Sloth Reflection

Sloth   (Listen while you read)


Hey, there; life is for living; don’t you know.


Yes, we know; it seems kinda odd we sloths giving out this kind of information.

We know, we know. We’ve heard all the sloooowwww jokes…. Ha Ha Ha…

Yes, we’ve heard it all, you might say. We know what it’s like to feel harassed; yes we do. We know what it’s like to be underestimated; yes, we do. We know what it’s like to be put down; yes we do. And why does this happen to us. Well, just take a look at us. Go on, take a look. What do you see? Go on; tell us. What do you see?

Precisely, we’re not the most beautiful thing walking; that we’re not. People have a habit of doing that, don’t they? They take a look and judge you; not for what’s on the inside, oh no. They judge you from the outside in. We could be the most intelligent being on the planet and yet some (not all, mind you) but some would not be able to get past our looks.  Yeah; happens all the time; sure does.

Whereas me (’cause I’m so darned ugly) take on that criticism and believe it.Yeah; I’m just as stupid as that guy is for judging me. I take his comments on board and allow them to become a part of me.

Stupid, stupid, stupid; yeah, I know. Won’t it be a good day when you stop judging me and I stop judging you and we all agree not to suffer…?

Yeah; that will be a great day!

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit: Nacho_Such /


    1. One can hope….! 😉 The C.C. tell me that this will be the case eventually. Mind you; we are talking centuries and not years. It has to start somewhere though. Why not now for those of us who can?
      I know that there are many who are striving to be the best that they can be… I know that I am one of those. It does take effort, as we know. It does take being very conscious of ourselves; our reactions; our words, etc… It really does begin with ourselves; as does everything….
      Thanks for your comment… 😉

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