Moose Reflection

Moose    (Listen while you read)

moose-1484661_960_720Hi there! Just as cute as a moose. A favourite saying of mine. Just as cute as a moose. It’s worth repeating don’t you think?

A need to think a little more ‘kindly’ about yourself.

You are doing the best that can be done under the circumstances.

Yes, there is always room for a little self analysis; if it is of a positive vibe. However, to feel constantly self critical is another animal, so to speak.

Lighten up and see the positives….. 

Well, well, my friend. So you see the negatives a little more than the positive values; yes? Yes, many do that. Don’t they? It’s easier to see the negative. It takes a little more energy to work our way through to the positives of any situation. It is easier to dwell on the negative and yet. Is it? For to dwell on the negative leads only in one direction; backwards, yes, that’s right. And do we want to go backwards? I think not.

However, to think about the positives, as has been said, takes a little more effort, to be sure. And why does it take more effort? I’ll tell you. That’s right. It takes more energy to think positively because we, as humans, are geared to work from the negative. That’s right. We have been structurally geared to work from the negative. Yes, that’s right. We have been ‘geared’ to work from the negative from time immemorial; that is so.

We humans are geared to work from the negative because that is how we, as spirit, have ordained it.


Yes, we as spirit have disclosed this to you this day.

We, spirit, have organised this experience to be of the negative vibe; to date. That is; the majority of happenings within this experience (namely; the earth experience) has been created upon the premise of negativity.

This is so, my dear friends.

Many are beginning to understand this statement. However, for the purpose of this reflection we shall imagine that each and everyone reading, and / or listening, will have reached the clarity necessary for this information to be understood.

We, as spirit, have created the earth experience to be one ‘mostly’ of negativity; until now. That is correct. Until now the premise for the earth experience (i.e., as a human experiencing) has been built upon the premise of ‘negativity’.

And now?

Now this is going to change.

And to what shall it be changed?

It is to be changed to the experience of a ‘soul’ creating perfection. That is so.

Your soul is the rightful commander.

For those who insist on going with us and partaking of the new adventure, we say – Welcome; welcome to the new adventure that will become the norm for humans experiencing upon the earth experience.

We shall speak upon this matter more and more as we progress through the reflections.

Carolyn Page   –   © 2012 ABC of Spirit Talk

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