Penny-farthing Bicycle Reflection

Penny-farthing Bicycle   (Listen while you read) 
Penny-farthing riders in Los Angeles - 1886
Penny-farthing riders in Los Angeles – 1886
Would you like to ride on my beautiful machine? Would you like to glide on my beautiful machine?
Indeed, there are many who enjoy the delights of riding on machines. This relates, not only to the penny-farthing bicycle, but to all types of machinery.
Many enthusiasts enjoy older dated forms of machinery including; trains, bull-dozers, farm machinery and the like.
Yes, my friends, those who enjoy older types of machinery will be seen gathering together at fetes and fairs tinkering about with this fun amusement.
For, this is what they are to those enthusiasts… They are fun!
You think not? Just ask one who can be found with those pieces of machinery in their garages and sheds; just ask them why they have these outdated forms of machinery, and they will tell you.
It is ‘fun’; that’s all. It is fun.
Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk 


        1. Unfortunately Jaz, I can’t help you there…. we’ll both just have to ‘pretend’… and hey; we’ve got good imaginations…!!! 😉
          As a matter of fact; I can see you now with the wind in your hair, guitar strapped to the handle bars and ‘bottom’ on seat…. You are having a wow of a time….!!! 🙂 &
          I’ve just caught sight of me… I’m behind you, but I’m catching up real quick…!! 😉 Ahhhhh this feels grreeeeaaaat… 😉

  1. Carolyn your voice so clear, your pronunciations absolutely dexterous, and to me it seems
    as though you are a teacher, who is very particular in teaching every single detail precisely
    to the student, spell it out perfectly.

    So the point is teacher you are so wonderful that I love listening to you and understand everything from you. the beauty of simple things, subtle detailing is wonderful.

    when you speak on any subject, I feel the divine speaking through you
    i dont know but it is true, it is so perfect and precise that while listening to you
    I somehow go into a trance it is so mesmerizing.

    I love it very much my teacher

    infact I love you very much at the first instance

    Thank you for being my friend and guide, you are absolutely beautiful

    1. Thank You, Ajay..
      As I have mentioned in my ‘About Carolyn’ page, my guidance ‘The Collective Consciousness’ (as they are called) have been giving me instruction for some years. (The teachings I place into the reflections.) They (The Collective Consciousness) also give me words and understandings, images and the means to tell the stories.
      Yes, dear Ajay; the reflections are teachings however, as I put them to paper I am also learning. I shall always be a student, just as we are all students. I do not place myself above any other, and I would hope that we can be friends who are enjoying this wonderful journey together.
      Thank You again for your kind words, and your tender encouragement. xoxoxo

              1. Actually I was asking how to put the sound on the blog

                audacity is good I recorded the sound now how to put it on my blog

                1. Aha….!
                  When creating your ‘New Post’, click ‘Add Media’.

                  When the new window opens click ‘Upload Files’ and then ‘Select Files’. (Select your MP3 file and the upload will commence.) Depending upon the size of your file this may take a minute or two. (See the display monitor, which will show you its progress.)

                  In the ‘ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS’ there are 4 options.

                  1. Custom URL
                  2. Media File
                  3. Attachment File
                  4. None

                  Link to: ‘None’.
                  Then click ‘Insert into Post’.

                  Here’s hoping for success…

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