Alpaca Reflection

Alpaca   (Listen while you read)


Gee; not such a long way to go!

Bet you thought there’d be more to us than that; huh?

No, we’re pretty ordinary folk who just want peace and quiet. Yeah. Just peace and quiet.

I’m also a little lethargic; yeah. I don’t really want to do much; nope. I’d rather just sit here and let the world go by; yep, that’s right. I’d rather just sit here and allow you to do as you want to do. Yep; that’s right. I don’t want to do anything ‘cause I’m kinda happy doin’ what I’m doin’…. Yeah; that’s right.

Not all of us are ‘go-getters’ you know. Nope; not all of us. Some of us just want to cosy our way through life. Yep; that’s true. Yep, not all of us have to be out there shootin’ the breeze and winning our way through life. Nope; that’s right. Some of us have to stay still and make way for you to do as you want to do. Yep; that’s right. Be no good if all of us wanted to be winners…. Yep…. I don’t need to be a winner, as such. Different kinds of winners you know. Your kind of winner needs to be ‘out there’ winning every conversation, every argument, every moment of every day you’re out there competin’. Yep: that’s right. I don’t need that; you see. Nope; I don’t need that.

Guess I’ll just mosey on over there and see what the grass is like there; may find me some more good stuff to eat…!  That’s what entertains me; you see. The simple things are the things I like. Yep; that’s right.

Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk  

Photo Credit: MarclSchauer/

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