Hamster Reflection

Hamster   (Listen while you read) 



There is a need, dear heart, to investigate the inner working once again.

Why carry such pain around with you when it is soooooo easy to let it go. That’s right. It is soooooo easy to let it go.

Just ask us, dear heart; and we will assist in the removal of the pain that you carry within your mind. Just ask, dear one; and if you are sincere in your desire to be ‘free’ then so be it…….

(Better you than me, right? Only kidding! No, I don’t want you to have any pain. Know how I got rid of mine? I asked; yep, that’s right. I asked; simple as that. Well, getting rid of all the pain wasn’t easy; yet it was simple.

How did I do it? Well, I asked The Collective Consciousness for help. Oh sure; I knew them for a while before I asked. Oh yeah; I learned to trust them first. Yeah sure; it took some years to trust them. I made them ‘put their money where their mouths were’ first, before I gave it a go. You see; I had a lot of rubbish to offload. Life had handed me a lot of rubbish to begin with and I didn’t enjoy carrying it all around…. Heavy…..!

So, what did I do? I’ll tell you. Once I got to know them (The C.C., that is) I was invited to hand over all of my woes to them, so to speak. It didn’t take long before I realised I was improving. And, what do I mean by ‘improving’? Well, I started to be able to think upon my past without all the anger, the pain, the torment, the feelings of rejection. Yes, I started to ‘let go’ of all the negative vibrations, you could say.

Yeah sure; I needed to do a lot of the work myself. I had to do 51% they said. 51% didn’t seem a bad thing to me. I only had to do 51% of the work and they would take away the rest; gratis. That didn’t seem such a bad agreement. So, I agreed.

It started pretty much straight away. I found things, things that had been eating me up all of my life coming to the surface for me to have a look at; terrible things that had haunted me all of my life. If you’ve read any of my spiritual experiences you can understand the type of things that started to show themselves. I had so much anger inside me my face could burst. I had so much rejection floating around my cells I wonder how I didn’t drown. I was a shipwreck; that’s for sure.

So I began the process in earnest. It took some years before I was free. I wasn’t a bad person; I was just a person with so much rubbish travelling along by my side, in my head, within my guts; I really don’t know how I managed to stay afloat. However, stay afloat I did, and today I am so buoyant it even surprises me….

If you want to find out more you can go to The Game of Love & 51% page and start there. What have you got to lose if not a lot of excess baggage; and we all know the price we pay for that; right?)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: stock shot/Shutterstock.com


  1. i can relate this to me at some point.. i was very different person few years back and now i am different .. it surprises me..¡!!.thanks for recalling my past Caroline

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