Brown Bear (General) Reflection

Brown Bear   (Listen while you read)

Potent medicine man. Big Chief healing.

Respect and dedication to all.

Magnanimous and inviting.

BrownBearDmitri_Gomonshutterstock400_104811716 copy

Well, well, well, my friend; so you think you have healing powers.

Yes? Indeed my friend, we all think that we have healing powers.

Do we not?

We believe that we know all things to make better all disturbances.

This is so, my friends.

We all believe that if we took a little of our sight and applied it to the world, it would change.

Indeed this is true, my friends. However, to what would it change?

Would our brand of healing allow for ‘all’ to benefit? Would it?

Or would our brand of healing only apply to a few?

This we ask of you, dear friend. Would your brand of healing apply to all, or would it apply to but a few?

There comes a time, in most men’s lives, when he thinks he has a cure for just about all things that ail. This is true, my friend.

You believe that if you applied your healing the world would be a better place, indeed.

Nothing wrong with that. However, dear friend, once again the question is posed.

Would your brand of healing assist all?

This is certainly a question that needs to be addressed when we are attracted to the magnificent Brown Bear.

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  Dmitri Gomon /


  1. Is there then an energy specific for, to say for an example, heal horses and /or people? Is it like some people have an energy to counsel while others forte may be to practice law? Still healing only different career paths. I can imagine these are very different energies. Does everyone have a unique healing brand? Perhaps not if your on the shady side of the street so to speak. Do you think energies change as our thoughts & behaviours change? Many questions on this 🙂

    1. That’s a beastie of a different nature, so to speak; one that will need a ‘closer look’. I’m being inspired to create a ‘post’ regarding this. I’ll place the link here when it’s done…. Thanks for your visit and for the question.. 😉

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