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Vegetarian Foods
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I am feeling so satisfied.

Almost 10 years ago, I was a vegetarian.

I ate in this way for 10 years.

I loved being vegetarian; my body enjoyed the various methods of cooking those foods I loved.

I didn’t necessarily eat vegetarian to ‘save the animals’.

Most know of my love for the animals upon our wonderful planet, and yet, no; it was not for this reason I ate as a vegetarian.

I ate this way because it suited me. My body enjoyed itself. It always felt good. It felt light and satisfied.

The past week I have been eating as a vegetarian.

I have enjoyed the delights of Lasagna, Falafel, Lentil Burgers, Hummus, and Tabouli, fruits of all types, baby spinach and rocket.

Oh, I have savoured these foods, and looked forward to my next meal.

I have eaten a lot; I haven’t wanted to be hungry lest I look for ‘other’ foods to quench my thirst.

I do not know if I shall remain eating in this fashion; I hope so.

Not for the animals, no; not for the animals I adore. It is for me and me alone.

Carolyn Page


  1. It’s nice to go without meat every now and again. I was a vegetarian for about 18 years, and then went back to eating meat, which I also enjoy. Good health to you Carolyn! Enjoy your yummies!

  2. The hubby is a vego but that u wouldnt guess it when looking at him lol he did it for the same reasons as u 🙂 I think way back in 96. Been too long to remember :O

  3. Both of my sons were vegetarian for quite a while, but have recently gone back to eating meat. My husband won’t eat beef (for health reasons …. he says … as he piles on the pasta! 🙂 )

    1. The problems come when one wants a particular meal and someone else wants another (if you’re the cook, that is)! Luckily my man is happy to have whatever I cook, although I’ve been giving him meat as well as whatever I’ve made for me.
      That pasta can be a real trap! I have to be really disciplined when it comes to portion size. What’s that old saying “eyes too big for one’s belly”… That can be me…! 😉

    1. No, Jaz! When I’m eating a purely vegetarian diet, I am very careful to include foods that will satisfy all the mineral and vitamin needs of the body. In this way I don’t have ‘cravings’, which is a wonderful thing because the cravings are generally for things like ‘chocolate’, and other yummy things that aren’t necessarily ‘good’ foods in large quantities.
      Nothing wrong with meat though; it’s just that my body seems to work really well on vegetarian fare…!
      The daughter, on the other hand, works well on meat, meat and more meat…! Guess we are all different; what suits one won’t necessarily suit another… Another instance of our ‘uniqueness’… 😉

  4. Good for you. I would love to eat as a vegetarian. However I’m not a big veggie eater. Beans and lentils I’m good with. I really admire those who can do it. I guess if I had a cook to prepare good foods I could do it. 🙂

    1. It was speaking with you (the other day) about being a vegan that set my mind to thinking… I have been ‘bored’ of late with the usual fare. I set about looking for some recipes… and yum…! I now have a freezer full of next week’s evening meals. That is something I quite forgot; the fact that so many of the vege meals can be made in advance. I’m in vege heaven at the moment; eating such a variety; it must be sinful… 😉

      1. How can it be sinful to eat healthily? Well, if it is then it’s a fun sin. Carolyn, I’m so glad you’re in Vegan heaven. And when and if your Vegan heaven ends, you will still be in heaven because that’s just the kind of a beautiful person you are….. a heavenly body! xo

  5. I am a hardcore non-vegetarian…I will give the same explanation that I gave to my vegetarian parents when I was in 4th standard- ” I like to eat non-veg food,especially chicken…If humans don’t eat chicken then the ‘food chain’ will be disrupted which may cause an ecological balance an ultimately result in a very large population of hens who will defeat the humans and take over the control of the earth from us.” 😀
    So u see I had to go against my parents’ wishes and become a non-vegetarian to save the humanity 😛 😛

    1. Oh, I definitely see your point… Good for you..!
      I don’t know for how long I will not be eating chicken (this may be a temporary condition from which I’m suffering, or it may be a malady that shall remain; I don’t know at this point in time). However, it is good that I can count on you to uphold the human race, should I not be able to assist.
      Forever in your debt, I remain
      Yours truly,
      Vege for now…! 🙂

    1. Oh, then you ‘know’ what thrilling food I am currently eating..!
      It is so unusual; I don’t feel excited about eating meat, yet give me a falafel with some hummus and I am like a kid with a candy…! Ha ha…. 😉

  6. Maybe it’s because I don’t cook, but just eating vegetarian is not something I can imagine.
    Then again, I’m not actually eating anything other than bread these days, so the whole discussion is kind of moot 😉

    1. Ummmm, I don’t know what to say…!
      Eat, please, eat… something really good for you… Bread is good; however bread with some yummy meat and cheese and salad may be just the thing…! 😉
      (No cooking…!) 🙂

      1. I kid you not, I don’t cook!
        Might get ready made food sometimes, if there’s money, but bread seems to be a staple these days – easy on the pocket, easy to make 😉

  7. Thoughtful post, Carolyn. I remember reading that meat should be considered a condiment rather than a main course, and we would feel better for it. I think there are a lot of health benefits in eating less meat and eating more grains, fruits, and vegetables. I definitely feel better when I eat lighter.

