Pug Reflection

Animals reflect our behaviour. The animals that we feel a closeness to, encounter often, engage with, attract, and so on; have a role to play in that moment of our lives. They offer an understanding to us of the ‘play’ that is our current experience, and give insight into the intricacies of our lives. Following is the understanding for the innately energetic ball of wondrous love; the Pug.

Pug    (Listen while you read) 

PugULKASTUDIO400shutterstock_130500695Hallelujah brother.

Another day. Another dollar.

Hallelujah brother.

(What can be said ‘bout this little critter? What indeed.

We are famous for our kissers (our mouths). Yes we are.

We are famous for the love that we bring to those who share their lives with us.

Yes we are.

We are infamous for many things, too. Oh, yes we are.

Infamous? Indeed, infamous.

You see; we are a cheeky breed.


Indeed. We bring cheekiness to bear upon all that we do. Indeed we do. We delight in seeing you laugh. We delight in seeing you care. We delight in just about anything. This we do. And why do we delight in just about anything? This is just as we do. There is no rhyme, nor reason. We just do. It is like the mosquito who buzzes about looking for food; can’t stop it ‘cause it’s just what they do. It is an integral part of us. Nothing to do with our charm, or our fun, or our mischievous ways. No, it just is….

You see, each one of us has our very own characteristics which we were born with. Yes? Yes. Each one of us has our ups and downs of character. Well, all except us, that is. We do not have any downs….!!! 

Hear, hear, I can hear all of you say. Hurrah for the little pug monster who lives down the stairs. Hip hip hoorah for the pug with the dimple on its cheek. Hurrah, hurrah. 

This is our energy, is it not; all of you pug monster owners? Don’t we just exude this wondrous energy and spirit of adoring qualities that seem all too fantastical, and yet. We also have another aspect to our glorious little being. And what do you think that this is? You’re right….!!!! We have an enormous capacity for …….

Anything that you need. That’s right.

We have the capacity to give to you allllllll that you hunger for. And why do we do this? Simple enough. We do this because this is our innate centre. That is right. This is our innate calling… That is right. This is something so ‘in-bred’ as to be impossible not to do…..

Can you accept this about your personality; you pug monster lover you? Can you appreciate your willingness now to go that extra mile for those you love; for those you admire; for those in need of care? Indeed, my lovely friend with the raven hair. We love you with all our heart; with all our mind; with all our soul.

My, oh my, my dear friends; this is some puppy indeed. Blessed are those who have these qualities. Such love have they to give. Such joy have they to share. It must be a wondrous thing to have the qualities of these bundles of energetic love.)

Carolyn Page  –  ABC of Spirit Talk

Image Credit:  ULKASTUDIO / Shutterstock.com


  1. Awwww !
    Yes, they are so so energetic ! I have done a photo shoot with a couple of them, and oh la ! They hardly sit still. Always jumping and wanting to play their heart out !
    I love all dogs 🙂

    1. I haven’t had any ‘personal’ contact with pugs. However, it was a delightful energy that invaded my being; very very uplifting. And I agree with you; dogs are just such gorgeous little beings. Thank goodness for my little ‘sweetie’ who I love and adore. She can be seen on my ‘profile’ with a little toy in her mouth…. That about ‘sums up’ Sweetie…. She loves to play..! Cheers….

      PS Saw your photo shoot; it was too cute… 😉 Just like you… 😉

  2. Famous & infamous oh yes, that’s what she is . . .she will twirl & twirl & twirl then skid across the polished floors to welcome in the morning. Then jump up & choose her favourite ribbon to wear on her sunrise walk . . . its red today . . .

    Her favourite beach she runs upon until she flops, frog like, then smiles & pants at passers by. Her squat body then recharges it’s batteries of joy & off again she goes. She swims until her little belly sinks & calls for rescue.

    Frozen peas are the treats of her choice oh, apple and orange portions too.

    She is inside the suitcase when her pug monster mother takes a trip. She is on mum’s lap when it’s time for a nap. She loves hiding seek after she has stolen the toilet paper & a game of chasings to follow.

    No ‘downs’ in her day!

    Yes, delightful & energetic is she.
    Yes, to be more like her, yes I am willing.

    1. That is so wonderful to read; it sounds just like the energies that I felt as I was doing the reflection…. absolutely delightful…. 😉

      Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy; I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that. You ‘couldn’t’ do anything else with a bundle of love such as she…. 😉

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