Maine Coon Cat Reflection

Maine Coon   (Listen while you read) 

MaineCooneNeveshkin_Nikolay400shutterstock_208241803Tough as nails. Fit and strong. That’s the life for me, hee hee.

An inner strength strengthens this otherwise formidable personality.

Woe betide anyone who underestimates the strength of this feline personality. Many do, and many get burnt, so to speak.

You would be wise to allow time to be your guide when it comes to ‘knowing’ this personality; they may not always be so transparent as to allow you to see how very strong they are.

This may come as a shock when it eventually becomes apparent, for; in the case of this personality it will have been quite hidden from view. 

Once known, this personality will be a stalwart and a kindred spirit to those he/she likes. Not to be taken lightly; no, dear friend.

Know that this personality will have your back at all times; should you be in need. Indeed; a greater friend cannot be found.

To this personality we would say, however; lighten up! Know that your strength is appreciated, however; this is not the only string to your bow now. Is it? Indeed it is not. We would like to see you taking a little more time for yourself. Time to allow yourself to have some fun. Is it not? Indeed it is; and well deserved too.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Neveshkin_Nikolay /


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