Episode 7 – Negativity / Death For A Consciousness

What shall we write about now, dearest? Shall we write and speak about the changes to come?

Yes, I do believe that topic would be a very good topic indeed.

Then, dearest, do go ahead.

The changes, as I understand them, will bring great relief to the Earth experience.

In what manner, dearest?

As we’ve written; the Earth experience has, to date, been a replica of our earliest beginnings as souls or consciousness.

And do tell, dearest, what were our earliest beginnings.

As you, The Collective Consciousness, The C.C. as I will now refer to you, has advised, our earliest beginnings were of angst and fear, isolation and separation. As I think upon this I am reminded of many times within my own human experience when I have experienced these feelings and emotions.

And what was the result of these experiences, dearest?

The result of these experiences brought me, generally, to a state of depression.

Depression, dearest?

Yes, depression.

And what is depression, dearest?

For me depression was almost a state of not existing.

In what way, dearest?

Depression isolates and separates one from others.

Indeed it does, dearest; indeed it does. And this was the experience of our earliest beginnings and was the root of all change. Yes indeed, dearest, it was this state of being that most found themselves experiencing all those millennia past.

It was this that caused change. Without this experience there could not have been change. Ironically, this experience, once overcome, initiates the process of change.

It was this, dearest that we, you and I and the multitude of souls/consciousnesses began to appreciate as the means to escape the angst and fear, isolation and separation. Yes indeed, dearest, we repeat: It was the state of depression in which many of us found ourselves that eventually brought us out of our isolation into the beginnings of betterment.

Can you explain this a little more?

Look about you, dearest, at those who are suffering. They either become determined to experience better, or they succumb to their depressive state of mind and spiral downwards. Yes?

Yes, I have witnessed this state of mind, yes.

Yes indeed, dearest, and this was the state of mind of many in our earliest beginnings.

And what happened to change this state of being?

We, some of us began to appreciate the need for unity. That is: We, many of us began to understand that if we were to survive we needed to become united in a joint effort. Without a joint effort we would remain isolated and separated with the inevitable result – depression and eventual death.

When we speak of death for a soul or consciousness we do mean the death that you, dearest, experience upon the Earth experience. No, dearest, we do not. As a soul or consciousness death is impossible. We continue to be, dearest; however, the soul who remains isolated is experiencing a living death as you understand it. They are incapable of uniting with others. They remain separate from others living in a perpetual state of negativity.

I have often thought of this, over the years since you initially advised me of this. It must be a horrific state of mind. I know that I have experienced negativity with the resulting isolation it brings, and those experiences were devastating. However, in my experience of being human I have always been able to gain relief from the depression and regain my normal sense of well being. To think that there are souls or consciousnesses that do not regain or have a sense of well being is almost impossible for me to consider; it seems such a waste!

Indeed dearest, a waste it is; and yet, to each his own, so to speak. We must allow all to choose their path.

This seems so sad and yet I do understand the premise of choice being the free will of all, and subject to each individual.

However, dearest, we were going to talk about the changes to come for the Earth experience. Yes?

Yes, we were. And yet I do believe that an appreciation of our earliest beginnings is firstly needed so as our readers and our listeners can gain a full appreciation of the need for unity, and the devastating effects of isolation.

Indeed dearest. Isolation and separation have only one direction for consciousness; a downward spiral into negativity causing death. It can be no other way.

Many Blessings, Dear Hearts. Many Blessings to All

© 2021 Carolyn Page – ABC of Spirit Talk


  1. Just coming out of a loooong period of grief & depression. A hard battle to win but win I will. 🙂
    Brightest Blessings

  2. A very poignant topic to cover. Sadly it’s not always a choose to stay in the cycle of depression; it sucks you down and under, and it’s possible to not even see any reason to try to get back out, such as if you feel you don’t deserve it. That increases the isolation you talk about so well. It’s a very painful place to be in, and living with depression long term complicates that picture as someone may go from hopeless to trying to regain their sense of equilibrium and wellbeing, before falling down once again. That separation you talk of is brilliant because it suggests it’s not just how depression can isolate a person from friends, family, strangers. It’s the way they can be cut off from the world at large, and that is a very dark place indeed. xx

    1. Indeed yes, Caz, I remember it well.
      The last time I suffered depression was during 2014. It was a very dark place to be sure. I would get my head above the gloom only to be thrust back into it over and over again. However, this illness lasted only two and a half years, different from an on-going stressful state that continues ad-infinitum. This is what it must be like for those with chronic illness.
      To be advised that I chose this condition is acceptable now that I am well; not so when I was ill. That was the last thing I wanted to know or be reminded of. And yet, it is true. As a soul, or consciousness, we are in charge of our human experience. As crazy as that can seem to our sensibilities.
      With that in mind it is mindful to remember that anger, frustration, and just plain being ornery can be our friends at times such as these. Depression is the suppression (or repression) of anger, and so many offshoots of this emotion. We need to keep on top of those energies. Let them out. Let ‘us’ hear about them, read about them, know that they are there. You could never exhaust me.
      Blessings to You, Dear Caz

  3. Charlee: “We’ve heard that depression can be a pretty dangerous condition for humans to have.”
    Chaplin: “If anyone is experiencing it, be advised, having a cat—”
    Lulu: “Or a dog!”
    Chaplin: “—around to pet can help.”
    Charlee: “It’s true! There have been studies!”

    1. That is so true, guys. Pets like you, Charlee, Chaplin, and Lulu have a wonderful uplifting effect for us all.
      You furry, feathered and scaled friends are invaluable. Not only to be companions and loved ones, but also to be our little guiding lights in times of need. I know this has been true for me!
      Well done to You All….

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