Bobcat Reflection

Bobcat   (Listen while you read)


Now, that’s not a good thing to say!

Yes, we understand your need to say it, however, you could phrase it a little more gently.

Yes, that would be good; if you could re-phrase it so as not to be so abrasive.

Some of us do that; don’t we? We have the right to voice an opinion, however, sometimes we forget that our words can hurt; unintentionally of course.

We are more likely to have our opinion heard if we phrase it in such a manner that it does not offend.

The gentler we can be, the more open our words are likely to be received. Indeed, many of us forget that words can carry enormous power. They can do tremendous good, or conversely, they can hinder the way forward.

Yes, my friends, we would be wise to consider the way in which we firstly; phrase our words, and secondly; the manner in which we deliver them.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: US Fish & Wildlife Services


    1. The way in which you deliver ‘your’ words is certainly in a manner that portrays your personality, my friend…! You are a great example of how it can be done well… 😉

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