Pekingese (Foo Dog) Reflection

Pekingese (Foo Dog) Reflection   (Listen while you read)

PekingneseYuriy_Chertok400shutterstock_19512412Gentle are we. Protected and loved are we.

We do need to be, for we, you see, are not the average type you see.

In need of love, are we.

(Unlike the Shih Tzu (who can feel alone and unloved) the gentle Pekingese receives love (similar to the baby of a loving family).

He is adored and cherished and protected from many of life’s harsher moments.

He needs to be, for this personality is somewhat fragile by nature.

Those about him will pamper him and coddle him.

There is also a slight weakness of his physical form.

The arms can feel a little weak; something like a thumb when it is injured; suddenly one knows that one has a thumb!

There is also a sense of weakness about the chest.

His chest is melancholy like a small boy who awaits the dawn of something that never comes.

All of these personality traits are known to those about him; or, if not known, they are suspected.

He is generally blessed with caretakers who offer the energies of love, protection and solace from a world that, they know, hold dangers for him.

They (his carers) may not always appreciate the subtleties of those dangers; however, they understand that he needs their strength.

And so it is that when we are attracted to the gentle Pekingese it is a time for us to allow ourselves to receive from those about us.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Tatiana_Katsai  /


    1. Laurie, that’s not surprising that you should feel that way about your little Yorkie…. His reflection begins:

      “Oh how I would love to be strong; to see life through a strong heart; to be merry and gay and dally all day, singing and happy in song.”

      I’ll post this reflection soon…. 🙂

    1. Indeed, it is, Lori…. That’s my Aussie drawl coming to you via the delights of this fan-dangled machine I have in front of me…. 😉
      Does it give you any ideas…!?! 🙂

        1. He does have quite a good coat, Kim however the Peke (and other breeds who have nice protection) can certainly need a little extra covering like a sweater in cold weather. I believe they’re like us humans; some don’t handle the cold very well…. Definitely the smooth coated need extra help. I see a lot of dogs wearing sweaters on my winter walks. Our ‘Sweetie’ has quite a good thick coat, and she doesn’t like to wear a sweater. I have two for her, and would love her to wear them because they look so cute…! Maybe as she ages she’ll tolerate them better..! I also have a little plastic raincoat which she doesn’t mind wearing. Guess dogs are just as fussy as we humans are about certain fabrics, and maybe how ‘tight’ they are, etc. Sweetie certainly doesn’t ‘shiver’, though I’ll be on the lookout…! 😉

    1. I know what you mean, Sharmishtha… Our pets don’t live long enough; that is for sure…
      Already our little ‘Sweetie’ is 8 years old… It is going far too quickly. We’ll just have to love her as much as we can while she is with us, and enjoy the memories when she goes to that puppy afterlife… 😉

    1. Sure is Ghia… 😉
      They do need a lot of attention; to be sure… Not sure that I would have the time to give, either. Perhaps this little dog needs a companion dog (as well as a human or two) so as to have company at all times… They are adorable though… 🙂

    1. Kathy; yes, the Yorkie is a little ‘foo’ too…! I mentioned to Laurie (above), the Yorkie’s reflection begins:
      “Oh how I would love to be strong; to see life through a strong heart; to be merry and gay and dally all day, singing and happy in song.”
      I shall definitely post this reflection next….! 🙂

    1. Remembering that what we attract into our lives reflects our attitudes/circumstances of the day, the animals (indeed all things we attract) contain those energies.
      The Peke is quite needy, and generally attracts those who will ‘give’ it those things it requires such as love, strength, company, etc. However, the Shih Tzu (on the other hand) is generally attracted because (at that moment in time) the individual feels alone; can feel they are without true love (even if this is not the case), and can feel as though life holds no great meaning for them.
      I had two beautiful Shih Tzu many years ago and can relate to those energies as being present in my life at that time… Doesn’t mean I didn’t love them, however I felt unloved and alone…!

    1. Yes, Maddie; it is only ‘common sense’ and ‘reality’ that causes me to adhere to a ‘one puppy-dog rule’ in my home at this moment in time… This may not always be the case however, for now, I must abide… Oh well, there are many chapters in our lives, and we must allow those chapters to be written as the time demands…! 😉
      And yes, I agree; the Pekingese is absolutely adorable; as are those who attract them…!

  1. A fragile natured dog? I never knew! I thought all dogs had the capacity to curl their lips and growl the shit out of me! Little afraid of them, I’m sorry, when I’m faced with one alone in the street.

    I really enjoy hearing you read. I wish I knew how to do that on the blog. Lovely Carolyn.

  2. I found your thoughts poignant yet enchanting. I’d rescue every Pekingese in the world if I could and have rescued 5 in my life time, all of them amazing (recently blogged about one who talked). I honestly believe these dogs – terribly smart and fiercely loyal – carry a blessing to those who love and care for them. You get more than a dog with a Pekingese. You’re given a better heart and a deeper soul and a ticket to joy.

    1. I must agree with you. The beauty of having this dog would be made greater by the love and care they are able to give in return.
      I vaguely remember meeting a Pekingese, and yes, it was indeed fiercely loyal. As for ‘one who talked’, I have seen a number of videos of dogs who ‘talk’. They are far more intelligent than many give credit. Not just a learned response. I believe they have every understanding of the communication they are engaged in…
      Thank You for your comment; I thoroughly enjoyed it…

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