Conifer (General) Reflection

Conifers (General)   (Listen while you read)
Conifer trees in Birch Mountain California
Conifer trees in Birch Mountain California
Green; yes, we are green.
Those of us who love the plant genus ‘Conifer’ have a very special attachment to the land. Indeed we do.
Those of us who love this plant have the innate ability to appreciate and understand the workings of the ‘natural order’.
It is because of this that we tend to want to be in the outdoors as much as possible.
The ‘indoor’ life holds little interest for us.
No; we prefer to be in the open air enjoying the delights of the country air.
It is for this reason that we seldom are seen in the company of those; (let us say) ‘armchair lovers’.
No, indeed we prefer those whose enjoyment tends to be derived out-side rather than in-side…)
© 2012 Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. This is also my daughter; it was she who asked for this reflection… she is a lover of nature, of the simpatico of earth, trees, animals, waterways, etc.
      Glad you related my sweet Dolly…. 😉 xoxoxo

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