The Brain of Man 4

The Brain of Man – Text 4              

Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness 

(Listen while you read)

Well, well, well, dear heart; once again we are here at the typewriter. What shall we speak about? Oh yes, the brain of man; a sorry excuse for intelligence.

Our dear one, Carolyn, smiles inwardly, for now she too sees the futility of basking in the atrocities of the brain. This surprises our dear one; our use of the word ‘atrocities’. However, be this as it may; the word describes succinctly the abhorrent nature of the apparatus ‘brain’.

It seeks to control, dear hearts; as we have previously pointed out. It seeks its own reward in all ways. It wishes not to know the truth, for truth shall diminish its importance. It is cunning, devilish; with an inbred desire for magnanimity. We know that this is true, for this is as it has been programmed to do.

Not for the feint hearted! No, dear ones; it requires much great courage to enter the flesh and allow our beauteous qualities of spirit to be supplanted by the confines of the brain. And yet, dear ones; this is precisely what we do. We allow ourselves the limitation of the flesh, and other illusions, in order to defray the state of boredom.

This understanding is now not so foreign to the one who types. She is a willing writer. She has undergone many changes over the past months, and shall continue this forward progress. We salute her determination, her grit, her reliance upon her soul. We offer her our greatest reward; that of the adoration of many as they embrace the understandings that shall come forward through her writings. Indeed, there will be many who shall distort, betray and belittle the greatness of her work. However, this is also pre-ordained, and she shall take this in her stride. We honour, love and cherish this one who places her life as a duty to those she is to serve. Much great love to thee, dear heart.

We shall continue:

Love is and always has been of the soul; the ‘heart’ (as humans understand). This is truth. Many refuse to accept the truth, as has been said, because this truth supplants the brain from its magnanimity, so called. It, the brain, is doing precisely as it has been engineered to do, dear ones.

We do not minimise the enormity of the undertaking for those who choose to override the workings of this instrument. This is a formidable task, as has been written, and not to be attempted in a half hearted manner. No, dear ones; this will result in fiction being experienced. We say ‘fiction’ for, dear hearts; fiction is what you will experience if sufficient energy is not brought forward for the all encompassing task of overcoming this apparatus.

We have made this ‘deliberately’ a task of great hard work and determination. Many fail, dear ones; many shall continue to fail. They shall not recognise the enormity of the task and half heartedly attempt to accomplish this great work. Failure is certain. They shall have many setbacks and proffer excuses such as:

This does not work; I have not been given sufficient tutoring; the teacher is at fault.

No, dear heart; your own inability to accomplish is based on this one premise: Until you have sufficient ‘want’ to achieve this state of being you shall fail without question.

Our dear Carolyn has, for many years, been overcoming, slowly, the debilitating energies of the brain. Many such as she will succeed. They are a determined bunch of souls who agree that to fail is not in question. Success is the only outcome for such souls.

Many shall distort the truth of this statement, saying that it is impossible to achieve this state of being. However, dear ones; there will be just as many who shall attest to the quality of life as they progress upon their way toward the perfection of which we write. No more pain, no more heartache; objectivity as the basis for all of their logical activities.

This will bring many great rewards to them. They will testify to these changes and shall acquire a peace of mind known only to others within the fold. A shorthand of sorts will be common between them as they identify with their own.

We honour those who shall enter the game with diligence and calm; for they are the forerunners for those to come. We salute you, as we salute our dear Carolyn. Many pleasant days ahead.

We end our communication here, for now, and look forward to hearing from you, and enjoying the progress which you shall make.

The Collective Consciousness

December 2005

© Copyright – Carolyn Page 2005

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