Boxer Reflection

Boxer   (Listen while you read)

Ho Ho Ho and a bottle of rum. Scratch me; scratch me; here on my tum.

Ho Ho Ho let’s be of good cheer.

Kiss me quick; give me a stick; a comfy old glove.

Ho Ho Ho and what have we here; a mistress, a master; and they are so dear!

BoxerLarsTuchel400shutterstock_117260971(Indeed; this one is full of surprises; is it not? To those who own one of these beloved animals will know that, indeed, they have at their disposal a very energetic, quick thinking, loving, wildly crazed animal who will go into top gear at the drop of a hat.

And this is the energy of the Boxer personality; is it not? Indeed it is. The Boxer personality likes to have it say/ its way and, if not it will climb the nearest tree (metaphorically speaking, of course). It will climb the nearest tree to have its say and or its way.

And what is meant by this? I’ll tell you:

It is geared to seek the truth of any situation. Indeed this is true my friends. It is geared to seek not only truth but also to shove it down as many throats as it can reach…. We jest, dear friends. It doesn’t manage to shove it down throats however, if they were near enough they may feel the brunt of his/her words bearing down in their direction; for the Boxer personality likes the truth to be known. And; it will do the very best that it can in order for the truth to be known…This it will, to the consternation of all and sundry.

So, this is why the Boxer personality is somewhat adrenalin based. It ‘needs’ the truth to be ‘out there’. It ‘needs’ this so very much that there is an almost ‘pent up’ energy just waiting to be unleashed from within its belly. The Boxer type probably doesn’t know that this energy is not the norm.

However, for those Boxer personalities (should you be reading this) know that the energy in your belly is not the norm. It is an energy that thrusts you forward in life to be the high energy individual that you are.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  LarsTuchel /

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