Cocker Spaniel (General) Reflection

Cocker Spaniel (General)   (Listen while you read)

CockerSpanielcynoclub400shutterstock_104562371Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant    Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant.   

And then he said………

Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant    Pant…Pant…Pant…Pant. 

(You guessed it; they can talk your ear off and then head straight for the rest of you….!

We don’t mean to sound rude; however, the Cocker Family are gooooood talkers.

What we mean to say is this: Cocker Spaniel personalities (in general) will be able to hold a very good and a very lengthy conversation with just about anyone. They have the uncanny ability to strike up a conversation about one thing, and that one thing can be the beginning of a story that may take quite some time to complete. If you know what we mean!

Don’t be afraid of this though; for the Cocker Spaniel personality does not mean any harm. They, for the most part, are wholesome and good personalities that enjoy conversing.

Simple enough. Don’t you think?

Yes, the Cocker Spaniel personality, although at times verbose, are a pleasant animal, so to speak.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  cynoclub /

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