The Brain of Man 3

The Brain of Man – Text 3

Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness 

(Listen while you read)

We were once men too. This surprises some, indeed. We were once men too. We say this again in order for the brain to allow the information to take root. We have all been man; once, twice or many hundreds of thousands of times. Each different; each with his/her own needs.

We say his/her in order for the brain of man to comprehend. We are of no sexual persuasion. We are spirit and beyond these delineations. However, for the sake of simplicity we say that we, as spirit, enjoy becoming man/woman as a human be-ing in order to defray the state of boredom otherwise endured.

Many are beginning to understand. Many are comprehending the words and taking them within. This they are doing because, dear hearts, this is precisely that which you have agreed to do. You may reject; you may revolt. However, dear hearts; those who have agreed to be amongst those who favour the new understandings written through such as our dear Carolyn shall eventually rejoice in the freedom inherent within the understandings; and this is exactly what is happening to our dear Carolyn.

                        Yes, thank you, you have summed it up quite nicely for me. I do feel a greater freedom than ever before.

                        The teachings of all religion, albeit uplifting and interesting, have never really felt absolutely comfortable. However, now, with this new appreciation of my conception, I have a knowing that this is so. At first this was not the case; my brain did have a hard time coming to terms with that which was unfamiliar. However, now that I have had time to filter the information, I feel at ease. I don’t know whether or not this new understanding is ‘truth’. I am being truthful. However, it ‘feels’ right for me.

                        With this new feeling of rightness has come many feelings of being ‘at ease’. I find myself not at all concerned about other’s opinions; and want them to have their own understandings. I don’t feel the need for acceptance as once I did. I no longer ‘care’. To explain:

I realise now, after having gone through these mental processes of the past few months, that I was once so concerned about the opinions of others regarding me. I didn’t realise then that they were so deeply entrenched.

It is only now, because I have undergone these changes and have witnessed these changes within myself that I can now say categorically that I was once such a people pleaser, I wanted all and sundry to like me, or at least accept me. Now this is no longer an issue for me. I take great store in having my own understanding. That was something that used to concern me; the fact that many of my understandings were far from the norm. And I want others to have their own understandings. I can see that this makes for much controversy / interest. As has been said; it spices up this stage of life upon planet Earth. I believe I feel this way because now I am not concerned about having an unconventional view. I am certainly free of many of the limitations, which I didn’t even appreciate were binding me.

And so, dear heart, you state how freeing this new understanding has made you. Yes?

                        Yes. I am finding my presence becoming more earthy; more stable; more grounded; more able to protect; stand up for; be wise, and not allow others to slight me in any way. By that I mean: I know when someone desires to harm me, and I can swiftly manoeuvre myself out of harms way. I don’t hold any grievance for them. I realise this is all part of the experience of being a human with the instrument ‘brain’, and the brain is doing precisely as it is geared / engineered to do. How can I be upset by this? It is like saying to a mosquito to stop sucking blood; this is as it is engineered to do.

Well, well, well, dear heart. You seem to be coming to terms with the brain of man! Yes?

                        Yes. As I said. How can I be upset by, angered by, intolerant of, etc., etc., something which is doing as it has been designed to do? This makes life so much more simple.

Indeed, dear heart, much more simple.

We believe that we shall leave our communication here, dear heart.

October 2005

© Copyright – Carolyn Page 2005

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