Schnauzer (Standard) Reflection

Schnauzer (Standard)   (Listen while you read)

Schnauzerrebeccaashworth400shutterstock_165613670Well, well, well!

I have a way of doing things which may not suit you, but it suits me. Thank you very much.

(Many of us are like this; are we not?

Indeed, my friends; we may think that we are each different, one from the other; however, in the main this is not the case.

No, dear ones, we each like to think that our way is best; do we not? Indeed, we do.

When we admit to this, we can begin to understand the folly of our ways. Were we to investigate, we may find that there are a myriad ways of thinking and doing, that are perfectly right.

What is that, you say; how can we all be right?

Yes, my friends. We are each right, for the simple reason that we each have a slightly differing route to travel. That is right, dear friends. We each have a slightly different route to travel. In this, is the reason for the different ways of being and thinking.

Do not feel that you can understand another’s route entirely. There will be nuances of differences that you cannot perceive, no matter how hard you try.

No, dear friends; we must allow our brothers and sisters of the world their own right to do and think as is best for them.

This will leave us free as well. Indeed, should we not impose our will upon another; they shall not impose their will upon us.

Simple, and yet not easy. No, dear friends, this is not always easy.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

August 17, 2012

Image Credit:  rebeccaashworth /


  1. Well said as always. I think this realization comes with age. Your ways is easy for you and my way is easy for me. I may try your way and you may try mine but in the end we will choose the way easier to us. It may be your way or my way or the original way we were doing it in the first place.

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