Episode 20 – All is Planned. All is Agreed Upon

Tomorrow is another day, dearest. Yes?

Yes, it is. To what are you referring?

We refer to the condition of the human mind. May we speak?

Of course; please go ahead.

We do not mean to sound rude, dearest; however, there is the need to speak upon the subject of memory.

Our Dear Heart Keith’s mother is currently suffering the debilitating condition of ‘lack of memory’. Is this so, dearest?

Yes, this is true. Currently she is within an aged person’s facility, and yes, she is suffering the condition referred to as dementia.

Not only this, dearest; her body structure has also been damaged.

Yes, she suffered a fall; with a fracture to her pelvis the result.

She is frail, dearest.

Indeed she is, both mentally and physically. Yesterday, as Keith was visiting with her, she feinted. This brought the nursing staff quickly to her side with all the attending medical help.

She will remember this episode, dearest?

No, I doubt that she will. She constantly asks the same questions over and over again.

Questions, dearest?

She doesn’t remember where she is, or why she is there.

A debilitating condition.

Indeed; one that is suffered by many.

And this is the point of our writing, dearest. We would like all to appreciate that this condition, like all conditions, are an agreed upon condition made before entering the fantasy. As we spoke in our last communiqué:  All is planned. All is agreed upon.

This is a difficult concept for the human brain to grasp. Why would we place ourselves into conditions of hardship?

The simple answer is this:  We place ourselves into such conditions purely for the purpose of experience.

We are a consciousness only. As already written; we do not have a body, Dear Heart. We, through ‘thought transference’ have experiences within many fantasies.


We offer our free downloads available upon our website: ABC of Spirit Talk.net

There, for those interested, will find the information that will begin the reader’s appreciation of our beginnings, our middle and the forecasted end of the misery perpetuated upon this particular fantasy: The Earth Fantasy

Join us in remembering who you are, and why you are currently here.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


    1. This journey, as you say, Dorothy, winds itself in, through, and beyond everything we do. It is such a privilege to be there for Keith as he accepts his mother’s condition and moves into the role of protector and guardian. 💕
      As someone mentioned recently: “She has been fortunate to have such a good son.”

    1. Thank You, Lulu. I do believe that K is surprising himself. At first, naturally, there was a lot of worry as he came to terms with his mother’s decline. Today he can be more circumspect, allowing her the delusions and confusion of dementia. It is certainly a period of great compassion and learning.

    1. “We experience many lives within our lifetime.”
      So true, Dear Rebecca. And aren’t we the more enriched because of those experiences! That’s not to say that many experiences are welcome. However, as the post suggests: ‘We place ourselves into such conditions purely for the purpose of experience.’
      The ups, the downs, and the in-betweens, once accepted, bring us a wealth of, dare I say, wisdom!
      Why, one only need read your posts and articles to know the evidence of this. 🌹

  1. Looks like another Chapter for healing has purresented itself, dearest Carolyn. So sorry about Keith’s mother, but there’s so much to learn from it, even if it can be hard sometimes, especially when they still live between the now and then. It’s a blessing indeed to have a son like your hubby and you. All the best for your mother in law and the both of you. Enjoy the moments you still have with each other and sing a lot, they like it😸 🌹Pawkisses for a Happy 💗 Day to all of you🐾😽💞

    1. Some decades past, Dear Granny and Binky, during the eighties, I belonged to a choir that visited nursing homes! The residents loved us. We sang all the old, familiar songs to those of a ‘certain age’. They could not remember what they’d eaten for breakfast, but, as we know is true for most dementia sufferers, they can remember their youth and all the wonderful things they enjoyed when their hearts were young.
      Some of our dancing friends, pre-covid, asked if we’d join them as a troupe to visit nursing homes to entertain them with our beautiful dances and the incredible ballroom dancing music. Perhaps we can still do this in the future when it is safer!
      I agree with you! It is such a fantastic opportunity of enrichment and learning. K continues to surprise with his sense of duty, responsibility and love for his mother. It is a joy to see.
      Lots of hugs and kisses

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