Tag, and I am IT…

Tag, You're IT
Tag, You’re IT

This is a fun game.   Tag, you’re IT!  Betty, over at Four Blue Hills has tagged me and enlisted my aid, along with other bloggers, in enticing others to join the game!  I must answer the questions Betty has asked of me, there are eleven.  I then must post eleven questions and tag eleven blogs and let them know I have tagged them too.  They then have to think of eleven questions and tag eleven blogs!  At the bottom of the page are the eleven blogs I have invited to join the game.

gigoidgigoid over at Exploring Consensual Reality tagged me recently too…. Thank You Ned… xoxoxo…  I am so honoured to be on your list of nominations.  😉


Ned didn’t ask any questions of me (phew) so here are:

Betty’s questions:

1.     How long have you been blogging?
 I’ve been blogging since Nov 2011. (Such a short time, and I’m really enjoying it.)
2.     Prior to blogging had you written?
Yes; I have submitted some articles to on-line publishing sites such as Ezine Articles & Articles Base.
3.     If you could pick your “dream” job, what would it be, and why?
I’ve got it….. I love working with spirit because of the incredibly uplifting energies that I feel.  😉
4.     Do you have a big family?
I come from a family of 7 children. My immediate family is my partner, my daughter and her partner, and her three children.
5.     Do you have a hobby, what is it?  (Blogging doesn’t count)
Dancing, dancing and dancing… Oh, did I mention dancing…!?   🙂
6.     If you could pick ONE city to visit, where would it be?
Any major city in Canada would be great to visit. I’ve wanted to visit Canada for such a long time and it’s looking good for the next big holiday. Anyone got any favourites you’d like to tell me about???   😉
7.     If you could eradicate ONE PROBLEM in the world, what would it be?
Animal cruelty is pretty high on the list…
8.     Your favorite color?
So many…..Autumn tonings suit me best; however, I love all colours.  What can I say….?   😉
9.     Your favorite book?
I can’t remember the name of it. I read it as a teenager and I’ve tried to find it throughout the years. (If anyone knows it please let me know…  😉  ) The main character’s name is Alvin. He is a ‘unique’. His job is to find a way out of the sphere in which he and his fellow humans are living. The sphere was created many eons ago by some of the people of that time in order to protect them from self destruction…. It was, of course, science fiction…
10.   If you could go back in time, to what century or year would you visit?
Will Shakespeare’s era. I would have loved to have been an actor on his stage, performing his plays.  (What fun…!)
11.    Your favorite historical person?
Once again, so many…  Christopher Columbus or any other of the early adventurers set my mind to tingle. I admire their get up and go…
My questions:
1.     Which 3 words best describe you?  
2.     When was the last time you enjoyed some ‘me’ time?
3.     If you had to live in another country, which one would you choose, and why?
4.     Write the first thing that comes to your mind when you read the words –
         My Favourite thing to do is….
5.     If jelly was the only thing on the dinner menu, what would you do?
6.     Do you prefer coffee, tea or bonox?  
7.     If you had the choice would you rather:
        a.  Go abseiling?
        b.  Entertain royalty?
        c.  Get a degree in something outlandish and ‘go for it’?
8.     Do you enjoy wearing jewellery?  If the answer is yes, which do you
         prefer – Gold or Silver?
9.     What is your ‘all time favourite movie’?
10.   What colour is your favourite outfit?
11.   Do you enjoy music? If yes, what is your favourite style of music, and
         who is your favourite singer or band?      
Here are my eleven choices to play the game:
1.    mis experiencias personales
2.    Nae’s Nest
3.    creation place, sustainable community
4.    rumpydog
5.    tracie louise photography
6.    neighaway
7.    khushjenny
8.    Life with Scoliosis
9.    No Ruff Days
10.  Simply Charming
11.  Thypolar’s Life Uncensored
Dolly over at allaboutlemon started this tagging game…
She sure knows how to have fun..!  🙂


  1. Why thank you Carolyn! Hmmn, guess I wasn’t running as fast as I thought 🙂 . . . but I do appreciate your tagging me! Guess I better be running home now to work on those questions. See ya! And thank you again! 🙂

  2. you have to visit British Columbia in Canada – Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Islands…and maybe stop by Canadian Rockies in Alberta. Those are must see places.

    1. What a beautiful place is Vancouver…. My partner has holidayed there and has some really lovely pics; we have just spent the last half hour looking at them… I’ve also gone a-googling and there appears to be a wealth of interesting things to do and see… Thanks so much for the suggestions…. 🙂

  3. thank you Carolyn for the tag… i enjoyed reading your answers… now it my turn to respond to your tag…. so what’s the rule… we should answer it in a new post or to comment on this…, if it is to create a new post.. i guess it would take much time because it becomes difficult to post via mobile…:-( .. :-):-):-):-)

    1. You are very welcome sweet girl….
      Yes, if you wish to you can create a page (similar to this one) and choose eleven blogs to name upon it – it’s a way to have some fun and connect to others…. 🙂
      As the creator of the tag (Dolly from allaboutlemon) said, “there are no rules; you won’t be sent to your bedroom, or anything awful like that, should you choose not to do it.” 🙂
      So….. should you choose to create a page:
      1. Have some fun and answer the questions I posed and
      2. Then think up eleven questions to ask the eleven blogs you want to name.
      3. Name the eleven blogs and link to them.
      4. Go to their blogs and send them a link back to your page letting them know that you’ve tagged them….. 😉
      Someone (whose name I won’t mention 😉 ) did all of the above however; forgot to let her tags know……. she remembered the next day… 😉 😉 (I knew that she’d tagged me because I follow her 🙂 🙂
      Above all else; have fun…!!!! 😉 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    1. I know…. silly, yeah! Sometimes I think that we can take ourselves tooooo seriously. Hence; sillyness on the menu…. I was only saying to my daughter that my work is sooooo serious; I neeeeed a bit of sillyness every now and then to lighten the energies… 😉

        1. Just been over to your blog and read so many posts with jokes (particularly that cat & four types of owners joke; hilarious). That’s what we need a little more of; something to remind us how seriously we can all take life sometimes… I’m still smiling from my wordpress journey; seems you guys have a little ‘spring’ in the air up there…! Have a great weekend.. 😉

          1. Yeah, I liked the four cats joke too! And the croissant man. I surely wasn’t expecting it, but it was SO right. LOL I hope spring is coming, it keeps teasing us, that is for sure. Won’t be here properly until June, like normal, and then it will actually be summer. Hardly much of a spring here. 😦

            1. Croissant man…. I missed that one..!
              I understand Spring not coming properly ’til June; we’ve really not had a summer this year however; Autumn is here and it’s wonderful…. It is my favourite season… 😉

              1. No…. Hold on….. I’ve just remembered ‘croissant man’.. hehehehe
                Don’t know where my head was earlier… both K and I had a good laugh over that one…!!! 😉

    1. Just got back from your place…. lots of good reading matter the past coupla days… I was going to reply to a few things however: (as per usual with your writings) I agree with so many of your sentiments that there seems little reason to make comment…and… I also noticed, on today’s post, that a new visitor made a similar remark to the one that I would have made, so – C’est la vie …. 😉
      Doesn’t stop me from having a good read and leaving a ‘like’, now does it…?!
      You take care of you….. xoxoxo

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