Abyssinian Cat Reflection

Abyssinian Cat (Listen while you read)


 All right Jack, so what’s the game! I know you’ve got something stashed away there. Share it man. Or your name is M.U.D.

What a feisty character is the personality of the Abyssinian, and those who love them. Don’t mess with this little fellow, or you’ll soon know what we mean. Talk about sarcastic!

We all know those who have a tendency toward this trait. Do we not? Indeed, most of us are aware of those whose feisty character sends them ‘up the wall’ at the slightest obstacle.

What would we say to the Abyssinian personality? I believe we would say – “Slow down, let someone have a word or two; there is no need to get your knickers in a knot.”

Yes, that would be a very good thing to say to all of you Abyssinian lovers. Don’t allow that hair pin trigger to start you off on a tangent that was not probably meant to affect you as it has. It probably was an innocent remark, or gesture, with little deep meaning attached.

You know that you have a preponderance to be a little sensitive; yes you do. Knowing this, you must become aware of the need for you to re-evaluate your responses, and prepare to change them somewhat. Doing this will bring a greater clarity to you, my friend. After all, life was not meant to attack you; as so often you feel.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Nesterova_Olga / Shutterstock.com


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