Alaskan Malamute and a Friend

This morning I had a visit from a dear friend….    (Listen while you read)

 We chatted about the usual things that friends know about each other. Then I was inspired to ask her if she had listened to the Alaskan Malamute Reflection. She hadn’t, and asked to hear it. We both listened and I saw that she was going into deep thought. When the audio stopped she looked up and said. “You know I wanted to get a Malamute when I was with _ _ _ _ _ _ all those years ago.”

Her story was one of great hardship and difficulty in a previous relationship. She was ‘expected’ to do ‘all’ things. She became almost like a ‘slave’. She had married into a family whose concept of a woman was one that expected her to look after all and sundry, and not complain. To complain was to bear the wrath of her husband. To her, it was far easier to become ‘the good little wife’ and please her husband. She ‘lost’ herself in this relationship. She lost herself in order to ‘fit in’.

Life became almost unbearable due to the ‘heavy load’ that was placed upon her shoulders. Eventually, and with a lot of help, she decided to break away from this demeaning environment and ‘start again’. This she has done, very successfully. Today she is her own person and has regained the blossom in her cheeks, the passion in her breast and a calm that bespeaks of a mature woman.

I saw her going through this time. She, over time, lost the ability to see what was becoming of her. Her appearance became down-trodden. Her self-confidence was almost zero. She had become a ‘nothing’ in her eyes and in the eyes of those surrounding her.

It is now such a pleasure to see her standing tall. To see that swagger in her walk. To hear her laugh. To see the passion of life back in her eyes. Indeed, she stands tall in ‘all’ ways today.

And this was the reason that I was inspired to play the audio for the Alaskan Malamute. I didn’t know that she, whilst in this depressing environment, wanted to have an Alaskan Malamute; an energy that she felt attracted to…

Alaskan Malamute Reflection


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