The Brain of Man

I would like to introduce you to ‘The Brain of Man’ as it was given to me by The Collective Consciousness (The C.C.) in 2005. Since that time there have been many revelations, many of which can be found within our articles and our published books and ebooks.


Introduction to – The Brain of Man

(Listen while you read)

Carolyn (for some years) has been given instruction in regard to the brain.

This instruction came as quite a shock to her when it was first given (1995). In essence the learning was: The brain is an instrument incorporated within the flesh of man to enable him to perceive his surroundings (we keep this simple).

The brain is not, we repeat ‘not’ capable of love; it is just a machine like instrument capable of input by the senses of the flesh. On its own it is finite; limited in nature.

When it is manipulated by spirit with the energies of love it is then capable of joining with the soul (the heart centre) and being managed. We say managed because it does not ever lose its rebelliousness; it will always seek to control the vessel.

However, love can and does control it (to a degree) whereby it acquiesces; it is quieted, so to speak. It allows a more powerful energy to guide it, namely; the soul or consciousness.

Many of you reject the words which are written through our dear Carolyn because your brains, and not your souls, are in command. We speak truth.

Over the coming months more and more love will be engendered into the brains of those who choose this path and they will experience the expansiveness of their spirit/soul/consciousness, and their brain will slowly and surely acquiesce to the promptings of their soul.

The brain is an instrument capable of receiving from the flesh.

In this, it is limited by nature. It has the capacity of understanding of the physical understanding; which is limited in its nature.

All are capable of utilising the energies presented in this way; except those who for very specific and pre-determined purposes have not one physical capacity or another. We speak of those who are experiencing blindness, deafness; inability to use certain aspects of their physicality. However, in the main, all are experiencing the physical senses to one degree or another.

Having said this we say that this (the physical being) is just an illusion created by spirit (the all) who are enjoying watching the antics of a gigantic illusionary show.

This is indeed very difficult for the human brain to comprehend. The writer of this story of ours is still coming to terms with this new found knowledge; albeit at break neck speed, so to speak. We applaud her willingness to partake in this great new adventure of ours. Hers is not an easy task.

And so to proceed.

We, spirit, are to experience another adventure, as was said. The brain of man is limited in its nature, as has been said. It (the brain) will kick, squabble, jerk, spit and in general misbehave; which is the nature which we as spirit have given to it to add enjoyment to our game. For those who choose to play the game, we shall indeed assist. Ask us to enhance your brain with energy of great magnitude to help assist in the expansion of it.  It will not like this demand; know that this is true. However, one and all, we shall do as indeed we say we shall do. Just ask us and we will assist.

There is another aspect to the game. We ask that all do 51% of the work before we allow the love to do its miraculous work.

Yes, we ask that each and everyone do 51% of the work upon thyself. Then we shall instigate the manipulation which shall bring about an end to the distress.

There are many aspects upon which you will be required to work if indeed your wish for perfection is to come true. Each nuance of perfection must be dealt with individually. By this we mean that you have various areas of concern which currently plague you. One may be that your judgement is poor in a particular area. If, we say, if you have worked upon this aspect of your character to the degree that 51% of the work has been achieved, then and only then shall we manipulate the brain so as to give you relief from your pain. This will be done instantly.

You will begin to feel the effects, in some cases instantly; in others, within a few days to approximately one week.  

This is the game. Play It Well. The little one, (Carolyn) has been playing this game with us for some years. She has progressed quite well in the game of love. So too her daughter, our daughter, Veronica. She has been playing the game (not quite as long) and yes, she too progresses well.

We invite You to play the game of love with us. Remembering that:

1.  You Need to Have Done 51% of the Work Before We Can Intervene

2.  You Need to have a Sincere Desire to Progress along the Path to Perfection, and

3. Be All That You Can Be at All Moments; Remembering that the Brain Will Not Enjoy Your New Found Freedom and Shall Strive to Take Back Control.

There is a Need for Constant Vigilance; this is part of the game. Do well, dear ones; enter the game with diligence and calm.

A steady brain is a ready brain. Invite us in to tea.

The Collective Consciousness   

© Copyright – Carolyn Page 2005

We suggest that you read on, dear hearts……. The Brain of Man Text 1


  1. Resa, these transcripts really take me back. As is written it was during 1995 The C.C. first spoke of the brain and its inordinacies. I was truly quite disturbed by their words and rebelled enormously. I certainly was one to spit and jerk at their claims.
    I can only laugh these days at the thought of that reaction; one, I’m sure, has been imitated/reproduced by many others since!
    And yes – these days, in particular, are asking us to have a steady, ready brain; for sure.
    Hoping all is well for you..

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