    1. Yes, Maddie; I originally gave up meat basically because I was having a lot of digestive troubles. Once meat was off the menu (and I increased the legumes, etc.), the digestive troubles eased and eventually calmed altogether. The next ten years were pleasant eating. Then, 10 years ago, when I met my partner I put meat back into the diet. I no longer have digestive problems eating meat however; I do feel more ‘energetic’ and ‘light’ when I take meat out of the menu.

      I don’t ‘have a plan’ at the moment. I shall just continue on and see what inspires.

  8. Tonight (literally) Daniel asked what was for dinner. I said, “Steak & veggies” & he said “Again” and I felt EXACTLY THE SAME WAY. I wish I could do a convincing vegie lasagne at least – when I say convincing, I mean TASTES good. I am not good with spices at all, just don’t know what goes with what. But absolutely, if I knew more how-to with vegetables, I certainly would. I am so basic… and yet nor do I want to be in the kitchen for hours after work, just to create one meal… I admire you though – way to go, I say.

    1. Noeleen, I absolutely know that feeling; “Again!” – This is how I have been feeling for a while now, so I understand Daniel’s cry for change..!
      It does take a little time to prepare many of the vege meals (at least that’s true for me). However, if you have a freezer you can make ‘big’ quantities and store them.
      I made a Lasagna last week; this week I’ll eat the remainder saving myself cooking time as I ‘re-heat’. Here’s the recipe I followed:
      It had to be a ‘basic’ one (without spices). K doesn’t like spicy food, so I cater to that. However, it was yummy and I’m looking forward to Tuesday’s evening meal….! I’ll add a green salad with oil and vinegar dressing… I am now drooling…! 😉

    1. I really have to watch the pasta portions; that can be a real trap for me, ’cause I love it…! Bread can be a problem too; it’s almost too easy to eat…! 😉
      As for fish: When I ate ‘vege’ 10 years back, I didn’t include fish. However, I was always concerned about Vitamin B12 deficiency. I’m not quite sure what to do about it now. There is a product ‘Nutritional Yeast’ that can solve that dilemma however, I think I will include the occasional Sardine and Salmon, which will take care of much of the B12 requirements…! (A serving of either will give the RDA of B12 plus they are good sources of the good omega 3 oils.) I truly believe we have to be sooooo careful to ensure our bodies receive the ‘best’ we can give them. I don’t always do that…! As I get older though, I appreciate the need to look after myself more and more…! What is it about getting older? I guess the closer we approach the end; the greater our desire for more…! 😉

    1. I believe ‘grass-fed’ is the better option.
      All the best with your choices. I believe it all comes down to doing whatever our little hearts think is best for us. There are so many diet alternatives; it is a hard decision, at times…!
      I believe that I am leaning more toward the Mediterranean diet,
      however eliminating the chicken and meat for now and increasing the legumes, vegetables, grains, etc….
      Thank You for dropping by… I have taken a little look at your blog; you have some very interesting topics…!

  9. I go the vegan route and several reasons for doing so, animal welfare is certainly among them. Having said that, I find a veggie meal lighter, more refreshing, and much easier to digest … and dare I say: Absolutely delicious. I do like my own cooking! 🙂

    1. I have been enjoying every morsel the past week or so. It’s been wonderful to ‘look forward’ to eating again.
      The past 10 years of meat and a few vegetables have been quite boring, and dare I say: Tasteless… (I do apologise to meat eaters however, this is true for me)… 😉
      Even though it has been such a short time I feel very good; light, energised and almost back to my ‘balanced’ self. Yes, I firmly believe this way of eating (wholemeal, legumes, nuts, vegetable, etc.,) is such a healthy way to go. The blood sugars remain balanced, and the mood also.

  10. That’s the best reason there is! I’m not remotely a vegetarian, but my wife and I very much enjoy several vegetarian dishes. We go meatless more days than not, but it’s more a matter of preference than anything else. This post was (apologies in advance, but I can’t help myself; it’s a wicked compulsion) food for thought.

    1. They (vege meals) are delicious, Smak…! Wicked; food for thought…! 😉
      Preference is a good reason; it’s probably one of the best there is..! When it’s broken down that’s what eating is all about..! As a positive; I think it happens to be true that eating in this fashion (as you’ve described) is probably a healthier route to take… Nice to know it comes naturally..!
      Happy munching..! 😉

    1. I haven’t had so much fun eating since… well, I don’t know when..!
      I have a 7 day meal plan I’m following closely, and I’m constantly looking at it to see what ‘wonderful eating’ is next… I feel just like a kid again…! Yum… 😉

  11. I don’t eat enough fruit. I have decided this simply by looking at the glorious image at the top of your blog entry. Fruit is wonderful; so colourful and tempting. Why then do I buy it and end up throwing it away?!! Silly me. I could eat some grapes now and I don’t have any in!!

    1. Ha ha, yes, I can do that too..! However, the last couple of weeks I’ve only been buying what I know I will eat. In fact, I have run short of 1 apple… According to the meal plan I’m currently following, I was supposed to have an apple after this evening’s meal, and there wasn’t one to have… 😉 Now that’s a change…!!!
      Nice to see you… 🙂

    1. I believe I am leaning toward the Mediterranean Diet, Sharmishtha. Red meat and Chicken a couple of times per month, and fish more frequently.
      I am enjoying eating more grains and legumes. I have always loved many vegetables and fruits and continue to do so. This diet seems to agree with me, and I believe it to be a balanced diet for me… We are all different though, and each of us must follow our customs, traditions, availability and beliefs. To each his own must be the motto..!

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