The Brain of Man 2

The Brain of Man – Text 2

Carolyn Page & The Collective Consciousness  

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Where shall we begin, dear heart?

Shall we begin with the disappointment which we know shall prevail amongst those who, at first, find difficulty in accepting the words written?

Indeed, many shall be confused, many shall be angered, many shall distort; this is inevitable. We allow for this happenstance and appreciate the consternation which some will feel, indeed.

However, dear ones, know that this is true. The brain is only an apparatus; a piece of machinery limited in its applications, and a bone of contention for those subject to its meanderings.

For meander it does. Does it not? It weaves its way in and out of dramas. It creates sore heads, sore toes, sore feelings, soreness all over, dear ones. Indeed, this it does, for this is as it is programmed to do.

We say ‘programmed’ to do. This is the truth which we have hidden from those whilst in the flesh. The brain is a bone of contention programmed for our enjoyment, indeed.

For those who find this difficult to believe we say. Read on, dear heart, and know that the words are true. You too shall come to know the truth in time.

And so to begin our second chapter:

Too many dwell in sorrow, dear heart. This they do because they fail to recognise the bone of contention of which we speak. When the brain is understood in its truth; namely, ‘an apparatus geared to create trouble’, then the softening shall have its effect.

The softening, of which we speak, dear ones, is the ability to laugh at the drama created by the brain.

We do not ask you to let down your guard. No, dear heart, we would not want for this to happen. One must be constantly aware of the drama capable by the brain, and the consequences of such drama.

However, dear ones, when the brain is understood in the way in which our dear Carolyn is beginning to comprehend, there comes a ‘softening’; an understanding; a comforting realising of the benign quality of the brain.

Benign, we hear you say! Yes, benign. For, when the brain is understood there comes a softening; a releasement brought about by this realisation.

We manipulate the brain, dear ones. We control the functioning of the brain. We, in spirit. Yes, that is right. We maintain the drama; the soreness of the brain until there comes the realisation of the workings of the brain by you in the flesh. When this realisation has reached 51% of the total realisation we in spirit ‘flick the switch’.

By this we mean, dear hearts. We create a manipulation to take away the drama, the soreness, the workings of the otherwise dull state of the brain which creates boredom and outrage and pessimism and want. This we do when you have reached your 51% of the truth in regard to the brain.

Our dear Carolyn is surprised by our words. However, she continues to write for she has been coming to this realisation over the past weeks and comprehends that which we say is true.

She no longer enjoys drama, soreness of thought or body. Indeed, she perceives now a life of lightness and hope. Indeed she does. We are assisting her in this process of change as indeed we shall assist all who choose to be free of the debilitating energies of the brain.

Yes, it involves much hard work on your behalf. Firstly we must ensure that the past faults and mistakes are encapsulated. That is, taken within your bosom; loved; understood; taken responsibility for; amends made. And then, dear ones, we shall slowly allow the realisation of the truth of the apparatus ‘brain’ to have its effect.

When this is done we shall flick the switch and make you whole.

Yes, dear ones, you shall always have a brain whilst in the flesh. However, dear hearts, it will not be the bone of contention that it has been in your past. No, dear ones; we shall nullify its ability to harm. This we shall do providing that you do your work of 51%.

    Are you saying that because of the realisations I have been having over the past few weeks; the deepening awareness of the truth of the brain being just a piece of machinery given to us in this illusion of the flesh. Plus the fact that I have been willing to investigate all of the brain’s dramas of the past; the hurts; the pains; the disappointments, etc., which it has created (and the coming to terms with these faults) that then you will remove its ability to do these things?

This is precisely what we are saying, dear heart. We shall reduce its ability to govern, over a period of time, as the realisation of its true nature becomes evident. And then once the 51% of your work is complete in the overall understanding of the brain we shall ‘flick the switch’ and you shall no more be subject to its meanderings to drama, and the creation of soreness of heart.

                        I do feel differently these past few days. I don’t seem to be affected by much anymore, and I want to live peacefully and rightly (though I have always had those particular wants). However, the past few days I feel differently. I don’t want to think any thoughts that are negative. I believe that I always have been an optimist, but, now I have an allowance of things that I haven’t had in the past. By that I mean there is hardly any fear about anything. I don’t want any drama (not that I ever have), but, now I definitely see drama as being so counter-productive.

I am not explaining the changes very well; they are just beginning.

I can also let others around me lose their peace and not be bothered by it. I can stay in the middle of a storm, so to speak, and not be affected. I have always, in recent years, been capable of this. However, now there is much more ability to do this. I still know that I must protect myself and let others know that I will not be treated poorly; and they will know this if they try to disrespect me. However, I can’t feel any fear over these matters; as now I realise I did, albeit very minimal.

So what you are saying, dear heart, is that you are experiencing the changes which we are manipulating in your brain because of the 51% of inner work upon your past inadequacies, so to speak; and your recent realisation of the apparatus called ‘brain’.

                        I think so, thank you. Sorry I seem a little vague about this. However, it is very new and I probably won’t be able to articulate it very well until it becomes more known by me.

To be expected, dear heart, to be sure. We shall leave this event for our third chapter, shall we?

Yes, thank you. Another month of living this new adventure will, I’m sure, loosen my tongue and my understanding to the point where others will be able to understand the changes, which I know are occurring within.

October 2005

© Copyright – Carolyn Page 2005

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