tree house or hut to live in?  Tree house.  🙂

My questions for my nominees:

1. If life was ‘just a bowl of cherries’… which fruit would you rather be..?

2. Who is your favourite singer?

3. Snow or Beach?

4. Did you have a favourite toy when growing up? Did it have a name? Did you take it with you everywhere you went?

5. What are your favourite things to do on weekends?

6. Did you have a hobby when you were a kid?

7. Are you a sporty type, or more the studious type?  Maybe you are both…!

8. If you were in a raft in the middle of the ocean, who would you like for company?

9. Do you keep your birthday cards?

10. Is life what you expected as a child?

11. Do you have a pet?

And my nominees are:

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Chef Doru

All these delightful people have awarded me with nominations of their gifts over the past (almost) 3 months. I want to say a big THANK YOU to each and everyone of you for your kindnesses to me, and to my blog. I am so very grateful to be in receipt of your thoughts and gifts. Thank You all; my little heart sings…!  🙂  xoxoxo

As for responding to this gift: No need, unless you truly have the energy and the time. The purpose of my gift to you is to bring you as much joy as you have brought to me.

Thank You

Carolyn Page


    1. Haha… Rebecca. Thank You for your confidence in me…! 🙂
      I know this year is to be a year of ‘many fingers in many pies’ for me, which I am enjoying immensely, though sadly it means I will have less time for fellowship with my blogging friends. However, I’m sure that life will give me ‘times for pleasure’ here in our virtual reality space of friendship…. Thank You for being such a wonderful individual…

        1. Hahahahahahahaha….. lol…. 🙂
          That’s exactly what I thought…! It’s like a ‘slow reveal’…. I luv it..!
          Just you stay as wonderfully creative as you are. You are tooooo cute for words… xoxoxo

          1. LOL!!! Thank you darling Carolyn! xoxo. I appreciate that you’ve been busy. I’m starting a job in a minute and will be not around so much. If you get a moment, drop by! – Hugs!

    1. Thank You, Kathy; that’s really sweet of you to say… 🙂

      I wish it was ‘allllll’ fun, but no; sad to say there’s a lot of ‘work’ involved in my busy-ness..! However, I enjoy being mentally challenged too…! Keeps me ‘on my toes’… 🙂

    1. You are sooooo welcome…!
      And the wonderful thing about this tag is that there is absolutely no obligation…
      Ahhhhh…. Don’t you wish everything in life was that easy….!?! 😉

  1. thanks so much for the tag! “I hardly have time to scratch myself.” haha you’re too funny ^^
    Sweetie is such a cutie… good luck on the ballroom comp and i hope too that i become more active as i age.. 🙂

    1. Hahaha, kz… no scratching time, it’s true; and I know that my year is going to be a very busy one…! 😉
      That’s the spirit…! Say ‘no’ to getting old ‘mentally’… After all; we are as young as our thoughts…! 😉

  2. That was lovely! I just want to say thanks for participating in the tag game and that it was fun getting to know you better! YOU ARE A SENSATIONAL PERSON! Always remember that! Hope you’re having a great week!

    1. It is I who needs to Thank You; that was indeed ‘such fun’…! 🙂

      Okay, I’ll remember that I am ‘sensational’….! Wow; that’s a hard one to live up to; but I’ll try… 😉 You are too, too sweet… xoxoxo

    1. Sharmishtha, the Disney film ‘Fantasia’ is an animated series of stories set to the most beautiful music, from Tchaikovsky to Beethoven and Schubert…
      Here is a little taste… Enjoy…!

  3. Happy (belayed) Birthday, Carolyn! Wow, Josh Groban is one of my favorites too and I think I can at another favorite: Sweetie, she is gorgious. It’s all in the name..huh 😉
    Congratulations on your award and Thank You for nominating our blog. Pawkiss 😀

    1. Thank You; I had a lovely birthday..! 😉
      Sweetie is the cutest and sweetest little thing, indeed… But then, you know all about being smitten by a furry fwend…! 🙂

      1. Thanks so much Carolyn. I have always been my own worst critic, as I think many of us are. When I read others’ writing, such as yours, I feel I pale in comparison. I have to admit, reading the writing of others has helped me improve my own.

  4. Okay…Carolyn, it feels rather amazing to talk to you after a long time…I am so very grateful for the nomination…
    I responded late, (The reason being that I am a medical student, and I have some serious exams coming up) and I’m sorry for that…But it might take a liiiiittle time before I write the acceptance post.
    🙂 Thanks a lot!

  5. I miss you and all the silly singing people in your videos! Come back Carolyn, the blogging world isn’t the same without you!

  6. Glad you tagged WellCallMeCrazy – she needs something ELSE to think about than her latest irony post – that’s just disgusting, what she discovered all of a sudden in those inserts. Horror.

    1. Indeed, Noeleen; a horrifying situation; to be sure…! Thankfully, she is now ‘aware’ and, I’m sure, will be very cautious. Our health (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) is so very important. It seems trite to even mention that…..!

      That aside, I do hope that you enjoyed my tagging post… 😉 xoxoxo

  7. Wonderful, wonderful Carol… I love those horses … Wow, thery’re beautiful and huge too!

    And belated Happy Happy Birthday to you my dear friend… K is really a sweet guy. You are both lucky to have each other!

    Big hug and kisses for you 🙂 mmwahhhhh!

    1. They are gorgeous, Dolly. I felt so small standing there beside them. 🙂

      Indeed, we are, Dolly; very lucky to have each other. The more I know him, the more there is to love… 😉

      And, mmwahhhhhh to you… 🙂 xoxoxo

  8. Congratulations, Carolyn. Loved the photo with the horses. I enjoyed reading your answers to all the questions. Great to hear from you. I love Josh Groban’s singing, too. Enjoy the concert!

    1. Thank You, Jamie; it’s one of my favourites. We were holidaying in the state of Victoria, approx. 700 miles south of home. We visited ‘Sovereign Hill’ in Ballarat, which was an old gold mining town in the 1850s. They have faithfully depicted aspects of the old town complete with those wonderful horse drawn coaches. The picture really doesn’t do it justice. They have costumed characters and over 40 horses set on 25 acres of an original mining site with shops, hotels, a theatre, schools, factories, gold diggings and underground mines, one of which we ventured into… Quite scary really… but a lot of fun..! 🙂

  9. Happy belated birthday, Carolyn! I hope it was wonderful. … Love your pictures and your answers to the questions. You have such a wonderful outlook, and it is nice to know even more about you.

  10. Yes, I love your photo with the horses and stage coach. I wish I would have been able to visit Ballarat. We were only in Melbourne for two days when we visited Australia. We did visit a mining museum in Tasmania, but no horses were there. Thanks for stopping by my post about Cowtown. The YouTube with the dancing girls, etc., was my attempt to make a movie from still photos. I’ve only done it once since.
    I can’t believe that this is the only photo I’ve published from Melbourne. It’s such a gorgeous city!

    1. I love Tasmania, particularly Hobart, which is down the southernmost end.
      Melbourne is probably my favourite city of all; I’ve always enjoyed my times there. You are certainly ‘on the money’ when you say it’s a gorgeous city; I think so too…! 🙂
      That is a wonderful image you posted. Federation Square is very ‘different’, and I was in Rod Laver Arena in 2011 for the Australian Open… You bring back some lovely memories for me… 😉

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