Hippopotamus Reflection

Hippopotamus   (Listen while you read)

Hippo400Alan Jefferyshutterstock_152551757Hippo

Really it’s a lovely day for basking in the sun.

But if you go out in the heat, put your skin cream on.

Don’t forget to look after yourself, we all have our needs.

And when life hands you some good, say ‘well done and please’.

(The Hippopotamus personality is one that takes to heart those things that are spoken. Whether or not they are intended to be hurtful or are a throw away line; the Hippo personality will, alas, take them seriously.

This is a problem for the Hippo personality. He/she can be so subjective; it can be difficult to communicate with them. They will behave in such a hurt fashion because of a sensitivity that is all too common.

When dealing with a Hippo personality is it essential to be aware of the preponderance toward self harm. They, the Hippo personality, will endeavour to persuade you that they are really feeling fine; and yet those tell tale signs of hurt will show themselves.

Be gentle with the Hippo personality. He/she is as gentle and as kind as a leaf blowing in the wind taking the seeds of life to positions upon earth where a new tree can take root. However, this gentleness and kindness has a sharper undertone that is the bane of their existence; it cares little for themselves. It lavishes all of its love and care on others. An honourable trait we may think. However, when it is all said and done; charity must begin at home.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Alan Jeffery / Shutterstock.com


  1. oh.. great Caroline.. so we must be aware oh hippo personality.. we must think twice .. no no thrice when other comes about hippo personality.. lol.. am learning lot of things from you Caroline.. thanks you so much.. you are so wonderful…

  2. this is such an original line of articles! very good job and very original!
    regarding the Hippo personality people, we call them sometimes – eggs, because you have to be very careful around them as they are fragile 🙂

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