Anteater Reflection

Anteater   (Listen while you read) 

shutterstock_150741839Anteater400StephenNHaynesWell, well, well; so you think that life is easy? Well, well, well; no, it is not for the feint hearted. Needs courage to get through; yeah courage and a lot of good luck!

A time to be healthy, dear heart! Healthy means; ‘in good temper’ both physically and mentally.

We see you a little ‘unhealthy’ at this present moment.

We ask that you ‘allow’ health to prevail. See your current situation as bringing either health or un-health to you.

Courage, dear one; courage and a good deal of ‘luck’ are what will bring rewards.

(Never mind what anyone says; you can do it. And, do it you will. However; we can see the toll that it is taking, indeed we can. Persistence is indeed a grand quality to have. We certainly agree with this quality in abundance. However, there comes a point when persistence can become a stubborn trait; and indeed, this is what your life is becoming dear friend: A persistent stubbornness!

Now that we have told you the ‘down-side’; let us tell you the ‘up-side’.

Hold on to your adventure, dear friend, as a raft in a sea of turmoil. This raft is definitely your saving grace. However, and there is an ‘however’ dear friend. Do not hold on so tightly that the circulation is prevented from flowing the life giving force around your body. No, dear friend, this will suffocate you in time. What we would like to suggest, dear friend, is that you let go of the reins a little; at least to the point where the stresses of the too tightly held reins can be released to the degree that allows for ‘better circulation’; if you get the drift.

An idea of monumental proportions cannot be dealt with satisfactorily if you are misguiding your chemical make-up into ‘freeze’. No, dear friend, this will cause a cessation of the circulation resulting in a state of no go….

A timely warning, dear one, to take a look at the body, mind and spirit. They are all within your care. Are they not?

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Photo Credit: Stephen N Haynes/Shutterstock .com

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