Episode 8 – Ever Onwards, Ever Upwards

Ever onwards, ever upwards, dearest. Yes?

Yes, I can certainly agree with that.

And this was the main thrust of our thoughts all those eons past when we came to the realisation that unless we joined forces and broke the back of all that limited us, we would not survive. That is, dearest, we would go the way of the majority who isolated; and that, dearest, as we have advised, was a spiral downward into negativity, isolation and death.

As we have also advised, dearest, death as you in the Earth experience understand it is an ending; a final betrayal, so to speak. However, for consciousness, a soul, dearest, there is no such luxury. No, dearest, a soul death is an unspeakable injunction into the tomb of isolation, separation, angst and fear. Yes, dearest, this is as it was and will always be.

You have advised in times past that there is no return for the soul who chooses to isolate. That is: Once a soul or consciousness begins this downward spiral there is no return. Is this correct?

Indeed it is, dearest. Yes, unlike the value we have placed upon the Earth experience, or fantasy, there is indeed a way out, so to speak. Negativity leading to depression can be overridden should the individual have sufficient desire. This, naturally, is a choice and demands all the effort the individual can muster. However, yes dearest, we have placed this value upon those within the Earth Fantasy who choose to have this particular experience.

You are saying that we, within the Earth experience, choose various experiences?

That is precisely what we are saying.

I know there will be those who will be wondering why we do this to ourselves; why we don’t choose to have experiences of joy and love, peace and contentment.

Indeed, dearest, some do choose these experiences. However, when we choose to have a fantasy with all the choices available, why would we choose to have an experience lacking in variety? We are souls, dearest. We do not have a body. We do not have sexuality. We are of no gender, dearest. We are consciousness only.

Understanding this may allow you, and our readers and listeners to appreciate that we want to have fun. Would it be fun for us to have experiences lacking in excitement? I do not believe so, dearest. Indeed, this is not the case.

No, dearest, as a soul, a consciousness we revel in the fantasies we have created for our enjoyment. We have, as we have advised, been exceedingly successful in all our creations. We have great variety of enjoyment in many thousands of fantasies created for our entertainment. We do not waste a fantasy whiling away the experience in a mamby pamby fashion. Oh no, dearest, we engage wholeheartedly within all fantasies, reaping the benefits to be gained in the multitude of values at our disposal.

Would you, dearest, not take full advantage of a holiday? For this is somewhat like our adventures as we mentally enter a fantasy. We do indeed take total advantage of all fantasies and the light hearted fun to be gained thereby.

We cannot die, dearest. Once this truth has been accepted there comes an appreciation of the truth of our lives, so called. When the human mind comes to terms with the inevitable truth of our conception there comes a willingness to go further into the mind of consciousness. In other words, dearest:  When the human brain begins to understand that it is but a fantasy, the illusion begins to lose its fearful state.

Yes, dearest; once the human mind begins to appreciate that it is but a fantasy your soul is having there comes a gradual reduction of fear. And why is this?

This is as it is, dearest, because this is a value we have placed upon the brain of man; the value of fear of the unknown.

Once the brain of man begins the acceptance of its illusionary state there comes a releasement of the value of fear placed upon it. Have you not experienced this state of reduction of fear as you came to appreciate the illusion, dearest?

Yes, I have experienced this reduction of fear, yes.

And why have you experienced this state of being, dearest?

As you advised, I have been experiencing over the past years the acceptance of myself as my soul’s fantasy or experience. With this acceptance has come a gradual reduction of fear. I now don’t see life as being black and white, as it were. I know that when my plan, my soul’s plan reaches its end I will no longer be within this fantasy. I will be, as I have always been, with other souls making plans and joining the multitude creating more mental holidays, as you put it, with those with whom I have strong connections.

Well said, dearest. Yes indeed, we have strong connections with many consciousnesses, and enjoy the relief to be found within the many fantasies created for our enjoyment.

You are gaining a greater grasp of life as a soul or consciousness. Are you not, dearest?

Yes I am, very much so.

And does this change your thinking?

Absolutely, yes it does change my thinking.

To what, dearest?

It makes me want to be even more fearless. I want to enjoy the time I have here.

You have not been enjoying your time within the fantasy, dearest?

Yes and no. There have been many wonderful moments, particularly working as I have been for many years with you, my soul and many soul companions. However, there have been many testing times, too; many life lessons to wend my way through. Life for a human is not an easy path; at least I have not found it so. I do appreciate that I am experiencing the path my soul chose to experience and, dare I say, it has been full of ups and downs, sideways and unders. My soul must be an adventure loving consciousness; adventure in the sense of relishing difficult happenings to overcome. It has been a hard experience, at times.

Would you change it, dearest?

No, not now that I have been successful in overcoming so many difficulties.

You believe you have been successful, dearest?

Yes, I do believe this.

And why is this, dearest?

It takes courage to be human. There are so many obstacles. Finding one’s self is not an easy thing to do. We firstly have to overcome the innate fear we have; the lack of self worth; lack of confidence, etc., etc. No, being human can be an exhausting experience.

And you believe, dearest, that you have overcome?

To a great degree, yes, I do believe this.

Well done, dearest. We know that this is true for you. And we would say to all who would like the relief to be found in overcoming the human experience:

Find the truth of your soul’s journey within our words. Once found, taken within and accepted you too will find the truth of our dearest’s experience. A reduction of fear will be yours.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Interesting as always, Carolyn it’s makes me laugh when I think how times I’ve been a fantasist. As for connections there has only ever been one person I have truly connected with and still do. They know my mood instinctively and vice versa, I’ve never been able to understand it🤔 We’re not in a relationship, not in that sense, anyway. Strange old life x

    1. Fantasy has definitely been on the agenda for me too! Mental holidays 🙂 have been a must for this human!
      There have been a few in my life I’ve felt an instant attraction to. Keith has been one of those individuals. I ‘know’ that we are friends from way back – probably from the beginning, as The C. C. would say. We are so comfortable together! We ‘know’ each other so intricately. I understand and appreciate what you’ve said in regard the ‘one person you truly feel connected to’.

  2. Charlee: “This is like our motto, as cats.”
    Chaplin: “Climb as high as you can, because highest cat wins!”
    Lulu: “I don’t think this is actually talking about clim—”
    Charlee: “HIGHEST CAT WINS!”

  3. Oh, what the heck, Charlee… Highest Cat Wins, for sure!
    What I’d really like to know is:
    Does the cat (Felis catus) have as complicated an experience as does the human?

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