Armadillo (General) Reflection

Armadillo (General)   (Listen while you read)  


A need to protect oneself from the torments of life. Harden up!!

We all need, at times, to look at our ‘self-protection’.

 Do we need to adjust our outlook to accommodate the times?

Certainly we do. We must not allow outside appearances to fool us into believing that all is well.

There are moments in life when we can be fooled; these moments can bring us down, if we allow them to. We need to investigate these moments with thoughtful concentration.

Are we missing something? Are we allowing ourselves to view the world with ‘rose coloured glasses’. Are we taking a simple situation, which is really black, and making it appear white?

Sometimes in life we can want to believe one thing when really there is another thing happening altogether.

In other words, my friends, we can deceive ourselves because of a ‘want’ that we may have.

It is certainly the case, when we wish for something to be so, that we can ‘make it so’ within our minds.

Do we not, at times, do this? Indeed, some of us do this.

And what is the general outcome under these conditions?

The general outcome, my dear friends, is that we lose sight of the reality of the situation which can, and does, bring us harm.

The Armadillo, therefore, is warning us not to allow ourselves to firstly; be deceived by outward appearances and secondly; not to self-deceive.

A timely warning, my friends.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Heiko Kiero/


  1. I think I am an armadillo LOL or coming back as one in my next life. I used to think mushroom, but after this I think armadillo, yes definitely armadillo LOL 🙂

  2. Often the best lessons and deepest inspiration comes from such sweet little creatures … A well considered post. Often hard for mere humans to maintain the balance …

    1. Yes Maddie, it would seem to be so.
      However, I must add that I do not select the animal or the insight. This is given to me by those with whom I work….!
      (And here is where it gets a little ‘Twilight Zonish’…)
      I am a medium and a channel. Spirit or The Collective Consciousness (The C.C., as they are known to me) inspire me with words, understandings, pictures, and at times complete narratives/commentaries…
      It would seem quite appropriate that the little Armadillo should have such a reflection however, The C.C. assure me that every animal holds within itself a ‘reflection’ of human nature. I cannot take credit for the reflections, except that I allow the insights to come through me and to be written…
      Apart from this I’m just your average girl blogging away like any other… 😉

      1. I’m enthralled! It is so nice to know this about you, and thank you for sharing that every animal holds a reflection of human nature. I understand this. You make the comparisons and put it all together so nicely with your beautiful writing.

  3. This is a good one, Carolyn. We do it all the time, don’t we? Kid ourselves that everything’s okay just because we want a specific outcome. Then we fall into the hole… I like the Armadillo! He reminds me of a gargantuan cockroach! Again, all the interesting animals all hide out in Oz! What’s the game?!!

    1. Indeed we do, Yaz, indeed we do…!
      As long as we extricate ourselves before the sky falls in we’ve a chance of recovering before it’s too late… haha.. 🙂
      He’s a gorgeous little guy, for sure; though he’s not an Aussie, Yaz. The little guy in the image is found in Texas across to Florida and north to Nebraska… There are a few species found in South America too…
      I love that description: Gargantuan Cockroach..! 🙂

  4. I do think sometimes self-deception is used as a defense. Kind of like an ostrich. If you don’t think about it, you can act as if it does not exist.
    screwy for sure, but I do think it’s part of the human condition…

    1. Yes, sometimes (in order to ‘get through’ a particular condition) there is a need to deny (in general) its hardship.
      I know for me (when I have been in such situations) it takes the ‘finalization’ of that condition before I have been able to openly admit (even to myself) the gravity of it. To do so before the condition has unveiled itself and reached a conclusion would have been to ‘self-sabotage’. I don’t quite see that as ‘self deceit’, so to speak (though it certainly would be a fine line from it). I see that more as self protection; as somewhere deep inside we ‘know’ why we are doing it… we know that were we to openly admit to the stress we may crumble both inside and out, and fail in the objective of ‘getting through’….
      As you say; acting as if it does not exist – a defense…

    1. Indeed, my dear Hook… It isn’t always pleasant however; he will allow us to see the ‘truth’ of the matter… This may not be what we want to see, though it will not cause us the harm of its opposite… 😉

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