Japanese Bobtail Reflection

Japanese Bobtail   (Listen while you read)


I know what you’re thinking. I know what you’re doing. I know all. I see all. I’m here, and I can see you!


Where oh where has everyone gone? Where oh where can they be? Don’t they know it’s the end of the world; it ended when you left my side.

Do you think that’s me? Do you think that I am capable of such emotions? Do you? Yes, or no?

Well; I am here to tell you that indeed I am capable of so many things that you would not credit me with; indeed ’tis true. I am capable of seeing all things as they truly are.

That is a trait of the Cat Family; to see things as they truly are. Many within the Cat Family have this ability, and so too those who love and adore us.

We do not take this ability lightly. No, we honour this ability with true hearts.

We do not squander this ability nor put it on show, so to speak. We are aware that not ‘all’ have this gift; just as we are aware that many would humiliate us should we be open about our abilities.

Oh yes, we understand the mind of man very well. Indeed, we know the mind of man so well that we are constantly seeking our own company (well, many of our species do this). Those that don’t seek their own company have a particular image placed within their minds that allow them to have the company of others. However, many of us do not have this image placed within our brains, and this allows us to prefer the company of our own person, so to speak.

Many humans are also like us. Many have the image of togetherness placed within their brains. This allows them to co-habit quite successfully. Others do not have this and so, like many of us, prefer to be by themselves. Just a preference, is all. Just a preference that guarantees variety for one and all.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: dien / Shutterstock.com


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