Episode 19 – Plans and Contracts That Are Make For Keeps

We make contracts, dearest, with our loved ones to join us for a lifetime, a short time, or any time in between. Shall we explain?

Yes, please do.

As a soul, or consciousness, before entering a fantasy we make plans; plans that are steadfast, you appreciate. By this we mean:

There can be no plan changes, per se, whilst within the fantasy. No, dearest; all plans are strictly made, as said, before entering a fantasy. Whilst within the fantasy a strict adherence to those plans is vital. This is vital, dearest, for the smooth running of said plans.

You must understand that all plans are made with the knowledge of all plans! Should a plan sway from its designated course there would be a disconcerted amount of chaos occurring. This is not the case because of the fact that all plans are carried out as arranged. With this in mind, it is therefore necessary to accept the fact of change.

Change is not always pleasant, dearest. However, it is a constant. Without change there would be stagnancy. Yes?

Yes, as the saying goes: The only constant is change.

Indeed yes, this is the case.

Change, as I perceive it as a human experiencing, is thought of as a valued possession when change leads to a more positive outcome. However, when change means leaving what is thought to be a positive position into the unknown, or something that, at first, appears negative; then change is not always welcome.

Indeed, you have summarised the condition well, dearest. When the human mind considers change as a negative, there will be tears and weakness and sometimes, depression. Yes, all manner of psychological malaise can result.

However, when the brain of man, man’s mind, can take to heart the truth behind the fantasy; i.e., that all is subject to the plan conceived and agreed upon before entering the fantasy; the mind can eventually acquiesce, and look forward to the changes to come.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2022 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk

Music: https://www.purple-planet.com – What’s Cooking


  1. Charlee: “Happy New Year! Our Dada has a lot of songs on his phone that talk about changes.”
    Chaplin: “Yes he does! There’s one called ‘Change’ by John Waite, another one called ‘Change’ by Churchill, one called ‘Changes’ by Yes which I guess is about more than one change—”
    Lulu: “We get the idea.”
    Chaplin: “—one called ‘A Change’ by Sheryl Crow which is like the other ones but includes an article, a couple of songs called ‘Same Changes’ which I guess are about the same thing, one called—”

  2. Hahah… Dada sure likes songs about Change! 🎼 🎼 🎼
    I listened to them and my toes were a’tappin ~ my body was a’swayin ~ and my mind was enjoyin!
    Lots o’ Love to you All 🥰

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