Aardvark Reflection

Aardvark    (Listen while you read) 


What nonsense! 

The world is square; yes it is.

I know this for a fact! I know because I read it somewhere.

Yes I did.

That makes it true!

Doesn’t it?

Doesn’t it make it true because it was written somewhere?

Well…….  Maybe I’ll investigate to see if it is true.

Maybe it’s not true.

Maybe just because it is written somewhere doesn’t mean that it is true.

Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ……. Have to investigate!

Well, well, well; it would seem that the Aardvark believes most things he reads; this is true, my friends.

It would seem that the Aardvark likes to think that all people are truthful.

Well, wouldn’t that be a lovely thing were this to be true? However, as most of us know; there are those who enjoy telling exaggerated stories in order to impress.

This they do, dear hearts.

There are others who insist that what they say is true, when they know (deep inside) their message may be tainted by lies and misconceptions.

Yes, my friends, it is better not to judge the character of the story-teller. However, it is best to judge the story.

Indeed, all have their frailties. We, none of us is perfect. And yet, were we to take each story as factual evidence of a state of reality we may be more than disappointed by the resultant consequences.

Therefore, my dear friends, judge not the story teller. However, most certainly take the story into your secret hiding place of the heart and, whilst there, allow your heart to decipher the truth.

It shall not let you down, dear one.

© Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Dec 6th 2012

Image Credit:  Eric Isselee/Schutterstock.com


  1. if everything that’s written is true
    i just wanted to engrave: i like you! 🙂

    I don’t know, this just came into my mind, hahaha.
    I never saw those animals before, but I think they’re cute! Nice thoughts, Carolyn… as always!

    1. Very sweet; Thank You… 🙂 That’s lovely… xoxoxo

      He is native to Africa… I haven’t seen him in person (so to speak)..!
      He definitely is so cute. He lives in a burrow, which he excavates himself with those powerful legs/claws, and eats ants and termites with his long sticky tongue.. 🙂

        1. He is gorgeous… He’s part of the Anteater family… 🙂
          The Aardvark (although he has a sticky tongue) is not a member of this family… though there are certainly many similarities…
          He is tooooo cute… 🙂

  2. I can’t stop laughing at Arnoldthearmadillo’s comment!

    Point taken about the adorable all believing Aardvark. .. Don’t judge him, but enjoy his story for what it’s worth to you. 😉

    1. Yes, Resa; Glen is indeed a lover of the Armadillo…
      Like you, I couldn’t stop laughing either..! Too cute..! hahah 🙂

      Well said, Resa…. What’s that old saying… “Take what you need and leave the rest..”
      Probably applies well here… No judgment…! 🙂

  3. Aardvark literally means Earthpig.
    Just a bit of info from the African in your midst 😉
    As for the story, and not judging – very true. Sometimes people tell the tallest tales, either because they have low self esteem and have to try and be the centre of attention, or because they implicitly believe it – know the person, know how to accept the story…

    1. Thank You so much for your native country knowledge; that’s so appropriate…
      He looks somewhat like a pig however, he has so much to do with the earth; digging, living underground, eating from within it, so to speak.. Splendid.. Thank You..! 🙂

      “know the person, know how to accept the story…”
      Precisely: If we can understand the person, we can appreciate more the story telling… so true..!

  4. You’re clever with your pieces, Carolyn. I love hearing you read them, too. I reckon you’d be a wonderful children’s book reader – very alive, expressive.

    I have always been able to feel peace in the knowing that even if someone lies, conceives of “a truth”, mistells, distorts etc – you just cannot escape: you cannot escape that the truth remains the truth, no matter what is said. Those at the truth of the event at the time, they each know what is true.

    1. In the circumstances of such an event, yes, Noeleen I agree. Deep down inside those who were present ‘know’… It may never be spoken or confirmed however, yes, they know…
      Of course, that’s a very specific situation of which you speak. Some truths ‘go to the grave’ and yet, ‘you’ know the truth, and that is all that really matters…!

      1. I didn’t do the ‘like’ thing. I reckon a number of likes adorns a post nicely. I don’t know how I missed it…

        1. Me too, Noeleen; I can do that… I think it’s because I’m interested in the topic and ‘the like thing’ doesn’t enter my mind… Like you, I’ve returned to some posts (for whatever reason) and found I’ve not clicked the like button; so I do…. 😉

  5. I always thought that Aardvark was a strange name until I met two good friends named “Alan Allen” and “Woody Woodruff.” Now that is a true story! Well – – – at least I think it is. I saw it written someplace. Oh yes, it was written on the seating chart arrangement for Mr. G’s mechanical drawing class. Boy – – – was he mad when he saw that. Poor Alan, poor Woody. I smiled but turned my head so Mr. G wouldn’t see me smirking.

  6. exaggerations and embellishments are done to make a story better..and sometimes the story is totally false..and the heart should judge it, right..you have conveyed the point in your unique way with the Aardvark.

    1. Congratulations, Rebecca; you are a joy and a wonderful woman….
      Thank You so much; I am honoured…! 🙂

      Your sentiments are a mirror. You lift my spirit whenever I see your lovely gravitar…! 🙂

  7. first, I need one of those. They look so cute…
    second, none of us is perfect – you said it, my friend. Who are we to judge if we are imperfect ourselves?

  8. I like this Carolyn! If only we could do that – take the story into our hearts and chew on it a little, while not judging the story teller. I must be an aardvaark – I’m a sucker for any story.

  9. “Well, wouldn’t that be a lovely thing were this to be true?” indeed. people should know better than to believe everything that they’ve read..i enjoyed listening to and reading your lovely post 🙂

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